3 mind shifts that will help your career 


In today’s portal we are going to explore 3 powerful mind shifts that can help you boost your career! CHECK OUT OUR NEWEST VIDEO HERE

We just got back from a  3 day meditation retreat that we created ourselves. During this retreat we took a social media detox and spent the weekend meditating, journaling and inspiring ourselves! We where able to integrate some thoughts and break through with these 3 insights we are going to share with you today! If you implement this ideas and tune into actualizing them they will help improve your career and the quality of your life! Especially if you are someone with a busy life, fast schedule, unclear vision or confusion about how to take it to the next level these mindset shifts will help you! 

  1. Raise your standards 

This was one of the greatest insights.  You must realize that you are a bi product of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Keep in mind that association = vibration. What tends to happen is if you have more energy or more drive and you hang around people who don’t have goals, who are gaining weight, constantly negative or complaining it will subconsciously leak onto you. You have to raise your standards and that doesn’t mean stop hanging out with your mom – no. It means create a master-mind group of inspired people so when you do hang out with mom your energy and inspiration will be so overpowering that even she will be inspired after spending time with you! 


Michael Phelps was once asked, “how do you do it?” and he replied, “I have high standards for myself.” Every rising he wakes up he dedicates time to a very difficult swimming routine that the usual swimmer wouldn’t even do half of! He challenges himself every day because of the standards he holds for himself!

Surround yourself with people that keep high standards for yourself and you will naturally start creating higher standards for yourself!

How do you do this?

It can seem difficult to surround yourself with inspiring people if you are introverted or don’t know a lot of people. Do not let this limiting belief hold you back. If you don’t have something, create it. Most of my mentors don’t even know who I am! I surround myself with Tony robins content, Sadh guru, Leo gura and my HCI tribe! I keep myself motivated with empowering content and information! This naturally keep me in a good vibration and helps me network! I’ll share at the end some powerful tips to keep you inspired! 

2. Set inspiring goals 

inspire yourself! Most of us aren’t where we want to be because we don’t have goals that inspire us. We are in this comfort zone of “being ok” or settling for “life is good” no raise your standards and aim for great. But don’t just set a goal create an action to back it up. Inspire yourself focus on the results and create a plan to get there. Create lists and then choose the top 20% and execute! Get out of the usual routine. You can’t expect different results by doing the same thing, that’s insanity. 

3. Find your life purpose. 

THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL MINDSET SHIFT! Ask yourself what’s your plan? What is the ideal world you want to live in and what is your role in creating it? Having a life purpose is like having a map to your life. It gives you clarity and direction and establishes your values to help you make hard decisions. It aligns you with your hugest self. Create a mission statement and follow it, whether it’s to share your music with the world or to create inspiring movies.. what is your purpose here?

Where do I start?

This is a powerful question and it has been my greatest break through. I spent over 100 hours and invested over $10,000 on courses, coaches, books, and seminars that have helped me develop my life purpose and even now it is always a getting refined but I feel pretty good about it. My purpose is to connect people with their highest self and I share my insights and content through video.Having this mission statement and clarity has aligned me with my niche, career, content goals, and vision board! It has allowed me to understand what is true to me? What is important to me and what gives me life? So I move forward with this alignment and am able to make decisions that in in most alignment with my purpose! This will motivate and empower you deeply so take the time to find your purpose! 


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BONUS; How to inspire yourself 

Here are some tips to help inspire yourself, build momentum and achieve results!

  • watch inspiring movies 
  • Attend seminars
  • Listen to empowering podcasts 
  • Meet ups groups
  • Call a good friend 
  • Network at school 
  • Read a book! 
  • Drink more water! 
  • Share more! 
  • Join our community 






Do not give up on this! Keep yourself accountable. Find people that inspire you and hang out with them. 

Sending my love always. 



Diving Deep in Mexico / Realizing yourself / A message to all my Millennials!

Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! SMILE! Release! We are so excited to open you to the Mexico portal where we have spent the past few days studying the culture, lifestyle and people! It has truly been a memorable experience as we learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, taught kids how to meditate, understood the power of one decision and the secret to happiness! In today’s portal we dive deeper and share some awarness of how to realize yourself based on your current opportunity. 


Understand if you are currently living in a middle class society and have the opportunity to go to school, find a job, have access to internet, and even have a car. Recognize how blessed you are. Many of us don’t realize our own blessings and situations until we gain awarness of it. We share in our early journey we took a lot of our blessings for granted because it became our “normal” way of living. Not recognizing the grand possibilities and opportunities we compared ourselves to people who seemed to “have more” than us and always lived in a state of lack and not enough. This leading us to stress, depression and anxiety. After spending time in Mexico and studying the lifestyle we realized how much opportunity for growth and development we have.

