Need more material abundance? Follow these 5 steps.


As RIZEN gets a notification from his bank that his account just went negative, his credit card statements are overdue, and his lack of income begins to weigh down on him.. He remembers this quote, “With enough knowledge and confidence you can do anything.” Laurence G Boldt. He ponders how will he be able to make these payments? The voice inside him reminds him, “Focus on the WHAT not the HOW.” He breathes. Relaxes his shoulders. And follows these KEY STEPS TO ATTRACT MATERIAL ABUNDANCE.


  1. Sit in stillness.


Yes I know it seems counterintuitive to sit in stillness. While some of you may be asking “but Riz shouldn’t I be out searching for a job and money instead of sitting and doing nothing!?” My young warrior I remind you that before you set off on your quest sit back and let the mind rest. The answers you are searching for are found in silence. “Finding the way is a matter of inner listening (intuition) and outer research.” I recommend you sit and ask yourself, “what is my next step?” Let that question drop into your subconscious and listen. Ghandi would always say that the voice of truth speaks to every one of us who Is willing to listen. So listen. Breath. Clear the chatter. You will find what the next step to take.

2. Increase GIVING.

Yes GIVE MORE. “But RIZ why would I give more if I barley have enough to pay for gas?” Let us remember that the area in our life that we are lacking in is a reflection of the lack of giving. It is easy for us to give love, advice, and energy but when it comes to money we tend to hold tight to it. The law of abundance states what you give you will receive in return. Notice. Are you giving enough financially? They recommend giving 10% of your income each week. If you are lacking you can increase that to 20-30%. Why does this work? Because when we give we are telling the universe “I have abundance so I give to others what I have to share.” We do not only feel better when we give but it also raises our vibration to abundance. Don’t just listent to me, try it.



3. Align back to your purpose.

When we feel like we do not have many options it is because we are not seeing the bigger picture. When we realign ourselves with our life purpose it can give us the clarity, vibrational boost, and reminder we need to tap back into abundance. When we have a life purpose we must tap into our warrior energy and repeat, “I know there is a way, and I am going to find it. How am I going to find it? Well first and foremost I am going to keep looking until I do.” Be persistent. Do not give up. If the option don’t seem clear keep searching. Do not let your lack of awareness cloud you.



4. Raise your awareness.



“If knowledge is power then ignorance is weakness.” Usually when we hit a roadblock with money what we really need is more knowledge to gain clarity on what to do next. Follow step 3 and become determined to keep looking until you do. Take the approach, “I haven’t found a way yet, but I know there is one, and I am still looking.” Then make the inspired effort to gain more awareness through reading, researching, talk to people who know more than you, create, do not give up. Remember “All failure is simply a failure to concentrate.”

5. Do what you can with what you have.



Just breath. Sit in stillness. Commit to persist. Take action. Use what you have in this moment. Look for a side hustle. Sell stuff online. Offer help for a friend. Speak to people and ask for assistance. Give more. Write down some ideas. Uber. Lyft. Open yourself to receive. The opportunity is looking for you just as much as you are looking for the opportunity. Be patient. Trust the process. Abundance is all around you. Raise your vibration. Flow.


After following these 5 steps Rizen started to notice more abundance and opportunity coming his way. After donating $20 to club he attends he immediately was gifted back. He went to the gas station told the cashier, “peace man can I get 10 on 7?” the cashier smiles and thanks him. As Rizen finishes putting the gas he looks up to the meter to read “20.00” the cashier put twenty instead of ten and Rizen was gifted $10 free gas. A sign from the universe to keep giving. He also received a notification that someone wants to purchase that PlayStation he has been trying to sell more months. Perfect timing. All is coming together. IF you follow these 5 steps I guarantee you that the material abundance will start to show up. REMEMBER that material abundance is based on the value that you give. If you want more material abundance then INCREASE THE VALUE that you are putting out. Value is simply energy so increase your energy output. You can follow this 5 step raise your vibration method for a guaranteed formula to increase your abundance.  Know that this is what it looks like to solve and work through a challenge. In essence you are exactly where you need to be. Enjoy the process. Trust. After reading this material abundance will come your way. You will receive what you need from this moment on. You will let go of anxiety and worry. You will see more opportunities start to open up for you. You will raise up your frequency and STAY RIZEN.


