Why you aren’t following through / The story of an awakening Latina Goddess.

The power of accountability and momentum. 

A story about an awakening goddess 

Awareness can shift your perspective and determine the trajectory of your life. 

Taking a step back to analyze and inner stand the self can help you see things like never before.

In coaching we talk about 3 pillars to transformation. You can look st these like 3 legs to a stool. Each depending on one another and without one the whole foundation falls. These three keys are 

  1. Structure 

    2.   Accountability 

    3.   Support

This is what we call the trifecta of change. Below you will find words that will guide your mind to understand how missing any one of these can dramatically prevent your potential.

I had a student one time that was so powerful that her own abilities frightened her. She had so much skill and potential but she like most of us had a difficult time seeing it within herself. When we crossed paths she was 20 years old, in college pursuing a nursing career, living at home with her parents, in a 4 year relationship and experiencing life quest stagnation, so we like to call it. 

She found us and we noticed her insecurity, her self doubt, her shyness, her searching for the self, her need to be loved. Not by anyone else but by her own self. 

She was heavily effected by her family vibration as most of us who live with our parents at a young age are and she was very dependent on the people around her for her happiness, a common trap that most of us fall in. 

When we introduced the 3 pillars we started to see a shift.

Her and her boyfriend joined a 3 month dream builder course and trained under a life coach in hopes to learn more about themselves and where to take the relationship.

They recieved a structure. A 12 part series program and workbook with Audio lessons and mediations to help guide them in the right direction. 

They recieved support from their coach with laser coaching, email coaching, a group to share wins and hold space for one another. 

They also recieved accountability with weekly action steps, accountability partners and part of the program was to find mastermind groups to continue the support. 

So by the end of the 3 months this insecure unsure of herself young girl started to open up more, connect deeper with her own intrusion and begin to create momentum for herself.

She launched her very own blog, began daily yoga and meditation, implemented journaling, started to follow her passion and express herself more. Oh and she began to shift her diet and be more conscious and plant based. It was a beautiful sight to see the blossoming of a lotus flower from the muddy waters.

Well we met up 3 months later to check in and see how she was doing and we where surprised by what she had to share. 

She opened up about experiencing a type of depression, she has been skipping yoga and meditation, has been avoiding journaling, went back to eating less conscious foods, picked up a cannabis and alcoholic consumption habit, sleeping in later then usual and feeling lost and unmotivated. 

“Well what happened?” We asked her curious to see how this occurred. 

“well 3 months ago after the dream builder program ended my boyfriend decided he wanted to take a break and idk.. I guess I stated to spend more time with my family and I’m going back to school for nursing and I’m kinda just here.”

“Hmm.. how do you feel after your break up?”

“I feel like I didn’t really know who I was. I depended my happiness on him because I didn’t have it within myself. I felt like I lost myself in it .”

“Well you can’t lose yourself if you never knew yourself.” We explained “what we hear you saying is that 3 months ago we saw you blossoming. You had momentum going. You just started your blog. You where designing clothes. You where excited and motivated.. but it seems as soon as you where left on your own you went back to old habits and patterns. Do you want to know why?”


“Well again this is only our opinion but we acknowledge that what you really lost 3 months ago was not yourself but your accountability, support and structure. It seems that when your coaching program ended and your boyfriend left you went back to the only people that where available to you, your family. Unconsciously as you began healing and where in a vulnerable state you where easily impressed with the energy association. In other words you experienced something called an ego backlash and your vibration went back to homeostasis.” 

This is a very common phenomenon that happens anytime we begin to experience major change it is perceived as danger in our minds because naturally our minds want to protect us and keep us comfortable. This is why the accountability and support is crucial because it allows you to have reflections that guide you when you need it most.

Especially when it comes to family. Most families are stuck in homesteasis and comfort. When someone in the family begins to awaken the collective ego views it as a potential threat. 


Because now all of a sudden a lot of the usual rituals and beliefs begin to change. Now they have to cook different meals, they have to adjust to a different energy, they have to hear what they call “dreamer or crazy talk” and a lot of times family are the ones that hold us back the most. Not because they don’t care about us but because they do. They don’t want to see you fail or get hurt and want sometime stable and safe for you as most likely they sought for themselves.

Being authentic and real a lot of our parents are living comfortable and unfulfilling lives. Not saying they don’t have good days or enjoy moments but more so emphasing on the fact that they themselves didn’t persue their highest desires or dreams.. most likely because their parents influenced them and they didn’t have the right accountability or structure! 

So as Alan watts says “it’s all wretched and no vomit.. it never gets there!” 

There individual must follow the heart, forget the money as the main motivation and be okay with failure as feedback. 

So we decided to check in on the boyfriend to see how his 3 month development has been. 

“I’m really starting to reach new heights. Every day I’m waking up with a feeling of fulfillment. My self image is improving. I just started a 3 month warrior training program. My YouTube channel is up and going. I’m releasing an ebook and launching a website soon and my diet is amazing! Fully plant based!”

“Astonishing I said! What has helped you integrate and keep the momentum?”

“Defiantly the accountability and support. I have weekly calls with a sol brothers chat where we hold space for one another. Every Thursday I attend something called mantra house with a great community there. I also am coaching students and that helps me stay grounded. I started spending less time with my family and more quality time. I began to heal and cry. I sat down with toad and frog medicine as well as multiple plant medicines. I incorporated mushrooms into my diet and a lot of superfoods!” 