Realize yourself.

Watch the full video here.

Stop. Breath. Take a step back. Recognize where you are in your life. What are you choosing to focus on? Many of us focus on all the things we “have to do” and have not accomplished yet we fail to recognize the amount of growth we have done already. Recognize yourself! Celebrate your growth thus far even if you feel like you have so much to go..You are exactly where you need to be! There has never been such a better time to be alive then right now In 2019! With the vast amount of information and resources available the opportunity for growth and advancement is unimaginable! You can literally amount to anything you can dream of! With focus and dedication you can achieve and manifest all you desire.

Need some direction and help?

The need for guidance and mentors is rising in demand and the industry for health and life coaches is expected to grow to a billion dollar industry in the next decade! This is exactly why we decided to hire, train and study under coaches and successful mentors to help gain the awareness needed to advance and develop. We have officially been certified under the Health Coach Institution as a health and life coach and are offering our services to help you grow and expand to your potential!

For a limited time only we are offering 1 hour “How to raise your energy” strategy sessions to help you align, strategize and gain clarity on how to boost your health, mental clarity and career goals!

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Align your energies.

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Teaching kids in MEXICO how to MEDITATE!!

Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! SMILE! Release! We are so excited to open you to the Mexico portal where we have spent the past few days studying the culture, lifestyle and people! It has truly been a memorable experience as we learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, how to be plant based, the power of one decision and the secret to happiness! In today’s portal we had the opportunity to teach some of our cousins how to meditate using the OM chant! 

Watch the video here!

Why this was so powerful!

The OM chant is a vibration that grounds you to the natural vibration of universe. Sharing this experience with young ones was truly life changing and we felt the energy quickly shift and change as we continued to OM with them.

Before this meditation

A lot of the kids here have a lot of free time to roam and explore and as we noticed there habits they tend to digest a lot of sugar, subconsciously take on habits from their parents and begin to develop lower conscious vibrations. After chanting this OM with them the next few days we would continously remind them by saying, “Lets do the OM!” and they would put there hands in prayer position, begin to breath and chant “OM!” Fascinated by this we where happy we had the opportunity to teach them a method that can help ground them in the future

Be the inspiration

The lack of awarness in this small city gave us the opportunity to spread some of the wisdom we have gained through walking this Earth. We share this with you so that you can be the inspiration that kids need. So that you can shine your light and be the lighthouse for those in need of guidance. Don’t be afraid to share your talents. Your gifts. Your wisdom. Be a kid and let go. Be you.

After this meditation

We where so inspired by the impact this left on the kids that we decided to continue the momentum and teach meditation everywhere we go. As we come back to LA and continue to travel we share the awareness of mindful breathing and mantra meditation. We reflect how one experience can truly shift the trajectory of your life. Continue to explore and put yourself out there. Search and you will find. Breath and relax. Injoy and be present.

Sending you love behind this screen!

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Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! SMILE! Release! We are so excited to open you to the Mexico portal where we have spent the past few days studying the culture, lifestyle and people! It has truly been a memorable experience as we learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, taught kids how to meditate, understood the power of one decision and the secret to happiness! In today’s portal we explore the belly game and why it is so hard for Latinos to go vegan! 

Tune in 

We have grown up under the traditional Latino culture being exposed to the food, mentality and lifestyle. We INNERSTAND you and the difficulties of shifting your lifestyle and views and the backlash it can bring. If you are currently overweight, having a hard time going plant based or just want to eat healthier this portal will help you gain clarity.


Culture restrictions 

Realize the Latino diet is heavily revolved around meat considering the main dishes are tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, etc. all made with some type of meat in it. Culturally speaking this is what most of us grew up on and what is common to many families and households. Being in Mexico we noticed a majority of the people developing what we call belly fat and as we tuned in we realized it is actually culturally accepted. Looking back at ancient times when peasant where the skinny ones and the wealthy where the “bigger” ones we recognize how the mentality of ancient civilization would consider an overweight person wealthy and of high class while looking at a thinner person as poor and of a lower class. Over time this mentality has not fully shifted and the lack of nutrition awareness has created the overweight epidemic to be culturally accepted as “being healthy.” You can recall how our grandmas are always wanting to feed us more and more so we can be “well nourished” without really realizing how our weight can play a role in our self-image, energy and vibrational output.

Making the shift.

