Isn’t crazy how much our mind wanders and is constantly thinking? I was pondering this earlier today when I kept catching myself lost in thought about finals, making a gym plan, making sure I print out my flyers for meditation, and hundred other tasks my mind is always reminding me of. I told myself “this is why you stress kid because your mechanically thinking about what’s next.” I had a serious self-talk with myself and committed to becoming more mindful and present in the moment. This is a lot easier typed then practiced, its been a few months and I still find myself in these thought loops. As finals approach I find a lot of my friends are stressing about finals and feeling overwhelmed with the workload. I asked myself, “Am I stressed about finals?” to my surprise I am currently not as stressed as I usually would be, as a matter a fact I am in a state of contentment and peace even as they approach. Now as I asked myself “why is this?” I realized it is not that I do not have stress or worry about finals, graduation, and life in general it is just the way I am dealing with it and the approach I am taking. Now take for granted I am no full on Guru (yet) and still have days that I do find myself a little more overwhelmed then others but even so the majority of the time when I follow this Stress Relief method I can come back to the present and be at peace once again.

Before we talk about how to manage stress lets talk about what stress is and why it occurs.

Stress by definition is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse and very demanding circumstances. Usually occurring when we feel overwhelmed, have anxiety, or feel confused and upset. Now stress can occur for a variety of reasons by it is usually linked to an imbalance in one(or more)of these five areas of life; Relationships, money, spirituality, career, health. When you are imbalanced things seems to feel more high-risk and is linked to a chain of events. My usual stress would be having an argument with my girlfriend then coming home and not having food then remembering I have to do a five page essay and staying up all night trying to finish it and waking up tired and cranky the next day. This become a vicious cycle for if we are reacting emotionally to situations and focusing our thoughts on the negative then we will attract that type of energy into our lives. It is crucial that you become aware of how you are thinking, feeling, and handling the stress or anxiety that you are feeling.


What are effects of stress?

Stress is the silent killer and more and more people are being overwhelmed by stress then ever before. Your body has a hard time telling the difference between emotional and physical threats that can put your body in a stress mode. Things like being stressed over an argument with a friend, worrying about bills, or trying to meet a deadline for finals can put you in as much stress as a life or death situation! Crazy right this shook me for a while because I never realized how easily your body can stress. Chronic stress can cause:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Lower test scores
  • Heart disease
  • Weight issues
  • Reproductive problems

Stress can literally make or break you so it is really important that you know when you are stressing and how to manage it which I will go over with you.


So how do you manage stress? Lets first address what you should NOT do.

When you feel stress DO NOT do any of the following or you will explode like that airheads commercial I used to watch as a kid. (I avoided eating those damn candies because of it so I hope you avoid these actions)

  • Avoid Reacting emotionally; This can look like taking our your frustration on other people, partaking in arguments, physical fighting, self-projecting.
  • Avoid keeping thoughts and feelings inside; This can mean taking on a mentality that “no one can understand” or “I’ll just deal with it on my own.” This can lead you down a dark road as it did me.
  • Avoid the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and medications; this can lead to serious addiction and increase your stress levels and Definitely make your head blow up.
  • Avoid segregation/isolation; Sort of like we mentioned earlier avoid pushing others away and isolating yourself. You are not alone avoid making yourself to be.
  • Avoid overthinking or talking about your stress in an unhealthy way; Although I advocate expression there is a difference between complaining and releasing emotion.


What TO DO to help reduce stress and live a more fulfilling life!

  • MEDITATION; The number one best tool you can use to live a more peaceful and conscious life. Mediation is for everyone and all you have to do is relax, close your eyes, and breath.
  • BREATHING; your breath is so powerful and it is always with you. Learn to master the breath by taking in deep breaths and focusing on the airflow coming in and out. This will focus your attention on breathing and not your thoughts
  • JOURNALING; Keeping track of your thoughts and releasing emotions through pen and pad can truly help you not only understand your emotions but help you let them go.
  • AFFIRMATIONS; Are powerful words that can help require your subconscious mind. Examples are like, “I am love, I am peace, I am present” or “I will let go of worry”
  • WORKING OUT; Can help you not only release stress but get in better shape! It also released endorphins while you work out so you naturally feel better!
  • COMMUNICATE; Share your pain and spread your love is always what I aspire to do. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone or reach out to people to talk about your feelings. Find the right people or attend a meditation event where you can share!
  • PRIORITIZE; Make a list of the most important things you need to get down and do those first. This can help you gain clarity
  • BE HERE NOW; Be in the present moment as much as you can be. If you are here now, then when now becomes then you will know exactly what to do.backlit-meditating-meditation-1051838.jpg


Here is how I relieve stress and why I am not worried about finals

  1. Breathe. I spend about 5 min breathing and repeating an AFFIRMATION. “everything is good, life is beautiful, I am here now.” This usually calms me down a little and helps me come back to the present.
  2. Meditate. I take about 5-15 minutes to meditate specifically on what is stressing me out. Recently it was finals so I focused on why I was stressed and what I could do about it.
  3. Journal. I write down my thoughts from the meditation and have a self-talk with myself. When it came to finals I found I stress because I feel unprepared and overwhelmed with family, personal, and school life.
  4. Communicate and accept. At this point I usually accept that I cannot control the events that happen in my life but I can control how I react to them. Whatever grade I get on my finals is what it is and as long as I do my best that is all that matters. I take extra steps to study and prepare while priotizing what is important. I usually also either blog about my emotions, talk to a teacher, or my friends/family about how I am feeling in a healthy way to let out those thoughts.
  5. Work out and practice mindfulness. At this point I have a pretty good sense of clarity and to finish it off I go on a run or to the gym to focus on keeping my body healthy and I am mindful of my thoughts letting them pass and coming back to the present. Listening to music helps too and personally for me freestyling allows me to release a lot and stay in the present.