“That is amazing.” We saw how association dramatically shifted the outcome of both these individuals. One contracted her energy while the other expanded based on their environment and will power. Their ability to discern and make decisions while trusting themselves.

We where even more curious to see how their feelings towards one another has shifted so we asked them their current stance in the relation.

“Her hurt me and made me insecure. He would try and leave some multiple times and it made me doubt myself. We would argue and fight and yeah I love him but I’m just hurt right now.” Our lady client spoke to us and we could hear her pain and anger in her voice.

“I feel very grateful for the relationship. I have been learning so much and realizing how much it matured me and made me a better person. There was definitely a lot of forgiveness work that had to be done but once I forgave myself and started to self heal I realized how I was responsible for al my decisions. “

Would you ever get back with each other?

“Probably not” she replied.

“Yes.” He responded.

So curious we thought how these two individuals are on complete sides of the spectrum. We can see how certain patterns of self sabotage occurs when we lack the proper accountability and support and structure. 

We can see the obvious benefits of having a mastermind group and how it can rapidly increase your growth.

Our lady student must realize what she has forgotten. She must pick up her momentum again now with more wisdom and understanding of the transformation process. She must make the daily conscious choose to decide how she wants to feel and take action. It would help setting herself up with accountability partners, support and a proper structure to follow.

Our other student must continue to focus on himself avoiding any distractions. The more he can concentrate his energy the more he will be able to accomplish. He must pace bundled and continually check in on himself. We could sense a deep desire to want to help his ex and apply energy towards her. We advised to release. Forgive. Let go. He must allow her to find her own path and acknowledge where she is on her journey. If he wants to help he can by helping himself. Sharing insights through his work and trusting the process. He was resistant but understood and agreed. 

He shared that he wanted to share the story and indirectly guide her while opening the portal to having others tune into these learning lessons as well. 

We liked his creativity and supported his vision while making him mindful of his other projects 

“Take it one project at a time and stay focused. You can create this project but let it happen naturally. Don’t force anything. Let go and balance yourself.” 

He was about to leave to Mexico and decided to let go and let the “rebirth” project create itself. 

A great student he is. He has an interested quest ahead of him. We are excited to see how both these individuals end up together. 


Become a Lawyer or a filmmaker? How to choose and follow your dreams with a 3 step process! Mexico portal.

Opening the portal! Wherever you are behind this screen reading this take it a deep breath! Smile! Breath out! We are so excited to have you tune into today’s portal where we are going to share with you an experience with a soul named Film maker rick. We are also excited to share with you a 3 step process to making an aligned and empowered decision and share how we used this process to change our lives!

As we where on our way to Mexico we crossed path’s with rick while waiting in life to check in our bags! He shared with us his story on how one decision altered the entire trajectory of his life and the importance of trusting the universe! We are happy to share his perspective with you today! Let us enter the portal.

Enter the filmmaker Rick portal. We crossed paths with him while waiting to check in our bags. 

He shared part of his story and some valuable insights that we want to share with you today. 

We asked him what he’s going to go do in Mexico?

“To film a movie over there!”

“Nice what type of movie?”

“It’s a comedy, romantic, action film that’s coming out at the end of the year. I’m actually on a no disclosure contract so I can’t speak to much about it..” 

“Nice man that sounds exciting!”

As RIZEN became intrigued in this souls energy he dove deeper.

“Yeah it takes about 7 weeks to shoot the film and then a few months to edit.” The film maker began to explain 

“Wow that’s quite a while for editing man, why does it take so long?”

“Well I work for Netflix so after shooting the film they then have to add the subtitles in about 7 different languages since it get launched worldwide and it take a while to get the whole show on the road! Luckily I don’t have to deal with any of that just the filming.”

“Hmm thats interesting man, what got you into film?”

RIZEN decided to get to know his avatar and character / deciphering his life purpose and how the filmmaker found himself where he is today. 

Well it was always something that I wanted to do. My parents wanting me to be a lawyer but one day I traveled to California planning to stay for 3 months and I ended up staying for 30 years! I mean I went back a few times but once I got her I met up with some of my good friends now and they got me into the industry.”

RIZEN intrigued by this awareness of choice emphasizes and recognized the filmmaker for his quest, “amazing! Glorious to see how the power of choice can shift the whole trajectory of your life! How one simple decision led you down a whole new career path!” 

He replied acknowledging the awareness 

“Yeah I guess so”

“Do you think if you didn’t come to Cali you would be a lawyer right now and not a film maker?”

He thought for a little.

“I can tell you there would be a good chance I would be.”

“Fascinating, I find that powerful because a lot of my millennials and at an earlier moment on my quest I remember when I had to face that decision between what I wanted to do and what my parents and society expected of me. Did you have to face that decision between becoming a lawyer or a film maker at some point?”

“Oh yesss.. I think we all have to face that decision and remember to trust the process.” 

I found this insight important because if you are currently facing that decision take a step back and analyze what it is you want to experience. 

Shift “what do I get to have? Or what do I want to do? to “what do I want to create? How do I want to wake up every day? What do I want to experience?” 

*Shift* To my Millennials..