When we began to go plant based and make the shift to healthier eating we received heavy feedback from family and it became hard to stay consistent. We received comments of “being too skinny” “not getting enough nutrients” “Not getting enough protein” and many worries and concerns of malnutrion and confusion about why we where even making this shift. What was also effected was the “safety and belonging” aspect to our being since now we where becoming the “odd one out” when it came to family parties, eating out and just eating in general. Since our beliefs and perspective started to shift we can realize how this was a difficult change that the people around us had to adapt to. Many moments we came in and out of veganism due to the challenges on an emotional level and the lack of full support. This is part of the process. You will experience this as with any change you bring to your life. It is a gradual transition. The key is to stay consistent and know that a breakthrough is coming your way.

Making the transition easier. 

Now what has helped us along our path and eventually become fully plant based is a combination of a few things. The first is proper support. We watched a lot of Infinite waters, Raw Christina, and Leo Gura videos to keep us inspired to keep going. We also began to follow a lot of plant based inspiration on our social media to have our daily digest of motivation. This was essential.

The second thing was proper planning. So many times I simply failed to plan my meals or even think ahead about what I was going to eat that I put myself in situations that made it extremely difficult to manage a healthy diet. By creating a simple meal plan and schedule I gained clarity and reduced my anxiety so much. Need some help with this? Tune into a strategy call with RIZEN here.

The third major thing that helped me on my transition was avoiding arguments. Yes I know it can be very tempting to want to convert everyone to going vegan because we have realized the benefits of it but recognize that it is not a religion but a lifestyle. You also must recognize that you can’t force anyone to realize the insights you have gained through your own unique experience, it is quite paradoxal actually. They must realize it on their own. You can only act as a resource and guide when needed. We learned this the hard way and created a lot of tension with family and friends through this. As we matured and continued our path we recognized how to share our insights when asked and needed and not force anything upon anybody.

YOU can do this!

 With all the resources available today there really are no excuses! If you truly want to make a change and live a healthier lifestyle all it takes Is the right support, structure, and accountability. 

Need some help?

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We appreciate you behind this screen and send you our love! You are doing great 🙂

Align your energies.

Raise your vibration.



Life in “EL RANCHO” / Juanacatlan, Mexico

Wherever you are behind this screen TAKE IN A DEEP BREATH / SMILE / BREATH OUT! We are excited to open up the Mexico portal and share our perspective on life here in Juanacatlan, Mexico where the traditional “rancho” lifestyle is taken. We spent several days here and had the opportunity to study the culture, people and lifestyle to gain the insight of what life is like here. Allow us to dive deeper..

Officialy opening the portal.

The “Rancho” lifestyle is one of simplicity and limited awareness.

The people live in a corrupted city where there options are limited and they have settled for what they can. Unaware of the endless abundance and opportunities that are available they are exposed to a limited amount of information and usually undertake the shadow of their parents. They search for happiness in the life given to them, unaware of their own abilities and the power of the mind they suffer from mental health issues that most of us face. In light they choose to enjoy themselves as they can. They find security in their faith, family and day to day routine. A majority of them here don’t further their education passed high school since transportation and time can become an issue. It’s a different life here. Born into this experience they do with what they can. We tuned into their lifestyle and interviewing our uncle he shared the usual routine is; Eat, work, Eat, Chill, Eat, Sleep. A very simple and basic lifestyle. We asked him a few more questions to dive deeper.

“Do you love your job?”

“It’s the only job I know how to do.”

“Do you love your life?”

“It’s the life I grew up with, I don’t know anything else”

“Are you happy”

“I enjoy myself. It is calm here. Nothing much goes on. It is simple. It’s what I know”

Tuning into this conversation Rizen realized how awareness and perspective can shift and alter what the individual beliefs to be possible for themselves. As we asked these questions we noticed the pattern of limiting awareness. Many of us who DO NOT travel, ask questions or explore the possibilities put ourselves in a box where we are limited in perception and fail to see what else is possible in our life. Now even though these individuals will respond with “life is good.” and “I’m good with where I am at.” we share the difference between happiness and ignorance. We also share that why be “good” when you can be “great” and so much more? Again it is all about the type of lifestyle you choose for yourself and what you want to experience as you walk this Earth

Average body consumption in Mexico 

    ⁃    Average morning and late night meal is coffee with bread; they put sugar, caffeine, milk, bread into their body – creates bloating, stomach aches, farting, body aches, headaches, insomnia, fatigueless, irritation, and nausea.

    ⁃    We observed all our family experiencing each one of these symptoms if not all / when we spoke to it about it they said “you think about it too much the body heals itself”

    ⁃    The IGNORANCE lies in the lack of awareness and conditioning of old habits / the kids here begin to experience it with sugar, coffee, and poor food so they grow up with these symptoms and apply them as usual ways of living because they are unaware of what is possible for their body. 