Much love and gratitude. Leave a comment with any questions! Hope this helps 🙂

How washing dishes changed my life and why it can change yours. Gratitude awareness practice.

In today’s quest Rizen awakened a level of gratitude that opened up his heart to how beautiful life is right now. He shares with you today a story about an awakening he had while washing dishes and how this changed his perspective on everything. The key to a happy and fulfilling life is learning how to practice gratitude on a daily basis despite you current situation or circumstance. There is always something to be grateful for and the more we allow ourselves to live from that vibration the more things we will attract to be grateful for. Here is today’s quest

“Ahh hot tamales!” Rizen exhaled as the burning hot water from the running sink made contact with his skin. He was washing his dishes and for the past couple weeks his mother was attempting to persuade him and make him wash the pile of dishes. “There not even my dishes, I always wash my own..” He would always comment back and occasionally he would wash the full load but usually he would go with, “I’m too busy and my work is my priority right now.” But for some reason something different happened today. For lunch he made a “Rizen Souporsalad” Filled with veggies. Greens, and proteins.. If you didn’t notice the pun “Souporsalad” is meant to sound like “Supersalad” He is reminded of a time his grandma said yes to that question. Anyways during this time he was feeling great…amazing in fact he had a wonderful morning at the gym, ate a wonderful acai bowl for breakfast, did 3 hours of studying for his coaching material, and now he is enjoying his lunch. “Damn my life is so beautiful right now, I am so blessed.” He thought to himself and he started to just take notice of all his blessings. “I have a home I feel safe in, my parents are still alive, I have dream career that is building up, I have a car, food, some money, loving dogs, wonderful friends..” He went on and on until he was almost put to tears by how happy he was with this moment. What really brought the tears was a saying the buddha would tell, “Look at everything as if it was on fire.” He would then tell a story about a lady to knocked over a cup and it broke. Instead of being upset she said, “the cup was already broken.” See what Rizen realized was that all of this has already perished. All his friends, family, and environment. Even in this now moment has become a new now moment. The flow of time never stops. Everything is temporary. So when Rizen would go over his blessings he would feel a deeper sense of gratitude because he knows it is all passing. He thinks about when he is older…in his 30’s.. 40’s..even 70’s. How will his life be then? Who would still be with him? Even upon death? “life is trippy man…all we have is love” he reminds himself wiping tears of his face. The Japanese would explain the bitter-sweetness of every moment. The beautiful romance we have with this life but the bitterness of it all ending. As he dove into this realization he felt more bliss. He admits when he first practiced this exercise he would become sad and not want things to end but as he matured his consciousness he started to accept and appreciate. This is where pure gratitude comes in. Gratitude is the full appreciation of this NOW moment. When you take the time to really analyze your life and count your blessings you will be surprised how precious and beautiful your life is. Despite your circumstance or position when we realize all of it has already ended. That our time here is limited and we never know how much time we have with the people around us. It gives us perspective and awareness. It allows us to open up our heart and all these “problems” become less relevant. We can learn to trust and enjoy the ride. Simple? Yes. Difficult? Yes.

It takes practice to fully feel the constant bliss of gratitude. The reason is we have made worrying a habit. We live in a society that runs off fear. Most people don’t even think about death or dying. Even when they do it frightens them. Why? I believe most people don’t actually fear death but more so never truly living. Not accomplishing or reaching their fullest potential. I challenge you to not be one of these people. Alan Watts would say “If there are two things you should think it about it is death and what happens if you would go to sleep and never wake up.” Death can be contemplated in a healthy way and when it is the flip side of it is gratitude. Pure loving awareness and gratitude for all that you have right now. Appreciate it. All of it. Every piece of food. Every hug. Every smile you get. Every person you love. Every friend. Dog. Bird. Every breath you can take. Every step. Every moment and experience. Fully embrace it and enjoy the ride. This Rizen says will grant you what you are looking for.

Much love and gratitude. We appreciate and love you guys. We acknowledge anyone reading this right now. You are on the right path. 555. Stay RIZEN and be GRATEFUL.