A lot of times our parents have good intentions with wanting the best for us. They nourish us. Raise us. And guide us to the best of their abilities. They tell us how to act. What to watch. How to react to situations and who we are. Then we are expected to one day magically choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives and have a good understanding of who we are. But you can see how this is unlikely and paradoxical. How can we know who we are if we only know the versions that our parents gave us?

So what happens?

Many of us follow under the shadow of our parents and unconsciously make decisions that are similar to theirs. Most of the time that leads people to corporate. To sustainable and comfortable lives. To materialistic, casual and mediocre lives. Usually. Why? 

Because conformity is created out of fear.

Many of you behind this screen are afraid to go against the norms.

Deep inside we are all artists, painters, poets, explorers, sages and so much more but we conform to the norm to make our parents proud or to want to feel accepted or fit in.


You can either live in love of live in fear. Fear of judgment, criticism and failure or live with love for passion, creativity, feedback, and heart. You always have a choice. 



If you are currently facing a decision between two paths take in a deep breath and relax. We will share with you an example of choosing between being in the financial field or becoming a life coach. You can replace the two with your own personal options. Simply visualize two circles in front of you. One represents the financial field path and the other the life coaching path. Now with great detail start to imagine what each path would look like in the next 3-5 years if you follow it. Really take the time here to visualize what you are wearing, how you are speaking, who you are seeing, your daily routine, what you are working on, etc. The greater the detail the more effective the experience.

2. Step into the feeling.

Choose on circle first then step into it and visualize yourself following that path and imagine yourself experiencing all the details you created that goes along with that path. Then notice what you feel in your body. What comes up. Do you feel contracted or expanded? Do you feel creative or limited? Do you feel free or trapped? Notice how this path makes you feel.

Then take a step back. Breath. Take note. Then step into the next circle and repeat the previous steps.

When you have completed both notice what the difference was. Recognize what you felt in your body. Using the previous example we will share our experience with this exercise.

Financial field path. “As we stepped into this path we noticed a feeling of contraction. We recognized comfortability, stability and a constant stream of income but limited creativity and expression. We felt a pit in our stomach and a feeling of ‘having to’ go down this path to reach our dreams.”

Life coaching path. “We felt an expansion of creative opportunity. A fulfilling sensation of helping people and being able to travel. We noticed a sense of fear of the unknown and a lack of ‘how’ we would make this work. Yet we felt more free and our heart aligned.”

3. Take empowered action and find accountability.

“the heart has reasons the mind will never understand.” “You do not come to your dreams but from them.” FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. Take a step back and put the fear and the “how do I do this?” aside. “The how is not your worry but the universe’s job, your focus is simply on the what you want to experience. ” Trust the process. Take the risk. Find accountability partners because you WILL want to go back to comfort. You WILL want to move back to safety and stability. Set yourself up for inevitable success by surrounding yourself with people who will help you reach your goals and keep you on track.

1 year ago we chose the life coaching path. We invested in coaches, mentors and created accountability partners. We faced a lot of fear and doubt. We didn’t know how any of this would play out but we kept having faith and trust in the process. Looking back it was the best decision we ever made. It aligned us to our souls purpose and gave us more life. You are reading this right now because of that decision. You are experiencing “RIZEN” and all these portals because of that decision. I am experiencing the life of my dreams because I decided to trust the process. Now it is time for you to RIZE and do the same. We are here for you.

Need some support? Ready to make a change?

Schedule a Clarity Call today!

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We believe in you. We are here for you. You are not alone.

Sending you so much love and gratitude. Closing this portal.

Align your energies / Raise your vibration by taking in a deep breath / Release and always #STAYRIZEN


Simple mind / Happy life! Mexico’s secret to living peacefully!

As we returned from picking radishes at a local farm up the street from the home we where staying at we learned THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS is simplicity. 

Our uncle offered to take my father and I to the farm where we works. He has about 3 acres of land and utilizes it to grow & sell radishes and sweet potato. He spends about 40 hours a week applying his time and effort into this business and makes just enough to get by. We offered a helping hand for the day and got to experience a few hours of what he does daily. As we picked radishes and bundled them up we spoke about the tranquility and calmness of life here in Juanacatlan.

Everything seems more simple” my uncle told me as he told of his vision to move out here. 

It’s almost like the simplicity of life allows you to de clutter you mind and live a more happy and peaceful life.

So we asked;

“Well what makes people unhappy? Why are we facing suicide, depression and anxiety rates in the states?” 

“Happiness is a choice” my uncle Juan told me, “it’s a way of choosing how to experience your life.”

“So do the people who are choosing to be unhappy know they are choosing to be unhappy?” I replied.

“Not necessarily. Those who unconsciously choose to be unhappy are really choosing to be the victims in life. They seek attention, approval, and put their happiness in other peoples hands.” 

“Is it their fault?”

“Not really it’s all based on their programming, how they where raised and their surrounding. Yet you are always responsible for your human life. You always have a choice to choose to be happy or not.”

We found this very curious indeed as we tuned into our own life and decisions. Rizen continued to observe the conversations and acknowledged the power of choice that the people have here. Basically they have one of three choices.

  1. They can complain and say they need more money / they need more clothes / they “have” to go to work / they don’t have enough and live in constant lack and worry.
  2. They can appreciate what they have, go with it and not complain.
  3. They can stay humble, be grateful but also keep a high vision for themselves and seek continued growth and opportunity.