    ⁃    They live life numbed out, unable to reach their full potential.

Average life of a 21 year old 

    ⁃    You have limited options either work in the farm or work in a factory / both pay little and require lots of hours 

    ⁃    But your bills are really low/ most people own their homes and have to pay no bills expect light every few months 

    ⁃    1x a year $50 for electricity 

    ⁃    Only pay for food / gas which actually accumulates to a lot of their money + clothes and other stuff when they want to go out 

    ⁃    Usually woman are expected to cool, clean and be home / now things are shifting where they are working and going to school 

    ⁃    Usually get pregnant in their 20s then they spend the rest of their life rasing kids 

3 things that changed my life while living in Mexico!

Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! Smile! Release! Officially opening the Mexico portal and we tune in from Juanacatlan, Mexico! Spending several days here we have had the opportunity to observe the people, study the culture, and gain insight into life out here. We learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, gained insight into how to design our life with simplicity and recognized how one decision can alter the trajectory of our life. Now tuning in deeper we are going to share with you 3 more major insights we gained here.

    1.     Perspective 

“Your life is based on your perspective on reality, if you shift your perspective then you shift your reality.” The power of understanding different lifestyles and how one can find peace in the simple things life has to offer give us perspective on the power of choice. Understanding different ways people view their life and how they find happiness has encouraged us to live a more simple life. We recognized the perspective of living in LA vs Mexico and compared the mindset and level of clarity we felt. We noticed the slower pace of life here in Juanacatlan and how cleansing it was to take a break and slow down. Noticing the importance of taking mental breaks and unplugging from the media’s we have chosen to take a monthly reset break to unplug, relax, and reset the mind and body. Mexico has given us a great perspective and gifted us the power to choose the pace of our life.

    2.   Gratitude 

“You never know how much you appreciate something until it’s gone.” Being here without access to the internet, emails, social media or the outside world we had the time to tune in. Learning about how our cousins and family live here we began to really humble ourselves down and have pure appreciation for the opportunities, abundance and awareness that we get to enjoy and have access to in our regular life. This experience has really humbled us down and allowed to appreciate some things I ate times take for granted. Simply having access to a phone, WiFi, public school, a car, gas, organic food, books, clothes, my own bed, friends and water are huge wins. Taking into consideration that the majority of the people here don’t have access the most of these things as easily as we might, it puts life into perspective and reminds us to be grateful on a daily basis.

    3.    Love 

“Love is the balance of giving and receiving.” We learned a lot about how we can give and receive love. Mexico being a passionate country with most of it’s music revolving around romance or relationship we had a great opportunity to tune into the idea of love. Gaining different relationships perspectives and advice from people here and my family we have applied it to our own relationship. Tune into the ELLE portal here to dive deeper. Learning from their mistakes and understanding different approaches to relationships we have learned how to let go and forgive. We have learned how to be patient. Avoid forcing things. Alway loving yourself first. Not rushing things. Practicing communication. Realizing what you need from a partner. Monogamy. Respect. Appreciation. And recognizing the power of the divine feminine. We also dived into forgiveness work and letting go of the past. We tuned into being in love, falling in love and letting love takes its course. Mexico offers a lot of love stories and perspective through it’s music, novelas and traditions. It is a great place to dive deeper into passion and romance.

Our experience in Mexico was life changing. As we plan continue to explore more of the country throughout the next few years we acknowledge the value of it’s culture not only through our personal experience growing up with it but also through the perspective of other’s who are fully living it. If you are interested in visiting Mexico we hope our portal here can give some perspective into a new way of experiencing it.

**IF you are interested in traveling more but having a hard time with creating the right structure for your life to make it happen we encourage you to sign up for a clarity call! Be open to receive love from Rizen and dive deeper into different strategies to boost up your energy and abundance!**

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We love and appreciate you always. Remember you are never alone and we are here for you always.

Align your energies / raise your vibration by taking in a deep breath / release and always, I say always, #STAYRIZEN!


Mexico taught us how to design our life / The secret to happiness.

During our stay in Mexico we observed and studied the people and culture to understand how we can live a more simple and happy life. During our experience we have the opportunity to speak to a Russian man who has been traveling searching for a happy and simple life and decided to settle in Mexico. We crossed paths with him during the Tequila tour and he shared with us his perspective on why he chose Mexico and his experience here so far. We welcome you to the portal and are excited to share with you how Mexico taught us to design our live and live a much more simple lifestyle.

Entere the portal. Introduce The Russian man.