The key here is to BE HERE NOW as Ram Dass would say and to remain in the present moment. I have had a lot of stress in my life as I am sure most of us had and I found my stress was usually triggered through anxiety. What is anxiety? Basically it is a habit of worrying about the future or the past. I found myself always worrying If I was going to do good on a test, about having to do a presentation, confrontation with people, and all these other issues that in theory wouldn’t have even happened yet. I found the best cure to all my stress and anxiety was simply breathing, coming back to the present, smiling, and repeating “all is good, everything is great, and I love myself.” Below I attached a really powerful meditation you guys can do and a yoga practice you can follow. Plus a lecture from Alan Watts. Hope it helps. Much love to all you guys! As always STAY RIZEN. Peace and love!

Yoga For Anxiety and Stress

Meditation for Anxiety – Yoga With Adriene

LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: A GUIDED MEDITATION Harmony, Inner Peace & Emotional Healing

The Mind – Alan Watts


Feeling stuck? 10 Keys for taking ACTION.

Are you feeling like your not really getting anywhere and your stuck In this plateau where life is becoming boring, stressful, and repetivie? Recently I was facing this problem where I felt like I had all these great ideas, I was applying myself every day but I still felt unaccomplished. I felt as if I wasn’t really making the progress I would like to make and I was feeling unfulfilled. I needed clarity, focus, and vision. What I found was a lot of people where In this realm of comfortability where we aren’t willing to make the proper changes needed to get the results that we desire. So why does this happen and how do we get out of it?

This tends to occur as we reach points in our life where we are becoming too comfortable. Maybe you have been in the same job for a few years, following the same routine, or going the same places that eventually don’t become as satisfying as they once where. You need change. Here I speak to my Millennials, as a student about to finish community college I was hitting a point In my life where I was about to hit depression. Why? Because I was not taking enough action to get me the results that I yearned for. I had all these visions of developing a YouTube channel, writing a book, creating a website, starting a business, etc. But I would not take the time to actually do them. I would set everything up, write all these ideas, and then stop there. I became comfortable with just going to school, getting some money on the side, and planning all these ideas that I forgot the most important aspect, ACTION. This was also due to the lack of self-purpose, I find that a lot of us don’t know what to really focus on because we don’t really know what we want. This makes sense, why would you spend endless hours building a YouTube channel if you aren’t really sure that’s what you want? This is where you have to realize that if you don’t have a life purpose yet then your life purpose should be to find your life purpose and the only way to do that is through action. Plus Leo Gura has a life purpose course you can take that can help. You must also be careful not to fall into the comfort zone of modern day society. In today’s world you can “let yourself go” and still manage to live a somewhat comfortable life, this is why most of my friends lack ambition and goals and just “cruise through life.” It’s really easy to fall into this comfort trap and settle for a hourly job meeting the standard quota. The world we live in today revolves around creating results and if you are not a results maker you are not going to be happy nor live a fulfilling life. Why? Because living up to your fullest potential equals creating results. Do you want a passionate relationship? A fulfilling lifestyle? To travel the world? Well to make all that happen you are going to need results! So what are results?

Well, Leo Gura, a masterful life coach on YouTube, created a video talking about creating results. I will attach a link to it at the bottom of this post and would recommend you check it out. It inspired me to write this post and to take action! He basically says that a results maker, “holds their feet to the fire.” To fully understand this concept let’s compare the dreamer and the action taker. The dreamer is one who likes to talk about what they are going to accomplish. You might hear them say things like, “I am going to write this amazing book” or “I am going to lose weight.” While the action taker actually does them and says, “Check out the book I just wrote.” and “I just lost 30 pounds!” You can see the obvious differences here but the thing is most of us are caught up in this dream state of mind. We love to talk about what we want to do but don’t actually do it and come up with really persuasive excuses to validate it like “I don’t have enough time”, “I got caught up with work” or “I just had my ninth baby.” This was surreal to me as for the past few months I have been talking a lot shit saying I am going to write a book, start a YouTube channel, build a mastery course, and gain muscle yet I have to stop talking and start doing. “Reality doesn’t change for you, you have to change for reality.” So how do you get results? Here are some tips for getting results based from Leo’s video.

  1. Value tangible results

Aim for results that you can see. This includes a book, a new song, an art piece, etc. The visual motivation will gain more results.

  1. Develop a project based mindset

I take after Leo and view my life as a series of projects. When you develop a project based mentality you set time lines for your dreams and make them happen. If you don’t then you can identify potential rooms for improvement. “A goal without a timeline is simply just a dream.”

  1. Don’t talk just do.

Avoid talking about what you are going to do but instead talk about how you did it.

  1. Take personal responsibility for making it happen

Do not rely on anybody to do the work that you have to get done. This not to say not to trust anyone but take the responsibility for getting it done yourself.

  1. Everything you do, do it right

No matter if its just cutting your neighbors grass for $10 do it right and avoid any sloppy work. “How you do one thing is how you do everything” so develop that successful mindset.

  1. Have a bigger vision in mind

Even the smallest goals should be adding to the bigger vision. All my goals add to my vision of building the RIZEN brand and that keeps me motivated. Avoid work that is just for money.

  1. Don’t work hard work smart

Avoid being a workaholic but instead use quality time to build your dreams.

  1. Accept that sometimes you just have to pound through it

Yes sometimes you are just going to have to spend 7-8 hours just creating it. Don’t overthink it, just do it man.

  1. Accept that you will fail.

You will fail 1,000,000,000 x5 and you will still get back up and continue to go. Keep in mind “there is no such thing as failure, only growth.” Accept that you will fall on your face sometimes, have fun!