We noticed the majority of the people here choose option 3 considering option 1 will lead to a lot of unnecessary suffering. Very few choose option 3 and decide to seek new opportunity and lifestyle. Some do choose option 1 and you can see how they age much quicker and live in misery.

Brining it back to the states. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What option are you choosing? Consciously or unconsciously? How stressed and worried are you on a daily basis? What type of vision do you hold for yourself and your life? How grateful are you?

These are very important questions to tune into that can decide and alter the amount of happiness and joy you choose to experience on a daily basis.

The secret to happiness is a conscious way of BEING. Happiness is simplicity. Happiness is relaxation and focusing on good thoughts. Happiness is self forgiveness. Happiness is this now moment. This directly relates to the Japanese philosophy of Zen which constitutes pure present awareness to being the way of life. Zen teaches us to be more present with our thoughts and clear the mind of the complexity we tend to fill it with. It also teaches us to live a life of simplicity moving from one moment to the next and focusing on one breath at a time.

Dr.Maxwell Malts author of Psycho-Cybernetics offers his definition of happiness being, “Thinking pleasant thoughts a majority of the time.” Acknowledging the fact that thoughts create emotions we can understand that pleasant thoughts will constitute pleasant emotions. So just think happy thoughts and you will be happy!

In reality..

Most of us might be focusing on unpleasant thoughts which can create a habit of unpleasant emotions. We stress about work, we worry about all the emails and people we want to reply to and carry the heavy burden of responsibility to our different aspects of life we put on ourselves. This over time can begin to create high levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Which can explain why we have such high levels of these conditions in the states.


Simply relax. Declutter the mind. Take a step back. Take it slow. Simplify the mind. Clear the clutter. Smile more often. Meditate on pleasant thoughts. Invest in a coach! Read more. Prioritize you. Say no. Say yes. Explore your curiosities. Have fun! Do all the things that you have always wanted to do! Take a vacation! Choose you. Start making the conscious shifts to a healthier more creative life by making small changes to your lifestyle.

With that being said we close this portal. We send you our love always and hope this can inspire you to live a more simple life.

Align your energies. / Raise your vibration by taking in a deep breath / exhale and always #STAYRIZEN


Experience Mexico in 9 words! Explore Mexico in this portal!

Interested in going to Mexico? Tune into these 9 perspectives that help open the portal to life in Mexico and dive deeper into the Rancho lifestyle. Below we will describe how each word applies to the country and why they make it unique and informative. These 9 words are derived from our personal experience and perspective on how we view Mexico based on our adolescence, visit and analysis. These by no means depict the entire culture nor do they fully paint the beautiful picture that Mexico’s history and ancient culture has created. These 9 will help you get a broad understanding and for anyone interested in visiting can dive deeper into what to expect. Allow us to open the portal!

  1.  RAW 

The explicit scenery in Mexico might catch some people off guard if they aren’t used to seeing the raw images that Mexico shows you. Common to the people is seeing carcasses of animals for sale, the straight up meat freshly killed and cut up, and the fact that they consume any animal in its entirety. We had an experience of a man catching a possum then cooking for dinner that same day. Many of the markets you’ll see the whole chicken dead and then cut up in front of you. You’ll experience a lot of meat markets with the chickens freshly killed and the meat fresh in the back and outside to see. It’s pretty raw if you ask me and if you are a sensitive vegan then you might want to avoid market places or at least close your eyes. 

This might not be the case throughout all of Mexico as we mentioned in previous portals we are sharing the perspective of Juanacatlan, Mexico which is known as a Rancho(countryside), so the scenery might be a little more explicit here opposed to the city.

Is it sanitary?

A question we asked ourselves many many times as we saw the meat out for sale and the butchers cutting it raw. They definitely do not follow the same sanitary policies required in the states and the people are weary where they purchase their meat. When we asked our aunt about this she mentioned that they always boil their chicken in hot water before they cook it to help kill any bacteria that might be attached to it. We reconciled but still are skeptical about the whole process. Luckily being plant based this is not something we have to worry about to much.

This was a new perspective for us to caputre but common for many locals. We share this with you to help you appreciate sanitary laws but to also raise awarness of the meat industry and why going plant based can truly help the planet avoid unecessary pain and suffering. Mexico is definitely raw in its scenery but given the circumstances of its city it can be understood. 

2. Sweet 

Many of you may know the popular “Mexican candies” that have made an appearance in the west. The most common meal here coffee and sweet bread, also to mention the sugar put in the coffee. Mexico needless to say has a huge sweet tooth, not just from its candies but from its breads and coffee and drinks. They enjoy the sweet flavor here from honey to cajeta, vanilla and ice cream. You’ll see bread everywhere you go and candy shops in every corner plus ice cream parlors and lots and lots of sugary foods. This directly correlates to Mexico being the 2nd country with the largest obesity rates, most of the kids here consume soda, bread, and candy on a regular basis which can lead to many health concerns. Yet they are very tasty and good. We experimented with these foods and how they affected our body and if you read our blog you’ll get a deeper look into how I felt. In a nutshell not so good. The lack of awareness of nutrition can be something that we could target and making more Mexicans go plant based! 