   Rizen met a Russian man who moved to Cancun 7 years ago after traveling to multiple countries in search of a more simple life. When asked why he chose Mexico he briefly mentioned that, “Mexico has people that are a lot more friendly everyone says hello to you and you know more people. The also like the culture here and I save a lot of money since the food and expenses are lot cheaper.”

 Rizen intrigued by this wanted to see if People in Mexico are actually happier? You can tune into the video here to dive deeper but we where curious about the way the people design their life. We asked the Russian man what his daily life was like.

“Very simple compared to when I was in Santa Barbara.. It was fast pace over there and people seemed to always be in a rush and not speak to you..Here in Mexico I worry less. I am a tour guide and work during the week, I speak multiple languages and get to meet a lot of people.. In cancun I just enjoy cooking, the beach and my friends…a lot simpler.. yes a lot simpler…”

A simple life. Less clutter. The way of Zen. Rizen tunes us how this shifted his vision for life.

A new way of living life.

It really comes to the type of vision you have for your life and what type of lifestyle you want to live. Being here in Mexico and speaking to the Russian man gave me clarity to what else is possible.

I remember when I was younger my parents expected me to live the same lifestyle they are living. They worried that I wouldn’t be able to adjust to anything less than what I’m used to. In a way it does take time to adapt in another you have a choice.

Perspective allows you to see more options for your life.

Avoid the illusion that you need to live a certain lifestyle because other people expect it of you or even society. Below are some common values that are promoted through propaganda and over time become paradigms and limiting beliefs. Growing up we where exposed to these values and they eventually started to dictate and control the trajectory of our vision for life.

Common low conscious values;

    ⁃    fame 

    ⁃    Money 

    ⁃    Cars 

    ⁃    Material 

    ⁃  Common education

    ⁃   Family and marriage

    ⁃   Corporate career path.

These values eventually become truths when you do not consider any other options. Many of us fall under the go to school, get a corporate job, have a family, retire and then die. Yet you have a choice. You can live a more simple lifestyle 

You can design your own life.


What’s the vision for your life? What do you want to accomplish in this life?

Rizen realizes…

We have now choice and we recognize how we where overcomplicating our live with the common LA speed and demand of living. The need to “make money and be somebody” as if you aren’t already enough or worthy of happiness. The common trap of “you need a degree or you won’t amount to success” and the misbelief of “You need a lot of money because you need to pay bills, support a family, have a car and a big house and life an expensive lifestyle.” The states has created this paradigm of always needed more and never being satisfied. We realized that we have a choice. We can choose to live a more simple lifestyle that’s fun and creative.

We are choosing to traveling the world and coaching in personal development and career design. We are choosing to express ourselves though writing and filming videos. We are choosing to share our story through talks and workshops. We have really understood more perspective and gained control over our life and what we want to experience. Now ask yourself what are you choosing?

This is a huge shift for use and we acknowledge that before we where choosing a different lifestyle. One that contracted our expression. One that strived out of a need for belonging and a search for acceptance. We share below.

In our early journey we wanted to be 

    ⁃    famous 

    ⁃    Have lots of money 

    ⁃    Have a nice car and a nice house 

    ⁃    Have power 

    ⁃    Have expensive things

    ⁃    Be with a lot girls

    ⁃    Go to school for my Masters 

    ⁃    Go into business 

Yet now with years of personal development, perspective and shifting our views we are beginning to understand happiness in a whole new spectrum. Now we are choosing a different way of being.

In our current journey we choose

  • Simplicity
  • Inner peace
  • Self – love and deep connections
  • Creative expression
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Travel
  • Community

Remember you get to choose the life you want to experience Recognize the difference between happiness and ignorance.

    ⁃    My uncle said everyone is happy here / I’m not sure if they are happy or they just settled with what they have / ignorance is ignoring the truth. 

    ⁃    Most people aren’t aware of the self actualized life or what is possible for them.

    ⁃    They are controlled by their circumstances / never experience deep states of bliss of happiness. Surface level comfort. Are they really happy? Or are they comfortable with ignorance, unaware of what else life has to offer. 

We are making choices every day pursuing a certain outcome that we have created in our minds. The question is why are you following that outcome and what are you really searching for in life? You always have a choice. Tune into the filmmaker ricks perspective to understand how a simple decision can alter the rest of your life.

Ready to make a life changing decision but want some extra support and clarity? Schedule a CLARITY CALL today to and tune into Rizen’s energies. You are not alone. We are here for you.

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Wherever you are behind this screen know you are exactly where you need to be. You are worthy of the life of your dreams. You are enough.

Align your energies / Raise your vibration by taking in a deep breath / Release and always, I say always, #STAYRIZEN!