  1. Get out of your comfort zone.

The one I had the hardest time with. You have to go out and face your fears. I get nervous when it comes to public speaking or publishing my art which is exactly why that’s what I must do in order to grow. Don’t be afraid my friends, you are not alone.

Remember that you are not the only one struggling to succeed, find themselves, and grow. We are all on this boat and the more united we stand the stronger we will rise. Be aware of when you are feeling stuck, depressed, or need some clarity. This could be due to your comfort level and if it is take more ACTION. Progressive action that will actually help you achieve your goals. I am barley embarking and taking effective action so I know how you feel. The hardest step is starting. I am developing a 90-day mastery program for myself to totally shift my mindset. It includes reading 10-15 books, attending seminars, hearing lectures, going to retreats, getting coaching, and so much more. This is all to invest in myself and gain clarity. To put my dreams into reality. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up! YOU CAN DO IT. TAKE ACTION. STAY RIZEN!


Its SPRING and the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining! (If you are in California at least) Now is the time that you should be shining too! Doing a detox cleanse can help you kick off spring right and get ready for summer! I was debating whether I should do a cleanse and if it was right for me…The simple answer was yes! It is good for anyone even if you feel like you are healthy. Cleasning out can be super replenshing! The fact is our air is becoming more polluted, there are more toxins being passed around, and our bodies are just being exposed to alot. So this can benefit anyone. Plus it is super easy! The cleanse I am about to share with you is through the Health Coach Institution and if you are ever thinking about being a health coach or want to learn more about becoming one they are your go to! It is the current academy I am mentoring under to become one myself! This cleanse starts May 7th if you want to join the group but the information is availiable to be able to do whenever with some friends!

Why cleanse? 

The body is built to self-cleanse itself but it cannot handle an overload of toxins which is why doing a cleanse can really help fight those nasty side effects. What side affects? Well what the body can experience are syptomes triggered by an overload of toxins such as;

  • Headaches
  • Naseua
  • Constimpation
  • Dirrarhea
  • Belly Bloating
  • Painful Gas
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Acne
  • Foggy brain
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Allergies and flu like symptomes

So how do you cleanse?

Well basically it is just switching up your diet a little to introduce food that will help your body support liver detoxification and clear out excess toxins. Usually foods like gluten containing grains, dairy products, eggs, soy, caffiene, yeast, sugar, dried fruits, citrus frtuis, and at times poor food combining. So avoiding these foods can make a huge diffeence and give you relief from many of the symptoms listed above. Esentially you are going to want to follow a nutrient dense, high fiber diet to help get those bad toxins out! This will all be laid out for you in the PDF below! Goodluck and have fun!

Peace and love to all of you. Stay healthy and stay RIZEN. -Your Guru RIZEN

14 DAY CLEANSE PDF by Health Coach Insititute 


MUST WATCH spiritual teachers on YouTube

If you havn’t by now heard, spirituality is taking over the masses and more and more people are taking on a spiritual practice. Spirituality is the deepening of mind-body connection and the empowerment of the spirit. It has no direct link to religion and has more to do with personal growth and development. When I took on a spiritual practice I did not even know I was doing it! When I decided to start meditating, journaling, practice yoga and mindfullness I knew it was going to help me grow what I did not know is that all those where forms of spirituality! When I first started on my quest I had a lot of questions and needed much guidance getting over mental blockades and traps, here are 10 of the most influential youtubers and channels that can help you on your spiritual path! They are in no particualr order and all offer a uniqe take and inisght into the path of awakening. If you take the time to research, watch, and learn from these teachers I gurantee your life will change for the better and you will grow a deeper connection with yourself. Hope this helps, peace and love to all you healers! -YourGuruVita

  1. Ryan Cropper;

Is a great spiritual teacher who talks a lot about astral projection, manifestation, and other spiritual practices. He offers several online courses to help you deepen your practice as well as multiple 1 on 1 sessions to ger personalized growth. 



 *I recently discovered his channel and the information is priceless. He will definetly help you grow from the inside out and offers cool videos! I am planning on booking a 1 on 1 session with him soon! Check out his Rythmia vlogs! 

  1. Dakota wint;

Great spiritual teacher who offers advice on psychadhelics, spirituality, traveling, and more! He does great travel vlogs on his trips to india, egypt, jamaica, and more places and gives good insight on what to avoid and expect. He also has a sense of humor and writes great poetry.  


Clothing line;


  1. Koi Fresco

Koi has a channel dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, he is the author of 2 great books, and has a crystal shop that provides valuable spiritual tools. He is a great spiritual teacher with hundreds of videos on spirituality, philosophy, and more! I had the pleasure to meet him and he is a very down to earth humble guy with great insight on buddhism and hunduism. He will definelty help you through your spiritual path!


Crystal Box shop;

New book;


  1. Leo Gura;

In my opinion Leo is one of the best life coaches and teachers on youtube providing hundreds of hours on personal growth and mastery.. Leo teaches you how to master your psychology and provides deep insight into common traps we all face as we grow and develop. He also provides a life purpose course that I has the chance to take that changed the direction of my life and gave me valuable insight into my purpose on earth. Leo is worth the time to check out. 




  1. Sadhguru;

The great Indian sage Sadhguru is promoting his teaching and sharing deep insight into spirituality and awarness. He has several videos on how to be happy, developing yourself, and becoming your authentic self. He is a true master that we can all learn from.


Mobile app;


  1. Psyched Substance;

This is a MUST WATCH channel if you ever decide to or know anyone that is going to consume any psychadleic or medicine. Psyched Substance educates people on how to safely take psychedelics and gives insight into what to avoid and expect from each experience. This channel really saved my life as I journeyed into my mind. 