3. Healing

As we crossed the bridge the horrific Odor of the river underneath was making us nauses. It seems that throughout the years many companies dumped toxic waste into the river polluting it and making it have a deep rotten smell to it. A river that used to be used for fishing and bathing is it unusable to its people and the odor making many of them sick. On top of that the corruption of its city has caused many of its people to settle for its circumstances. The average worker makes about $50-60 a week(converted to us) and that is barley enough for them to afford gas and food. Stories from the locals tell tales of police stopping them and accepting paid offerings to let them go. Many of them have also acknowledged that the government cares very little about them and they settle with what’s given to them looking for a happy simple life. When we arrived all gas stations where closed off due to a million dollar gas crisis where many people where breaking the gas pipes and stealing gas. You can tell many people here are becoming frustrated with the box they have been put in and others are happy just to be able to make it through.


In December of 2018 a new president was elected and the people hope that things will progress forward. The river is now being cleaned up, gas is being recirculated and other promises are hoped to be made. The country is healing but the corruption is still very appearent and it’ll take much more than a new president for the country to prosper and find peace.

4. Fresh 

As you walk through the markets you’ll see many many vendors of fruits and vegetables. We had the opportunity to pick fresh radishes and sweet potatoes from a local farm. We also got to milk a cow and drink the milk raw! Most of the produce that is farmer locally is sold locally so a majority of its fruits and vegatables are from local famers. The fresh organic feel for the food makes up for the sweet and greasy foods. We indulged in many fruits and vegetables and in our blog we dive deeper into how our body reacted to it 🙂 

5. Faithful 

The last 4 days we spent in Mexico was during the celebration go the virgin de Guadalupe. One of the most common deities worshiped here in Mexico. The 4 days of celebration included the entire Pueblo and consisted of rituals, dancing, music, food, and more! Tune into the 4 day celebration portal here on our blog to get a deeper look into them! The country rely holds onto its faith and here in the Rancho their religion is ultimate truth and the way of life. With the way of life here it only makes sense that their faith and family are what gives them security and hope for the future. 

6. Family oriented.

Many paths of life here in Mexico revolve around family and raising kids. Most of the woman here look forward to getting married, having kids, and becoming a housewife. Especially here in the Rancho it’s almost the most common expected path for woman here. The culture in itslef relies heavily on its family unity as it does on its faith. Many people stick close to their family or have a family on their own both staying connected and untied. In our experience here there are 4 houses next to one another all with my cousins, uncles, aunts all living together seeing each other daily. Even in the west cost the Latino family is known for staying connected through blood and keeping close bonds. The values go along with “family always comes first.” Although this creates a good unity it can also lead to a lack of self expression for most of the kids live under shadow of the parents or take a path that is accepted by the family. The need for acceptance and to be loved by the family unity can make it difficult for one to take a path less taken. The norm of the family unity is casted upon all individuals and it takes will power and awareness to carve your own path. Read our story on our blog on how we experienced this directly and the challenges of becoming plant based, going into spirituality and becoming independent. 

7. Colorful 

Red, blue, yellow, pink, green, etc. all these colors stand out as the houses, poles, doors, and walls are all painte with bright exotic colors giving Mexico a unique colorful feel. No two houses are the same and looking around you get to enjoy the diversity of colorful expression. Take a look at all the colors we captured just from walking around the block from where we stayed. It is a beautiful site unlike the west cost where all the houses look basically the same. 

8. Dependent. 

We used this word to describe further the limited opportunity that Mexico and its people suffer from. The limited supply of money that is circulated to its people make it difficult to know any other life but what they are given. The average lifestyle here in el Rancho is work – eat – talk – sleep. We dove into the life of one our cousins here at 27 and her life is revolved around cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. When we asked her if that’s what she saw herself doing she answered with , “Well I don’t know what else I would be doing.” The education system becomes difficult since many people here either can’t afford it after high school or can’t afford transportation to the school due to the high gas prices. The people then become dependent and look for any opportunity they can. They spend hours and hours working just to be able to afford a house, food, and every now and to leave the city to explore. Needless to mention most of the people here don’t have papers and with the tension between Mexico and the states it doesn’t seem like many of them wk be leaving the country any time soon. We asked or cousins if they would like to visit the states and they said they would love to but doesn’t seem likely so they settle for life here. It truly becomes difficult for the people to gain a higher education, awareness of different opportunities and save up money to explore. Also to mention the silly expenses here like paying to use the bathroom, paying to use the freeway and paying to do anything really. That balances the fact that they pay very little in bills and only pay once a year for water and electricity. Most of them own their homes and save up money to invest in other things.

9. Humble. 

One thing I learned

during my portal here in Mexico is to truly be grateful for all you have. Read more about 3 things I learned in Mexico here. Many of the people here have appreciated what they have been given and even though the corruption, limited opportunities and low wages are apparent they still find ways to laugh, smile, dance and INjoy themselves. They tend to drink a lot and we observed how the pain of the city has bled into its people. Most of the men here just think about girls , drinking and food. The average mentality is comfort and they look for escapism through the bottle and food. Even through these known fact they still work hard and have fun with what they can. It has truly put into perspective the opportunities and abundance we have in the states and to never take anything for granted. 

8 days of being Vegan in Mexico!