How to CONQUER ANXIETY with MINDFULLNESS and BE MORE PRESENT!! With a simple 5 step strategy.

What is anxiety? The question popped into the mind of Rizen as we throw back Thursday to 2017. Rizen was 19 and he was falling under a deep depression and anxiety. At the time he was overextending his energy outward without investing it inward. He was a full time student at a local community college, a part time employee at a bank , invested in a 4 year relationship and just creating the roots of TheRizeCollective which at the time was called The R.IZE Collective,  notice that little “.” in front of the R…Good times. Anyways he found himself experiencing more and more panic attacks. Being unhappy where he was and diving into personal development work he began his rebirth process. He discovered a formula to relax, become present and conquer his anxiety. This 5 step formula he shares with you today with a story of when he experienced one of his first anxiety attacks. Keep in mind at the time he just switched his major from business to philosophy and he was known for always thinking and pondering. His co-workers used to tell him. “Do you ever stop thinking” as he would rapid fire questions, insights, and ideas that would come to him. He always kept a note pad and was constantly writing. He still does today just a lot more disciplined and not so obsessive. At the time he viewed thinking as a really good thing almost feeling superior for his thought structure and felt great for always having ideas. Yet Alan Watts once said, “A man who is always thinking has nothing to think about except thoughts so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusion.” I remember when he first read this it struck him deeply for he felt it was directly speaking to him. From that moment the way he perceived thinking changed.  Lets dive deeper into how these thoughts almost destroyed Rizen.


It was around Fall of 2017, the sky was grey painted by clouds. It has been a few weeks since Rizen quit his job and has been putting full focus on filming videos and putting himself out there. The first week seemed great and exciting but as expected within time his anxiety started to creep. With a lack of a clear vision and purpose and the pressure of his parents, income, and society his thoughts began to torment him. They whispered the cold words of “You need this to work.” “I have to do this” “think about your family.” all the while he was being challenged with the lack of creativity and confidence. We fall onto a Saturday as he dedicated to filming a video about his story he got everything set up with his girlfriend at the time and began filming. He was surprised to feel the amount of anxiousness he had, he began to sweat, to clutter his words, laugh on set, and start to become irritated with his difficulty to film a simple video. See what Rizen didn’t know is that the more he focused on what he was doing wrong and how we was messing up the more the worry of what he was going to say and do next haunted him. That is where his anxiety strived from, thoughts. After a few hours he began to get irritated and angry at himself and self-project his insecurities to the people around him,”C’mon you can do this” the sounds of his girlfriend echoed and as he reacted out of frustration he whipped her with his words and replied “I’m trying my best it’s difficult and I don’t know what to say and I am trying, your no help just standing there.” We can all see where this lead Rizen as he continued to criticize the only person there for him. They argued and she eventually left. He was doing what he knew best at the time, push people away. As this energy started to circulate he found himself on his own. His girlfriend left angry at him. His dog upset for not feeding him and now he was there confused and worried. What was wrong with him? Why did he react that way? What’s going on? Questions repeated in his mind. At this point Rizen went back to what he knew best to do in moments of need, speak to his master. See we all have an inner voice that guides us. A voice that tells us what to do in moments of dear need. The more we learn to listen to this voice the better guided we will be. Rizen found this voice through music. For some reason when he would freestyle rap over an instrumental beat he would be able to tap into that voice and directly speak to it. This is what saved him over the years and is what helped him during this moment. He discovered the anxiety was coming from the worry of money. The lack of “progress” he felt he needed to have. Realizing this he started to journal. Breath. Relax. Heal. He found great relief in just letting it out. Being honest with himself. This is also when he walked over to his bookshelf and picked up a book by Alan watts called The Age of Anxiety. He hasn’t finished it yet but just in the pages he read he found quotes that stuck with him and altered his perspective of anxiety. Here shares the, with us today. Hope it helps.



“If happiness always depends on something expected in the future, we are chasing a will-o’-the wisp that ever eludes our grasp, until future and ourselves, vanish into the abyss of death.”

“Progress is a sham and dreaming about tomorrow was pure escapism from the pain we fear today.”

“…tomorrow and plans for tomorrow can have no significance at all unless you are in full contact with the reality of the present, since it is the present and only in the present that you live.”