Test kit;


  1. YourmateTOM

Tom is an influential spiritual guide that gives awarness and insight on taking psychedelics. He provides videos that allows you to gain insight into the experience of spirituality and he is all around a great and funny dude. 




Ram Dass is a legendary spiritual leader and if you have not already read his book Be Here Now, go read it! Ram Dass is one of the greatest spiritual teachers still alive, much love to him! 



  1. Thrive movement;

Thrive is a spiritual movement that is awakening society to the truth of reality. They provide very isnightful videos on the truth of reality and will mindfuck you on what you thought was real. 


Support the channel!;



Rythmia is a center for self-discovery this place is changing the world. I recently discovered this place and I am obsessing about it, I watched the movie three times showing people the value that this place has. I am hoping to go later this year and have an awakening. I am so grateful to be alive while this place was made! 



MUST WATCH movie; The Reality of Truth film

How to keep track of your LIFE

Have you ever asked yourself, how did I get here? Now there can be a more straightforward answer to this like “You drove here man what do you mean?” and there can be a more existential answer like “It was every decision you have ever made that brought you to where you are in life right now.” Whoa pretty heavy right but it is very true, I used to ask myself this question daily and what followed was an even deeper question, “where do I want to go?” I found that many of us ,as we follow our quest through life, at times get lost and need a reminder of where we are heading towards. This is when I discovered how keeping track of your day can really help you gain insight of where you are and where you want to go. Over the past six months I have been keeping track of my daily thoughts, emotions, and food consumptions to be able to see where my headspace, emotional levels, and diet are at and properly conclude where I can improve. Over time this method has evolved into a way for me to gain deep inisght into who I am and existential challenges I am facing.

I do daily, weekly, and monthly recaps and when I did my first monthly recap I was amazed at all the unessecary stress, anxiety, and poor dieting I was involving myself in. I also took note at the very convincing excuses I would tell myself to get out of things that would help me grow. Now when I first started noting down my days it was very basic and not very insightful, over time I was able to see what was important and what I could keep to myself. I wanted to share with you today my current template that I use daily to give you a 6-month leap into the process! Now I do plan on contuning to update and grow this so expect this to change and grow with you as it will for me. Feel free to customize it and make it yours to fit your unqiue lifestyle! This is what I found helps me stay motivated, on track, and fuflilled each and every day!  I also attached the purpose for each section and why it is helpful for me. Hope it helps, Namaste!

I created this template based on the idea of the BIG 5 that I was taught in my health coaching school, it basically talks about your life consisting of 5 major areas. These include; Health, Money, Love/relationships, Your calling/career, and Connection to something greater(spirituality). Now they mention that if one of these major areas in your life are out of balance then the rest will be slighty off as well, so it is essential to see where you are lacking and how you can improve. This template will guide you and give you that information if done correctly. Stay balanced and stay RIZEN.

Peace and love – Your Guru Vita


LIFE Purpose;

*This is a key for developing a growing psychology that helps you become the best version of yourself. Having a life purpose can grant you a map towards the destination you are seeking. If you currently do not have a life purpose then your life purpose should be finding a life purpose, Leo Gura have a great life purpose course!


*Many people look at this word with negative connotations and there is a feeling of fear attatched to it. As Alan Watts once mentioned, “There are 2 things you should think about every day 1.Death 2.Why you are here.” Thinking abour death is actually very healthy for your psychic and allows you to embrace your current life by accepting the ultimate truth of reality. Most people who do not contemplate it tend to run away from fear and live in a state of comfort and stability while those who do embrace change and grow.

Compassion + motivation;

*One great thing to do every morning as the Dali Lama says is to focus on compassion. This is key for it starts our mind with love and forgiveness, by coutning our blessings and apprecaitng the beauty of life we can rise with a smile and a sense of humbleness. A little motivation can go a long way as well and giving yourself a little push of courage each day can give you the strength to conquer any challenge. “You can do this!”

Plan for the day/goals;

*This can make an impact on your day by priortizing what is important to accomplish and what you want to get done. Avoid being narrow minded in your “to do list” by reminding yourself that your goals are simple reminders and are not life or death sitatuations. There will be some days you do not accomplish all your goals and that is okay, just pick it up tomorrow. Also make realisitc goals, try avoiding setting 25 goals to accomplish in one day like I used to; this will only overwhelm and discourage you. Start with 1-2 goals for the day then move it up to 4-5, keeping them realistic and simple can encourage you and make you feel productive.

Wake up time

*It is recomended to have a consistent time to wake up to allow your body to properly get ready for the day. Keeping track of the time you are waking up each day can give you an idea of your sleep patterns and what type of night routine is working best for you.


*They say you have about 30 seconds after you wake up before you forget about 90% of your dream. Most people dismiss their dreams but for those of us who take the time to write down and analysis our dreams you find very profound messages, When we sleep we are left with our subconscious mind and these are the things we store deep down inside that we even forget we have, most dreams have messages or meaning tied to them that can help you with current situations. I have been following my dreams and understanding certain struggles and challenges I am facing subconsciously which has helped me find peace today.

Morning routine checklist

*How you start your day will influence how the rest of your day will be. Creating a strong morning routine can mean having productive, fulfilling, and positive days. Now this will take some experimentation but find what works for you to have a head start of your day. I always start with water to hydrate myself, soft music, some stretches, and meditation to get my mind ready to conquer the day with love!

