Our vision at The Dharmadhatu is to help you connect with your truth. Dharma in sanskrit refers to your purpose here on Earth or as I refer to to it as your truth and Dhatu is sanskrit for “realm.” So the Dharmadhatu is the realm of truth. Maya in hinduism describes the illusion that we all live in which causes us suffering, pain, and isolation. If we are aligned with our purpose we can see through that veil and find truth. I believe that we can all live happy and meaningful lives we just need to know how to connect with our authentic self. One of our key pillars is love and I beleive this to be the most important aspect of life. With self-love we can become aligned with who we really are. My vision is to become one of the most influential Guru’s of my generation teaching myself and my students how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. My goal is to create a map to the Dharmadhatu for all of us to follow and I hope these blog posts act as pieces to it. If we want to create a peaceful world we must first cultivate inner peace. Join the revolution and speak your truth!

Much love always my beautiful aliens.