“Fear Is born out of duality”

“Once the mind has seen through all fear and all hope ,it finds peace within itself in a state of awareness beyond thought.”


See the way I interpret anxiety is just being out of tune of the moment and not aware of the abundance and gratitude around us. When we are anxious it means that the thoughts we are having are at a vibration of worry, not enough, I don’t know how, it will never work, and I can’t. these thoughts will send us down a spiral of a victim mentality. When we take ownership of our life and full responsibility then we can consciously choose to be here now and our vibration will shift letting our anxiety diminish. When you catch yourself falling under the victim trap of thoughts I challenge you to instead try saying “what do I need to do? What can I do with what I have? Keep flowing. You can do this.” When we are present, we take life as it comes without labeling what is given to us. When we transcend labels we no longer associate “Good” or “bad” experiences. All they are simply experiences just like thoughts are simply just thoughts. What makes the difference is the meaning we want to associate with it and the lesson we can learn from it. When we begin to learn how to tap into this witness mentality instead of the victim mentality then we can start to become more aware of thoughts without attaching ourselves to them. This is the core of mindfulness. We can also begin to enjoy this present moment despite where you are in life. You can relax and enjoy the ride. Tuning back into your life purpose can remind you of the vision you are working towards. If you don’t have an outer life purpose remember we all share the same inner life purpose coined by Eckhart Tolle the author of the power of now states “Our inner purpose is to focus on the next step” To be fully present is your daily task. As mentioned in the above narrative Rizen followed these five steps to help him through moments of anxiety, he shares them with you today in hopes you write them down and use them when the time is needed. Here are the five steps to conquer anxiety and be more present. 

  1. Breath / Calm yourself down / Relax (1-5 minutes)



Tune in to your body. This is essential when we feel anxious, irritated or worried just tune in to your breath. Inhale deeply in and slowly out. This will decrease your heart rate, relax your body, clear your mind and reduce your anxiety quickly. If possible play some relaxing music or sounds like  Binaural sounds, classical music, waves, etc

2. Tap into the present moment / your environment / Ground yourself (1-5min)



This is an essential step. Wherever you are take notice of your environment. Ask yourself “how did I get to where I am right now?” Reflect on your day a little bit. What actions, thoughts, and decisions did you make to get here. Once you reflected accept and let go. You can’t change what has already happened but you do have the power to shift what you will focus on next.

3. Journal any lingering thoughts / Take it out of your mind into the material

This is the most powerful step and really closes the deal. Letting it out will help you take the anxiety from within and push it without. Find what works for you whether its painting, drawing, singing, freestyling, yelling, or just writing. I recommend journaling I believe it is one of the most effective ways to communicate to yourself and help guide through any power emotions. Include some positive self talk in there. Remember you are your greatest friend! Share some self love and motivation!

4. Surrender and let go.

At this point you calmed yourself down. Tapped into the present moment. Let out those lingering thoughts and now it is time to just surrender and let go the spontaneous flow of life. Trust that everything is going as it needs to. Remind yourself that you are exactly where you need to be. Alight and flow. This is the final and most powerful way to conquer any anxiety or worry. What is there to worry about when you are allowing all things to just happen and you are trusting the process? Fill yourself with gratitude. You are alive. You have breath. You are beautiful and a human being! Remember how powerful you are my friend.


5. Stay RIZEN


This one is always my favorite and it is telling you to not forget this feeling. When you feel grounded, calm, and present it is to blissful and fulfilling. Remember this process and feeling so that each time you are presented challenges you can tune back into the flow and trust all is where it needs to be. Staying RIZEN means staying aware and present. Living from gratitude and love. From abundance and source. Our natural state of being.


Rizen and I send our love to you on your path back home young warrior. We are all here to support and love you. So much divine gratitude and love for reading this and following me on my quest through this reality. Let us continue the revolution for LUV and STAY RIZEN!



How I Conquered sex/porn addiction using mindfulness.