Daily meditation;

*Meditation is key to living a well balanced and peaceful lifestyle. I cannot express to you how essential mediation is if you want to have less anxiety, fear, and depression. Developing a daily meditation practice will not only revolutionize your life but those around you will see the difference. I have been meditating daily for about 4-5 months and just hit my 2K mark on headspace and I have seen a huge shift in myself. I have become more understanding of others, more forigiving, much more loving, less egoistic and developed a state of peace within myself. MEDITATE!

Daily yoga;

*YOGA is a science; 5,000 year old science of consciousness of the metaphysical nature of reality. Yoga has the same amount of importance as mediation, your body is probably very tense and carries a lot of weight that needs to be released. Yoga can help alleviate stress through certain poses of the body, increase your breathing, and it involves meditation as well. Waking up and doing Yoga will get your body ready for the day and doing yoga before you sleep will help you release any stress you might have accumualted. Now for the Yogi’s the goal of Yoga is to reach Sahadi Shamadi; Realization of the absolute, of the infinity. It is the Purifications of all your Karma including your EGO. All your BAD habits.

Quote of the day (self or found)

*I find that a daily quote can motivate and inspire you each day. This can be either a quote that you think of or one that you find.

Daily thoughts

*This is an essential section and includes any daily thoughts, observations, or ideas you might have throughout the day. You ever wonder “man if I would write down all my thoughts I would be a millionaire by now” We all have brilliant ideas the only thing is we do not execute on them! Writing them down is the first step and can also help you release any negative thoughts.

People you see/thoughts;

*Developing healthy relationships with the people around you will make a huge impact on who you are. You are your environment and you only know yourself by other people. Taking note of your intereactions with people can give you insight into the type of relationship you have with them, who they are, and who you are. Keeping note of this will be very helpful as you identify patterns and find solutions in enhancing relationships.

FOOD OF THE DAY(take picture)


Energy level


Energy Levels


Energy levels

*We have all had that new years goal of “wanting to be healthier” but always seem to just wait until next year to start again. Now is your chance to take control of your life adn accomplish your goals by starting with keeping track of your daily food consumption. The simple of act of seeing what you eat, the time you eat, how you eat, and how all that effects your energy will allow you to see what types of foods are working best and where you can improve on!

Workout of the day;

*Keep it moving! Daily movement can make a huge difference on your body. Try and get out and enjoy a brisk walk or go to the gym and pick up some weights, it doesn’t matter how you move as long as you are moving! I will talk more about this in future posts.


Daily spent;

Daily gained;


*You ever wonder where all your money went? Well here is your personal finance tracker, just keep track of what you spend each day(include where and what you spent it on) and how much you gain and you can see where your money is going.

Night routine checklist

*The importance of a night routine is just as essential as a morning routine. You ever lie in bed just thinking? Not being able to sleep, tossing and turning until you get so tired of that you eventually fall asleep then BOOM the alarm rings. Yeah that used to be me too until I realized that I needed to get my body ready to sleep in order to get proper sleep. This will take some experimentation but start with at least 15-30min of just unwinding and releasing any thoughts. This can include meditation, yoga, journaling, listening to soft music, and letting yourself get ready for sleep. You deserve it!

Takeaways for the day;

*SO what is all this for? You have kept track of all the things above now you have all this information for the day and now what? Well here is the most crucial part of the daily traacker, it is to note what is working best so you can keep doing that and what you need to improve on so you can improve that. It is as simple as that! Yet most people over look this step, DO NOT OVER LOOK THIS STEP. This will show you where you need to grow and how you can become the best version of yourself. With this step I have been able to start my blog, get rid of nasty habits I had, grow my mediation practice, and release negative emotions. Simply by understanding the importance of what and where I need to grow.

Thank you my people, hope this helps!

Here is an example of one of my daily QUESSTS 

QUESST 37 Day 2 of debut; BIRTH OF GURU VITA


RIZEN; (“I AM RIZEN; a student on the path of the sage mastering myself and seeking enlightenment. I search for truth, embrace love, and balance myself. My quest; to discover the psychic and spiritual abilities of a human being and understand the nature of reality and the self.;( To discover how we can live the most fulfilling life as humans and develop a better society based on love, unity, and vision.) My life purpose; To use my life experiences, thoughts, and research to share my journey with the world promoting inner peace and self love. To become a Guru that teaches about the way of the sage and living a fulfilling and well balanced life. I am here to lead my team of sages, THERIZECOLLECTIVE a team of like minded individuals promoting self-expression, love, and unity and avoiding any hate, criticism, and judgement.)


Every thing changes and people die; the cruel world that we must find beautiful peace in. Allow ourselves to continue the path to the sage and remind ourselves to be an influence of our generation. We are ready and the time is now


LET GO; do not be afraid to be your authentic weird, loud, unique self. You find that you are more free and feel much more genuine when you do so. Your energies get stronger and you feel happier.

Keep doing you and spreading your message; you have a lot of power that you have to express each and every day; keep staying positive, peaceful, present and expose yourself to the daily adventures by not being afraid. Talk to people, meet up with friends, breathe, have discussions with teachers, do the homework, write philosophies, write the bars, and do what you love.


Current questions to think about and answer;

  • What is Sagehood?
The path towards self-mastery and living the most fulfilling life possible. Confucius would remark it as finding JEN which is developing proper relationships
  • What is enlightenment?
Is cultivating the experience of inner peace and self love by being fully in the present moment and awakening to the truth of reality.
  • What is the Tea ceremony?
 A ceremony that was born in ancient Japan that celebrates the tranquility and beauty of every day life.
  • Why is meditation important?
It develops a habit of finding peace in the most destructive moments.
  • What is the Millennial Revolution?
Now formally known as the Spiritual Revolution consists of New Age millennials awakening to the truth of reality and being involved in the development of a better world revolving around the unification of love and vision for peace. This awakening is reached by the cultivation of inner peace and self love . The revolution is being led by multiple individuals and organizations including  Rhytmia, Koi fresco, Dakota Wint, Gaia, and now myself with the creation of Spiritual Healers.
  • Who is RIZEN? What is his purpose?
Rizen is an alter ego I created and state of mind reached through the unification of the mind, body, soul. It requires the cultivation of inner peace and self love attained through meditation and in some cases psychedelics.. It represents a REBIRTH process that one must go through to find liberation and the divine state of mind that lies within all of us. Stay Rizen
  • Describe VITAQUESST?
Vitaquestt is my spiritual quest through life that I share on YouTube. It describes my daily adventures and experiences as I become a Guru and share my love with the world.