Mexico is culturally a very meat dependent lifestyle. I had the opportunity to explore the life, culture, and city of Juanacatlan, Mexico a more traditional “rancho” lifestyle where a majority of the people share common views, beliefs, and philosophies. This was my second time around visiting as a fully plant based warrior and it truly was an experience to dive into eating wholesome and pure. In this post you will find my daily food intake, my vulnerability of moments I didn’t follow through with discipline, and my advice for all my latino millennials who might be experiencing similar challenges being plant based in a Mexican household! D

DAY 2; Arriving and opening up to the foods they provide.

    ⁃    @10:41am drank fresh spinach juice with orange – broke fast 

    ⁃    @11:24am ate 2 handmade tortillas with beans and calabash mix – really good but did make me feel tired / sleepy / move a little slower 

    ⁃    Noticed how my Tia and grandma love to force me to eat more than I should x) 

    ⁃    The first 2 days are experimenting with how my body is adjusting to the food / shifting back to more wholesome foods! 

    ⁃    @3:27pm – drinking my super juice (beets / spinach / banana / strawberry / papaya / lions mane / water) 

    ⁃    @4:30pm; ate jicama 

    ⁃    @7:55pm; ate rice / calabasas / 2 tortillas + a piece of bread 

    ⁃    Felt deep hunger pains / wanted to eat more and more / breathing helps / shared the bread to help control hunger / tortillas make me feel to bloated / limit now 

    ⁃    @8:25pm- chocolate banana ice cream 

    ⁃    Found accountability partners- getting rid of all cravings now to be prepped for the rest of the week 

    ⁃    @9:45pm; drank reishi tea and took 2 onnit mood and relax pills 

    ⁃    Started fasting @8:45pm

    ⁃    Average 14-16 hour fasting so eat at 10:45-12:45pm


7am – mushroom coffee 

11:35am – coconut water fresh and a piece of coco meat 

Feeling energized and focused / stomach already feels full. 

12:00pm are a bag of fresh coconut meat / breaking fast 

2:45pm – big salad and smoothie 

3:45pm – finshing the rest of my smoothie / ate some pumpkin seeds 🙂 and a few walnuts 

5:53pm- walnuts with honey 

*coconut water sips throughout*

6:53pm – guayaba 

8:45pm – coconut / banana / walnuts / Mamey / chia seeds (final meal)


@6:30am – morning adaptoggen coffee 

@10-12am – coconut water

@1:45pm; 4 tequila shots and agave hearts broke fast 

@2:00pm; fruit (cucumber, papaya, watermelon, melon) 

@5:07pm;Super salad (beets, cauliflower made with garlic, tomato and onion, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, apple, avocado, salt, carrot)Coconut Mamey smoothie (coconut, cocowater, Mamey, papaya, banana, chia seeds)

6pm – had 2 breads 

7pm – Apple and salad 

@8:01pm – experiencing bowel movements in stomach / feeling the 2 bread and tequila heavy now – tuning into the body with compassion and loving awareness.We felt a little down earlier / the language challenge is difficult but we are allowing the feedback loop to allow us to move forward. 


@8:22am ; lions mane tea 

@10:20am – coconut bowl (Mamey, pineapple, coconut water, banana) with chia, honey, and walnuts and the coco meat 

@2:25pm; super salad 

@3:15pm; 2 mangos 

@4:36pm; rice and beans with 1 tostada and alfa Alfa 

@5:23pm; 2 Rosa candies (does not serve us m) – we felt bloated and we felt like we ate too much / meal timing was off / emotional eating occurred / tuning deeper into body 

@6:20pm; 2 mangos 

@6:44pm; 1 banana 

@8:40pm- pan 

@9:48pm; I feel good / the bread was a little heavy fersure. I felt a little bloated throughout the day / breaking fast too early had its effects / went on a food phase after my second meal / body needed something heavier and solid so we had the beans and rice / it was a good energy boost / noticed that the lack of movement makes us feel anxious / when we did some workouts we felt a huge release of energy and felt much better. Thoughts where a little heavy today. Added more meditation. Candy did not serve us, good experiment. Made us sleepy. Fruit was delicious. Kept us energized. Salad was okay / the overnight lime and pineapple cut my tongue / meal timing is important and being mindful of your surroundings. Temptations and desires. Overall good day. 

DAY 6;

@8am – reishi tea 

@11:21am; coconut / pineapple/ papaya / banana smoothie 

@1:59pm; finished my bag of coconut 

@7:55pm; ate beans and potatoes to ground ourselves a little with warm and heavier foods / we noticed the high sugar intake and wanted to polarize the effects with grounding foods. We feel stomach pains and body aches. Seems the high sugar intake today has its effects. We notice more gas and our thoughts heavier. We took a nap earlier due to a feeling of fatigueness. 

@7:52pm; 2 shroom tech and 1 relax 

We notice that without our superfoods, with the low vibration association, and the high sugar foods here our body takes its tole. Support and accountability truly make a difference. Our breathing and daily practices have helped a lot. Today was probably the lowest we felt. Also making us feel unmotivated and tired. We gain an insight into how most of the food here comes with these effects. The reason why we can notice them so obviously is because we radiant from the opposite spectrum. You can’t know yourself until you know the opposite. A fire cannot know it’s fire until it experiences water. The polarity creates a self spectrum where you can test and see how your body feels. Most of the people here are used to vibrating st a lower level so they aren’t really aware of these effeftcts and cast them away as usual life pains. 