“Hmm I wonder what making love to her would be like?” “No I shouldn’t be having those thoughts” “But she was beautiful I can only imagine” “No stop it be present” “You stop it”

Do you ever have some conflicting thoughts like these? Naturally as us Men mature and grow our hormones start to grow stronger influencing our thoughts more and more. Plus if you went to my middle school growing up it seemed that the internet opened up too many doors for young curious kids. Porn became a secret taboo topic that was only talked about in small social groups. Yet it is easy to become psychologically addicted to it because we associate the action to the pleasure. But we all know that guilty feeling that overcomes us after and our perception of woman starts to change. Our thoughts start to focus more and more on sex and attraction then we would like. I suffered from a sex addiction and recently overcame it. I had sex when I was 13, was exposed to porn at a young age and then was involved in a very sexual relationship for about 5 years. So naturally my mind and its desires became very strong. I have been blessed to be introduced to mindfulness practice and used it as a way to learn how to channel the energy in different directions. Following the Energy formula (If you haven’t read about click the link) we can learn how to shift our vibration by changing our attention to these thoughts. Here’s how.


Become aware of the fact that thoughts = emotions = actions = outcome so we can start to see how this addiction even started. It usually starts at a young age when we begin to have thoughts about sex and curiosities. This then leads us to emotions of a need for love which influences us to actions like masturbation and porn to release. With the ultimate outcome of guilty release and repeating the viscious cycle over. The more repetition the stronger the habit so depending on how often this has been going will depict how much time you need to overcome it. So take this time to ponder the question “How many times do you think about sex per day? Per hour? Per minute?”


Now become aware of what is influencing those thoughts around sex. If you grew up in mainstream society then you can resonate that most of the music we listen to associates women to sex. Mostly in a way where we become addicted to pleasure and action opposed to connection and conscious response. Most of the movies or television has messages of the same idea. Most of our friends and social groups made it a topic where we just fantasise about girls and go scouting for them like a game. All of these things influenced me and my addiction and it difficult for me to look at sex consciously. Rememebr your association creates your vibration so I encourage right now to think about the type of things you are involving yourself in RIGHT NOW that is influencing your thoughts and perception about sex. Think about the type of music, shows, movies, and conversations you are having.


Most hip/hop and rap music will feed you thoughts about money, sex and drugs and make it seem like it is what you want which will influence your thoughts and attitudes. Propaganda in television and social media will feed you the same messages. Their goal is to get you addicted because it benefits them more having individuals willing to spend money on porn, strip clubs, going out to night clubs, alcohol, etc. But if you are here you are already conscious of that. So I encourage you to evaluate what you are exposing yourself to and how often. From here make a conscious decision to start shifting it. If you are listening to main stream media your thoughts will be highly influences and if you are not aware of mindfulness practice or how to become a witness to thoughts your formula can look like this

500 (thoughts about sex) x 500(Focused attention on those thoughts = 250,000 (energy output on sex)

At this rate of conversation you are going to be one horny individual at a low vibration that is mostly attuned to a propaganda way of thinking.

So start to shift to shift where you are applying this energy.

I encourage you to listen to more 432hz binaural beats, watch more conscious things like or Infinite waters, start a daily gym routine, begin to meditate daily. This will start moving around the energy from those hormones in different directions so you still get that release just in a different way.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.24.16 PM.png


Now I am not telling you to devote yourself to celibacy of course not. But slowly start to become more conscious of how you are viewing woman and where your thought go when you are masturbating. Are you just focused on the body and just what you have seen in porn? Or are you becoming more conscious of the spiritual, of the intimacy, of the passion that is involved in love making? This can dramatically influence your energy and the feeling you get after release. If you are more curious I recommend diving into Tantra which is a Hindu translation of spiritual love making. Also become more conscious of what you are putting IN your body not just what you are releasing OUT of it. Feeding your body some delicious organic blueberries and kale can help you feel a lot more energized and focused. Check out this 5 MUST TAKE supplements for better sex and energy. Even if you aren’t having sex just having a healthy flow of sexual energies and following the steps above to become conscious of how you are using them can make a huge difference and help you overcome your unconscious porn watching masturbating at 2am when everyone is asleep addiction.