WOKE UP; 6:04am little tired but good


DREAM; was trippy it was about Gabi and we were about to make love but she had like a mental breakdown and went crazy on me and started crying then I was like man you crazy dude and I left; we were having this party event at Gabis House; then in transitioned into my uncle and I felt that he was in pain he was about to meet up John and we were in my moms car and she parked in the middle of the street then left! Interesting dream.



Hydrate; @6:26 1 bottle

Write down dream; yes

POOP; 6:31am

Meditate; 7:38am

Yoga; 6:50am

Play with jack; 10min

Write in journal; 15min

GYM; 9:30am running 2.7miles

Breakfast ; @8:00am

MUSIC; none didn’t load

Finished ; 8:19am



QUOTE; “I believe that my generation is going to be the one that changes the way we live and see the world. I believe we all know inside that we can make a difference we just don’t know how. I believe we all know inside that we should do something but don’t know what to do. I think with a little help and support we can truly make a change. If we unite and with love and strive for the same vision of peace and harmony then we can develop better people. We can learn from our ancestors and apply the methods they have taught us to build a better society and a better world. Now is the time we rise and we stand for what we believe in. Now is the time we speak up and share our truth. Now is the time we make a change.” –Guru VITA





@9:37am ; Warner bros museum tour by forest lawn + Anne burg photo in century city + norton Simon museum + Getty museum + Camarillo mechanical gardens

@2:20pm; Needed a new prescription for my glasses so on thursday we are going to meet with the homie to get it corrected; Talked to Harold and he helped me out with getting my correct sense.

@2;28pm we were able to clarify what we need and want out of life; we are going to focus on becoming a Lifestyle Guru and see where that takes us; Life coaching is what we are going to focus on and REBIRTH is our first project that we must complete before we move on with out training.

@5:15pm; taking a poop; thinking about life while I sit. I feel this sensation of clarity of having found a sense of direction after these past 6 months. After struggling, thinking, idea building, and dabbling I feel that I have found what I want to master. I have had several “this is my time” and “okay I’m going to get it now” moments where I would be filled with excitement then I would lose motivation because I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to do. From music to health coaching to drawing and owning a clothing line I wasn’t sure how I could blend all my passions together. I knew I always to follow the path of a sage, I just didn’t know how I could monetize that and build a lifestyle behind it. When I discovered becoming a guru that emphasized on lifestyle I felt as if this was always what I wanted to do. I could see myself clearly focusing on this, building skills, coaching, teaching, reading, learning, growing, and mastering becoming a guru. This I felt was the path towards becoming a sage and would give me the most amount of fulfillment. I felt as if I over analyze things sometimes and beat myself down; I have been able to tell myself to just let go and dive into it. To follow my intuition and speak from my heart and this will guide me. I am blending my music, drawing, and coaching skills together to create a unique coaching style that will not only be effective but creative! I feel content and when I fall asleep I smile, when I wake up I’m excited. This feeling is different and is one I want to share with the world. I could only imagine what is to come considering I just embarked on this path fully.

@6:30pm; why do we live this way? Why do we kill each other for power, greed, and corruption? Why do we let our people starve? Why do we take and battle? Why do we criticize and hate? The land I live in was created off of power and greed; the native Americans found peace and we took that from them. Why do we conform instead of standing up? Why do we work as slaves instead of following our dreams? Who is making these rules? Why should we follow? Why do we live in fear? Where is our power to bring peace?

Why do we let our people suffer? When we will stand up and rise?

@6:48pm “I believe that my generation is going to be the one that changes the way we live and see the world. I believe we all know inside that we can make a difference we just don’t know how. I believe we all know inside that we should do something but don’t know what to do. I think with a little help and support we can truly make a change. If we unite and with love and strive for the same vision of peace and harmony then we can develop a better society and world. We can learn from our ancestors and apply the methods they have taught us to build a better society and a better world. Now is the time we rise and we stand for what we believe in. Now is the time we speak up and share our truth. Now is the time we make a change.” –Guru Vita


YOGA; Goal (20min)

23:18 yoga with Adrienne; core power wake up

Great session today got my core going and my body ready for the day


MEDITATION; GOAL (20 min each day)

20min in day 6 of balance ; I found many thoughts lingering ; my right leg fell asleep; my back needs to be straight and I got a little sleepy towards the end



@9:30am went to running class and ran; we have to do some make up runs to cover our absences; Did good today

@2:00pm; We made it to our nutrition class; we are learning more about life coaching from the Deepak Chopra institution; We are doing teacher evaluations and I gave her a very good review I find her to be a good teacher for her first semester and I see her only growing.

@8:32pm; leaving Barnes and nobles did good on developing the study guide for modern philosphy; there are some questions I want to make sure I can answer. Overall I love the environment it helps keep me focused on my task.