DAY 7;

@8am; morning tea 

@10am; 55/55 workouts + meditation and yoga 

@11:27am; ate a handful of carrots, calabasas, and zucchini – steamed / it as good / wasn’t as hungry / feel a little bloated / noticing my body doesn’t need to break fast that early / I can go longer and drink more water. Good observation. 

@1:40pm; finished my smoothie (Mamey(full) – banana (2) – pineapple – coconut – chia seeds – honey – water ) 

@4:45pm; are a handful on peanuts and 2 Rosa candies 

The hunger got to me / grand learning lessons to be able to gain insight 

@5:58pm; ate a plate of potatoes / beans / carrots / calabasass 

Feel full / ate a little too much / feeling a little tired / breathing helps and focus 

@11:14pm; by this time I have had a lime water (very sweet) and 4 gorditas (breads) 2 with Nutella in them. 


    ⁃    Morning tea 

    ⁃    smoothie (pineapple, coconut water, coconut, 2 bananas, honey) 

@3:33pm; finished a plate of vegetables (zucchini, carrots, squash) + water 

@5:35pm; chocolate milk from the cow 

@6:58pm; 7 chips 

@7:35pm; 6 sweet potatoes 

@9:45pm; coco water fresh / 3 breads / horchata 

Overall it was an experience. WE stayed as wholesome as we could given the environment and our body needs. We also tried common foods to see how it would make our body feel to have the direct experience of what the majority of the people consume. Is it possible to stay fully plant based in Mexico? Yes. It is possible anywhere in the world and it is essential you tune into what YOUR body needs to feel well nourished. For all my Latino Millennials be mindful of what you put into your body. Yes the temptations can be strong. The search for being accepted and approved by your surrounding community can create pressure and make you want to conform to foods that do not serve you… STAY STRONG. Respect your body. Treat your body like a temple. The lessons we learned in Mexico allowed us to tune in deeper with our body and acknowledge what serves us and what does not. We also learned to say NO and be okay with being “weird” or “different.” They will adapt to you. Stay RIZEN.

How to organize your life in 5 steps. Creating a mindful and productive schedule.

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” As RIZEN looked around at his life he felt anxious. Things were kind of everywhere and he had moments where he didn’t know what to focus on or do. Hmm…he contemplated and decided to create a mindful and productive schedule he can follow to increase his clarity and develop laser focus. He has been making schedules for the past year and through trial and error he feels confident about this process. Follow these 5 steps while creating your own schedule and it can gift you clarity and balance.


  • The most effective way to create a well balanced schedule. In the early days RIZEN would attempt to fit in over fifteen goals and tasks in one day and over time he would burn himself out and fall back to old routine. We must remember change takes time and slow and steady progress is your best method. There is only so much we can do in one day, what is most important is the quality of our efforts not quantity. So what is a block schedule? Basically is when you create themed days. So if your in school you would dedicate one day just to homework, another day to studying, another day to Instagram posting and marketing, etc. Be creative and find what works best for you. The example I will be using is in regards to life coaching and daily living.

Step 2 Energy check 1, 2

  • One a piece of paper write down everything you are putting your time and energy into. Use the big 5 areas of life as a guide. This will give you an awareness of where your time is going and what you need to balance out. You can look at the example below of how I completed this.


  • Notice where you are investing your time? What can you let go of in this moment that is draining you? What can you add? ALWAYS PRIORITIZE SELF CARE. You cannot be efficient or productive without proper self care so I encourage you to put this at the top of your list.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.25.24 PM


  • Remember there is only so much time in one day. Use this time allocation as a reference to see how realistic your schedule is.
  • 24 hours in a day / 168 hours in a week
  • Note how much time you are investing in each area you listed above. Start with DAILY habits then go to WEEKLY ones. I started with my daily self care habits and allocated the time I invest daily. It added up to 16 hours a day (including sleep) which gave me about 8 hours to play around with.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.25.19 PM

In this example my daily self care habits added up to 16 hours a day and 112 hours a week. Which gave me 56 hours to play around with the rest of the week. In that I included 20 hours a week to focus on my coaching business and 20 hours for my paid service (work) and networking. The remaining 16 hours of open space a week for music, friends, and chilling. So basically here is how my schedule looks;

116 hours a week on Self care

20 hours a week for coaching (business)

20 hours a week for paid service (work)

16 hours a week creation (music, friends, etc)

This is what works for me and changes as I grow. Experiment to see what works for you!


Give yourself 2-3 hours of open time (nothing scheduled or planned) each day to attend to free time, schedule changes, spontaneous moments. Avoid locking yourself up in your schedule to the point where it isn’t fun anymore. The schedule is a guide not the law. Yes be disciplined but also remember to be present and take opportunities as they come.



  • Now that you have an idea of where your time is going and how you want to allocate it now it is the time to make it real! Use the calendar template and customize your own. You can even get creative and go on Pinterest for a DIY. Some people make bullet calendars others just print one out. Whatever calls to you. Here are some tips for making it real.
  • You can have multiple calendars. This is what Rizen does to keep himself focused and on track. As shown below we have a calendar for coaching, training, music, and open events and a MASTER calendar online. This allow us to focus in and know what each day has in store.
  • Print out a Habit tracker to set up your morning and night routine. This is key. How you start and end your day will depict the quality of the day. Use the habit tracker print out or you can use an app like productive.