Like anything else this requires time. It took me a few years to reverse my conditioning and framework I had around sex. Honestly it wasn’t until I moved on from a 5 year relationship where the pain and perspective really gave be a deep respective and attitude shift towards women and sex. It might not take something as dramatic as that for you or maybe it will. Regardless be easy on yourself. If you find yourself watching porn again or about to open up that private tab just breath and ask yourself “Is this really what I want?” and let that just run through your mind. Even so forgiveness is a huge key. Be easy on yourself I mean you are only human. Avoid beating yourself up or criticizing yourself. Know that you are learning and healing and it takes time and involves a process. Remember you are not alone and the Collective is always here to help. If you are ever having a super difficult time follow this formula;

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.26.54 PM

This will pull you into the present moment away from thoughts. From here take action. Go to the gym. Read. Journal.

Here are some extra steps you can take

  • Get rid of all temptation like magazine’s and posters
  • Reach out to a community / Find similar people
  • Have an accoutnabiloty partner
  • Avoid being online in private

If you have further questions or want more personal help with this join the THERIZECOLLECTIVE online community and check out THERIZENACADEMY for online courses. Much love, gratitude. Respect and appreciation. Keep flowing and stay In tune. I believe In you.


Ultimate formula for manifestation

In this day we RIZE and shine to another beautiful day alive. During our morning routine we had a curious experience that brought up a lot of great insight. Having thoughts about how to overcome porn addictions brought up by a good friend it had me pondering how I overcame it? Do I still experience it at times and what are the best methods?

On the car ride to the gym I found myself listening to some “Hype music” to see if it would help get me motivated and pumped up. I put on a playlist I haven’t listened to in a while “Power” that consisted of hip/hop and rap, mostly mainstream music that I would expose myself to in my youth. Artists like Asap ferg, Asap Rocky, Earl Sweatshirt, Russ, and other artists and as I listened I started to notice my energy body and thoughts sway in a direction I haven’t felt in a while. It reminded me of my youth when I would wear black hoodies, consume cannabis, and want to get money and sleep with a bunch of women. Hmm did the vibrations from the music influence these feelings? I started to notice a shift in my thoughts as well going more towards sex, competition, and status.. How curious. My natural vibration quickly reacted and responded with “Where does power come from?” And I Started to tap into my why. My life purpose. Love. So I switched up the music, shifted my thoughts, and started to focus on my breath. Quickly my vibration started to shift. It took a little while for the thoughts to leave but once I finished my workout and tuned into binaural beats I became steady. A formula came to my mind that was profound and helped me understand what was happening and what I can do moving forward. I believe this formula, if understood and used correctly, can be a great tool to help you overcome addictions, shift bad habits, and manifest.

Here is the formula;

Energy output (Vibration) = # of thoughts x Focused attention

E = T x A

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.07.57 PM

Here is how it works.

We have about 10,000 thoughts per day and if we are putting attention to each one of those thoughts if can leave us drained depending on the type of thoughts we are having. Every thought omits a certain frequency. A thought about getting married and traveling can make you smile and happy while a thought of losing your business and getting your leg broken can leave you with anxiety and a need to sleep with one eye open. So if a majority of our thoughts are at a low frequency and we are putting attention to them then that vibration will grow. Basically if you focus on draining thoughts too much your are going to start to feel drained. Anxious. Worried. Bad habits start to take over. Sex. Money. Drugs. Etc. The key is to put attention only to thoughts that align with our dreams and empower us. Yet most of us aren’t at that level yet. Some of us don’t even have a life purpose and that is okay we are all on different paths BUT what is essential is we understand how to use the formula.

How to use the formula

In Mindfulness meditation they teach us to view our thoughts as clouds passing in the sky. To not attach ourselves to thoughts and let them just be. So if we learn to not apply attention to certain thoughts then they won’t take away our energy or shift our vibration. The goal is to make the focused attention a 0 for draining thoughts. If you have 200 thoughts that you will never be good enough or have a good life but you apply no attention to them and let them pass then they won’t affect you and it will look something like

200 (thoughts) x 0 (Focused attention) = 0 (Energy output)

Now that is our goal but it takes training and a lot of mindfulness practice. For now just be familiar with the concept and the formula and every time you find yourself getting attached to thoughts breath, relax and repeat the mantra “I am consciousness, I am presence, I am here.” To put yourself back into the moment and away from thought space. Being fully present is the key. It is how we detach ourselves from lingering thoughts.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.10.55 PM