HCI: Took a break today




MASTERY;  25min during my run this morning


REBIRTH; I am getting inspired every day and I see the value of this project more and more. I listened to xxxtentacion 17 album and ? And it was cool to see him express his pain yet what I find is he does not offer a way out of it. Respect to him for relating to people and being able to express himself. I want to be able to relate to people through my music but also offer them a way to overcome their struggles. In the rebirth project I feel like I can make this happen. It is a project that tells my story of birth, ego death, and REBIRTH to show how RIZEN came to being and GURU VITA; I want it to be a video series, music project, and self-discovery course.



@9:22am Met up with Gabi; It was cool I told her about some stuff in my mind and she is helping me build a solid plan and foundation; it is good to know that she cares.



Breakfast; choco bowl (almond milk with chocolate Vega mix + banana + strawberries + chia + hemp + flax + green granola + coco granola )

Energy level; 8

Lunch; 3 Tostadas @11:30am; With rice, beans, cheese + water

2:20pm; Smoothie (Mango, banana, pineapple)

Energy Levels; 8

Dinner; Salad bowl (Spring mix + Broccoli + cauliflower, cahsews, carrots, string beans, cranberries. Chia, flax, strawberries)

Energy levels



Miles; 2.70 miles on the track in 25min good run! S

printed the straights and walked the curves

Workout; just running



Daily spent; 0

Daily gained; 0

Total; 0



Started at 10:25pm

-Said goodnight

-Brushed teeth




-Sleep by 11:35pm



  • I am currently hungry so I must increase my food nutrients throughout the day! Find meals to make and make sure you are getting the proper amount of fuel

  • Check the wordpress site; I think we just have to change the username + purchase a custom domain then we should have theblog going

  • We are going to master life coaching! Becoming a Life Guru! So this we must commit all our time too

  • Our first official debut will be through the REBIRTH project which I will finish over summer for now focus on building the foundation

  • Finish mastery this week then purchase book to annotate

  • Develp template for daily quessts for people to use




How society can learn from ANTS

In the film, Ants: Nature’s secret Power, it highlighted the qualities and unique strengths of several ant species. In parts of the forest there are ants that perform high quality duties that show the power of community work and efficient organization. As I watched this film I was amazed with capabilities of the ants and I found similar traits that relate to our human society. In the movie I recognized the importance of social organization for survival, individual survival, and human interference.

I found the message of the movie to be aimed towards the relationship that the ants have and how efficient they work for the survival of their species. I related this to how we live in modern society and the social organizations we hold to keep us alive. With ants they have an effective way of efficiency through having specific ants perform duties that they are more property equipped for. This allows for a decreased time for finishing tasks and uses the strengths of the colony. With humans we have a similar system and have people work individual tasks that they have adequate skills for. For example we have computer technicians, building designers, farmers, lawyers, doctors, etc. All with specific skills that help them perform their duty. Yet the problem I found with modern society is that most humans perform tasks that do not add to the survival of the race but the profit of an organization. We have jobs like financial advisors, employees at movie theaters, fast food chains workers, social media entertainers, etc. Jobs that add to the economical aspect of our lives and improve our entertainment but dismiss essential survival. I find a lot of jobs that we perform as humans are completely irrelevant towards the enhancement of the race when we have technology that can improve our lifestyle in most of these areas. For example we can implement a more modern design to eliminate intermediate jobs for entertainment, we can incorporate a more effective vegetation system to avoid jobs in factory farms, we can improve systems of clothing and apparel to eliminate factory jobs with poor conditions. Unlike ants we are more concerned with financial gain then the survival of our species. This can be shown with the vast amount of environmental problems, poverty, and economical appeal. I believe there can be a lot to learn from these ants to coordinate our actions more efficiently to develop a much more improved way of living and increase our survival.

I also found the ants to show the emphasis they make on the colony and not the individual. In the ant society they are more concerned with the survival of the colony then individual lives. They rather risk the lives of individual for the survival of the race. With humans I find that we at times value individuals more than a society due to our strong emotional attachments. We even cause death to millions of our own for power and financial gain and participate in wars and battles that leave many dead and much in ruins. Many believe that wars are fought for the survival of the race but this I believe this to be flawed, battles are won for the gain of individual groups or countries and focus more on the rise of rulers and leaders then the benefit of the human race. If anything these wars decrease our chances of survival leaving the environment in a poor state and creating a cycle of hatred. Only 3-5% of species make the transition of individual living to societal living and even though humans are considered to be in this category I find that the majority have an individual living mindset. The most common one being, “it is me against the world” as if they are fighting this huge battle against their own race. Even though this has some truth attached to it in terms of emotional appeal and financial success it strays away from the concern of the welfare of all humans and the importance of unity and working together. I see our social division to be pushing us towards our own destruction instead our own survival.

The morality I found in this video was leaned towards the importance of taking care of our forests and species. Human interference as shown in the video destroys the colonies of these ants through deforestation; we kill so many species for the benefit of our own culture. We are more concerned with creating land for homes, cutting down trees for paper, and focusing on agriculture then we are the ecosystem living on these areas. We have simple solutions that we can integrate to live in perpetual balance with nature and avoid the mass destruction of all these animals and species. By incorporating more ideal ethic and programs we can create a better environment for all to live properly. These ants work well with their environment and survive off the land, we can learn to do the same and avoid unnecessary pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss. We must integrate a new way of living if we want to revolve around the idea of “survival of the fittest.” Many are lead to believe that surviving is about power and strength but that is a fallacy, the proper way to survive is through efficiency and integration of social unity. At this rate we are not only destroying the environment that we live in but also our very own human race. I believe that in order for us to survive we must learn from the social power of ants and live in harmony with ourselves, our society, and our planet.


Now is the time we RIZE and develop a world of LUV.



How to win friends and influence people review.