  • Post it up! Put it (or them) somewhere where you can see it daily. If you have a master calendar put the app on your home screen and refer to it daily. Wake up and start your morning routine. Have focus and clarity on your days. Be open to the moment. Have fun.
    Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.35 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.29 PM


For the most effective results. Here are three ways to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Much love and gratitude. Stay in tune. Stay in flow and always STAY RIZEN.


If your an artist READ THIS – Don’t give up. The fear of failure explained.

Shadow work; Asking the real questions.

On this Quest Rizenffinds himself stuck. Not sure where to go. What to focus on. He felt as if he needed to gain clarity on making some life changing decisions. He takes notice of his dabling. He has been taking on several projects unable to focus on one. What is his passion? He asks spirit to guide him. From here he dives deeper into his meditations and insights. Music has been something that has presented itself throughout his life. He began to ask, “Have I been avoiding music out of fear?” “What If I dive deeper into music? What If I put myself out there? Create songs, perform, and share my passion?” What is holding me back?” Quickly other questions arose, “Am I good enough? Will people like it? Do I have what it takes?” These questions began to give him clarity. Perhaps it is a fear of failure that has been in his subconscious. Music was what began his quest towards self-actualization. It was what gave him the insights, deep reflections and guidance he needed during his time of need. When he first started his life purpose work he set off to be a rapper blending spirituality and consciousness into his work.. As he developed he put it to the side, he would come back to it and then put it to the side. He notices the pressure that money has put on him that has caused him to make different decisions. To start to focus on business and career and avoid music. He always knew music would never leave him yet why is he not building his skill sets? What if he began to get paid for music? For open mics? For meditations and poetry? For Performances? For talks? What if this was his zone of genius? He noticed how he feels when he is rapping and freestyling. He feels in a flow state. He notices how he feels when he is with others and rapping. He feels connected. Pure fun. It reminds him to just play and flow. Not worry about what he is saying or what others are thinking. The social pressure. Letting go of it. He recalls memories of open mic. When he was on stage. He felt free. Powerful. He remembers when a reflection named Sky came up to him and told him he was really talented in music and it helped her a lot. He took note of the relationships he has created through music. RA, Dillon, Sky, Kinetic, John, Aryun, Meta, Christina, and so many more. He takes notice of his past year. Through music he decided to become a life coach so he can add more value to his music. So he can become his own guru. So he can help other artists on the RIZE just flow and express.

He takes note of all this. What does this mean for his story? For what is to come next? Will he focus more on music? Build his voice and brand? Learn to mix and master, write, produce? Apply creative freedom to it? Will he balance it out with coaching? Does this mean he coaches artists looking for clarity, purpose, balance, health, etc? The REBIRTH project comes to mind.. Is it his time to complete it?

A note on FEAR.

@1:20pm; He finds himself at another Starbucks / Here he has 2 hour parking / He sits outside and reflects on the car ride. Hollywood is cool. He was listening to Mary Morrisey and her talk about fear. Fear is simply feedback. All great dream builders fail and it is actually necessary for growth. Rizen reflects on all the times he felt as if he has “failed” and learns that it was just the universe saying “not that way” and to keep going. He takes a reflection on his music, his YouTube channel, his blog, his stock market career, his clothing line, and his coaching career.. He has been dabbling a lot and has experiences many failures. He notes that the biggest transformation he has had was through Meditation. Learning to still the mind. To reflect. To contemplate. To find inner peace and self love. This is what has allowed him to grow and mature the most. He takes notice of how music started for him. He was always very creative when it came to writing song ideas, album concepts, stories, and projects. He felt as if music gives him a way to tell the story of Rizen in a creative and effective way. Yet he has had the greatest challenge with writing and executing. Conquering writers block. Is he fearful of writing? Of failure? He recalls his original intention to fuse rapping with speaking and adding coaching and meditation to it. He notes that his biggest challenge greatest feedback was writing and producing. He has always had a challenge with writing a song. He would be able to freestyle and vibe out but it would be difficult for him to repeat the process, write out and find a good balance. He has done it before. He has learned. Now is the time to tap back into it. Conquer the fear. Write. Express. Release.

He asks, “so what Is next here on this story?” He decides to reflect on his life.

As he read his story from the past year he starts to notice how MONEY PARADIGMS began to be created. Since he has had no consistent source of income since he quit his job and even when he worked he was always in debt. He has been in debt for the past 3 years and because of that it created money paradigms and pressure. That pressure he put on himself pushed him to force and rush things. It was motivating but not understanding the deeper rooted problem it created a fear of failure within him. Now that he is aware of it. He can shift it. break it. Realize that there is no such thing as failure only feedback. There is no pressure except the pressure you put on yourself. Let go. Surrender. Express. Don’t make something you love become something you hate. Don’t give up.


Rizen’s music career so far..

In my music career I have recorded over 200+ freestyles and 25+ songs. I have only released 1 song every year with the exception of the freestyle mixtape I released in 2018. Very slow progress. A lot of challenges and personal development throughout it. Don’t give up. Be patient. Our time is coming. Here are the links to the projects below. Listen for inspiration.

Self care freestyle mixtape 2018

Merry Rickmas 2017