For sage masters

Now for those of us more experiences with mindfulness we can learn how to use this formula for manifestation. If we have a dream or a vision then our goal is to apply full attention to thoughts that empower us and align with our vision. So if we have 500 thoughts about content creation, song concepts, business idea, etc. Then we must apply our full attention fused with immediate action to get major results. This can look like;

500 x 500 = 250,000 energy output (Vibration level)

So we can see how this can really raise our vibration. You can look at it like when in Dragon Ball Z they have those energy level radar glasses to view the energy levels of different warriors…well this is how you go super Saiyan. It Is full focused conscious attention to the thoughts that empower you and serve you.

Ideally our goal as we enter sage mode is to be consistently having powerful thoughts and mixing attention and focus onto them. At this point we can get to the majority of our day being filled with action thoughts and full gratitude.

10000 x 10000 = 100000000 (Empowering thoughts)

10000 x 0 = 0 (Unempowering thoughts)

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.04.29 PM

This is how we allow ourselves to become a witness to our thoughts and also take action on them. Remember our thinking is our greatest ally or enemy. Choose wisely.

Q and A

What if my thoughts are too powerful and I can’t get away from them.

  • Great question. They key is to remember that you cant control the thoughts that come to you all you can simply do is become a witness to them. If you are having a hard time doing this try the take 3 deep breathes, relax, and repeating the mantra “I am consciousness, I am presence, I am here” until you feel more present and at ease. You can even imagine watching the thoughts pass like clouds. Now if even this isn’t working move onto phase 2 and put on some binaural beats, go somewhere relaxing, journal the thoughts out of you and continue to focus on your breathing. Worst case scenario move to phase 3 and call a friend, go out into nature barefoot, drink CBD tea and relax. YOU WILL BE OKAY.

How do I use the formula to keep track of thoughts?

  • Great question It is highly unlikely you’ll be able to keep track of ALL your thoughts especially if we are averaging around 10,000. The formula is meant to act more as a reminder to become conscious of where you are putting you attention to. It does take practice but the more aware you become of your thoughts the better you’ll be at which ones are worth your attention and focus.

How do I get to sage mode?

  • Years of practice. That is the goal I set for myself but I am aware that it takes a lot of practice and meditation to become fully aware of your thoughts and conscious of where the energy if flowing on a consistent basis. With more experience will come better outcomes but go at your own pace. You are exactly where you need to be.

Easy Guide and Checklist to SELF CARE

How to get started on the path to self-care. Easy MUST DO STEPS WITH CHECKLIST

So you decided to help yourself? You selfish loving soul. I acknowledge you on your path. On making this decision to make a change in your life you have shifted the collective vibration. Thank you. You are basically halfway there. Just by showing up dedicated and willing to learn and grow you are already manifesting new realities within your favor. Plus we need you. The world is calling for sages, light warriors, truth seekers, and revolutionaries like yourself so if you’re here then it means you took the calling. You know that little voice in your head that is always guiding you. It has lead you here. So here are some basic guidelines to get you started on your self-care journey.



I know most of us are super excited and want to dive full force into this new chapter in our lives but to be honest when we try to start too big we end up self-sabotaging ourselves and quitting halfway. Why? Because we don’t allow the change to be subconsciously programmed. Remember change takes time and so does healing. So start with baby steps and be patient. Trust me This is not my first self-care attempt although it is one that I am fully dedicated to and feel confident about.




  1. Find your flow. As mentioned above take your time to to find your rhythm and see what types of self care activities resonate with you. The more consistent you are the better the results. It will lead you to finding your own personal routine and ritual.
  2. Take time to plan. Self care is a daily conscious choice. Remember knowledge does not equal behavior change. Just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you’ll do it. So make an active effort every day by writing some simple steps in your calendar, announce your plants to others, and look for opportunities to practice.
  3. Create awareness. Become aware of what is serving you and what is not. If journaling is not your thing try vlogging. If running isn’t your groove try strength training or boxing. Become aware of what activities are most beneficial for YOU.