In Dale Carnegie’s book, How to win friends and influence people, we are given a set of principles to help guide us towards better social development and building everlasting relationships. I was able to finally finish the book for I was procrastinating and kept prioritizing reading last on my to do list. After spending 3 days binge reading this book and finishing it, it reminded me why I chose to read it and today I will be highlighting some key parts of the book that I found to be life changing. 
The book is split into four sections each covering individual principles that can help you succeed. I will be briefly discussing each of these sections and including some important take aways I had and how this book influenced me. 
The first section is, Fundamental techniques in handling people. It basically concludes how to communicate efficiently with people by allowing yourself to see through their perspective and to avoid the automatic criticism we tend to cast on people. Carnegie states, “If you teach a man anything, he will never learn, we learn by doing.” This I agree with for we retain more information through hands on learning and visual aids then simply just reading or listening to information. Not just that we also learn more when we are not criticized but appreciated and see a benefit in absorbing the knowledge. He uses three principles to highlight this idea: Principle 1: don’t criticize, condemn or complain. He says, “a great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.” A great leader treats all with respect and avoids direct criticism, “as much as we thirst for approval we dread condemnation.” Most, if not all, of us yearn to simply be accepted by society and fear judgment. Carnegie notes, “criticism is dangerous, because it sounds a person’s precious pride hurts their sense of importance, and arouses resentment.” Let’s be real who likes to be criticized and be proved wrong, especially in front of others. This will not only make others dislike you but they will also not learn anything from you. Principle 2: give honest and sincere appreciation. Carnegie gives a quote from Henry Ford that states, “if there is any one secret to success, it lies in the ability to get the other persons point of view and see things from that persons angle as well as from your own.” This basically shows the importance of seeing through the eyes of others to understand their perspective. We only know what we know and we would be making the same decisions as others given if we had their same exact knowledge and experiences. Principles 3: arouse in the other person an eager want. He states that if you want anyone to do anything for you, you have to make them want to do it. Now I have applied this principle in many aspects in my life for example when I want my sister to wash the dishes or be kind enough to make me a meal, I find a way to create an incentive and a want in doing so. I avoid simply giving commands but giving reasons towards why and how this can benefit you. So I tell her it will not only show how kind she is but I will also give her the opportunity to be able to use the groceries I bought and she can have some as well. Overall the first section was life changing and I have been using these three principles to avoid simple “you should do this” statements into “can you imagine how much this would benefit you” reasoning. 
The second section is, 6 ways to make people like you. It touches on ways to develop better relationships with others. Let’s face it everyone lives in their own movie and we all love to talk about our scenes. In essence people love to talk about themselves so it is key to to be genuinely interested in people to build better relationships, “it is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others it is from among such individuals that all human failure springs.” Those who take the time to be interested in others will have others interested in them. Principle 1: become genuinely interested in other people. Also keep in mind the best tool we have as humans is the power of a genuine smile. When we smile we show people we are friendly and that we care. It’s like a way to give ease to people and let them know, “hey don’t trip, I’m cool.” Principle 2: smile. The hardest thing I am faced with when I meet new people is remembering their name. It was so bad I sat next to someone in my history class in high school and became good friends without remembering his name for about two months because I was to embraced to ask him. The only reason I found out was through someone else calling them. Now take it from me you want to avoid this situation so this leads me to Principle 3: remember that a persons name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. For people to have a great time with you you must have a great time with them. Principle 4: be a good listener, encourage this to talk about themselves. Be interested in them, there are seven billion people and growing all with individual stories so expand your perspective and get to know people! Principle 5: talk in terms of the other person’s interest. Shift your perspective and be compassionate towards others. Principle 6: Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely. We all want to feel important so by making others feel so you are already developing a great connection, “happiness doesn’t depend on outwards conditions, it depend on inner conditions.”(Carnegie) When you take an interest in people you will find that good inside feeling that will allow you to find happiness and create better relationships. 
The third section is about How to win people to your way of thinking. Which is split up in 8 principles and for times sake I will list them first then quickly describe them. 8 principles win people to your way of thinking: Principle 1: the only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Avoid trying to argue with someone it will get no where. Principle 2: show respect for the other person’s opinions. Never say, “you wrong.” Directly stating “you are wrong” automatically puts people on defense mode and creates tension and lower chance of them listening. Principle 3: if you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically. Let go of your pride and ego and own up to your wrongs and mistakes that you make. This will allow people to respect you and listen more efficiently. Principle 4: begin in a friendly way. If you want someone to listen to you start with a compliment or positive affirmation to get there attention then slip in what you wanted to discuss. Starting in a good way usually ends in a good way. Principle 5: get the other person saying “yes yes” immediately. Allow the other person to be involved in the conversation and happy to be talking to you! Principle 6: let the other person do a great deal of the talking. Like we mentioned earlier people love to talk about themselves so have most of the conversation be about them and be a good listener. They will recall his interested you were in them and have a positive impression of you. Principle 7: let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers. Sort of like the idea of creating an eager want in people if you make it seem like it was their idea they will be more likely to implement the idea. Principle 8: Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view. 
The final section is if you had to help someone follow these next 8 principles. Principle 1: begin with praise and honest appreciation. Principle 2: call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly. Principle 3: talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person. Principle 4: ask questions instead of giving direct orders. Principle 6: praise the slightest improvements and praise every improvement. Be “hearty In your appreciation and lavish in your praise. Principle 7: give the other person a fine reputation to live up to. Principle 8: use encouragements make the fault seem easy to correct. 
Overall I would highly recommend the book it gives good insight into how to interact with people and influence them. The principles mentioned above are ones I am continually applying to my every day life and slowly mastering. I hope this review was helpful and that you decide to take the time to read the book it’s definitely worth the read! Let me know what method of summarization you found most helpful from the four sections!