  • Write down on a piece a paper that you are fully committing yourself this month to self-care then post it up somewhere where you can see it daily. Focus on your WHY. Why even practice self care? Why is it important to YOU. This can look something like “I RIZEN fully commit to self care this month to gain clarity, feel better and live a more abundant life. I am doing this for myself to be happy daily, to give my family and friends the best version of myself and be of service to the world. I am ready to RIZE!” Make yours as personal as you need it to be but impactful enough to re-motivate you daily.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.36 PM

  • Write a “avoid” list of habits or actives you want to start to avoid and shift. These can include avoid using your phone during lunch or dinner, watching tv for more than 30 minutes, avoid checking emails at night, committing to too many things, not leaving your house or reaching out to people.. You get the flow.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.29 PM

  • After writing what you want to avoid we can now focus on what we want to start including. Print out a habit tracker and write down at least 5 habits you want to start incorporating daily.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.49 PM

  • Commit to starting a night routine and getting enough sleep. 6-8 hours is recommended.
  • Commit to a morning routine and waking up earlier every day. Take it slow. If your goal is to wake up at 6am but you usually wake up at 9 or 10 start by waking up at 9am daily then reducing it 10-20 minutes daily.
  • Start a meditation practice. Begin with just 5 minutes of breathing.
  • Spend time with people you love.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes to a relaxing activity like walking, yoga or sun bathing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.36.25 PM

  • Join the RIZEN Collective online community to gain access to more information on how to integrate all these and have support and accountability!


This is a great foundation. Once you have all this checked off you are on your path to rising and staying RIZEN. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

So much love and gratitude for my colelctive soul family and all reading this. You are beautiful. Strong. Worthy. Infinite. WE are all on the path of healing and growth. So excited for this REBIRTH!


Why self care will change your life

So to start off SELF CARE MONTH I want to welcome everyone to the month of October and the introduction to self care and why it is essential for your life

What is self care and why is it important?

You hear the alarm ringing and you think to yourself “I really deserve this sleep” so you let it ring. This Is not the first time you sleep through it actually its been like this for weeks and this whole “I deserve this sleep” has become a crutch for you to avoid the fact that you are becoming what you have been trying to avoid. Be honest with yourself. Your having a hard time. Life is challenging you and relationships are becoming difficult. These past few weeks maybe even months have been mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging. You haven’t been able to get back in your flow. You have been telling yourself to get back in the gym, to eat healthier, to sleep earlier, wake up before sunrise meal prep, and meditate…yet it hasn’t happened. Until right now. In this very moment. When you decided to make a change. Life begins when you decide to step out your comfort zone and recently you have been wayyy too comfortable. Change also happens in an instant and as you read this you are going to dedicate yourself to self-care. Not because I am telling you. Who am I? Just words on a screen. A reminder. A wake up call. To make you realize how precious your life is. How limited time you have here. How many people need you to rise and share your love with them. I am just here to keep you in check. So take a moment and evaluate your life. I think it’s time for self-care month.

So what is this whole self-care anyways?

Well here is a pretty good definition from Psych central, “Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Although it’s a simple concept in theory, it’s something we very often overlook. Good self-care is key to improved mood and reduced anxiety. It’s also key to a good relationship with oneself and others.” So basically self care is just prioritizing you before anyone else. Is it selfish? Not in the way you may think. It is like that whole you have to put on your oxygen mask before helping any other passenger one a plane type of deal. The same concept applies here. You must take care of yourself before healing, helping, caring, loving, or even being a friend to anyone else. Have you been putting yourself first? Or 22nd? Take a moment to think about it.

Great let’s also go over what self care IS NOT.

Again from Psych central they say that “Self-care isn’t a selfish act either. It is not only about considering our needs; it is rather about knowing what we need to do in order to take care of ourselves, being subsequently, able to take care of others as well. That is, if I don’t take enough care of myself, I won’t be in the place to give to my loved ones either.” Like we mentioned above it is crucial to be in top mental emotional and physical health. We are light warriors, revolutionaries.. We are the future so in order for us to truly make a change in the world it starts within.

Okay cool so I hope your starting to see the RIZEN vision we have going on for self care month. Here is my perspective on why it is so essential.

Self care is the key to living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Without self care we start to lose ourselves. What I mean by that is that we start to develop an unhealthy relationship with our individual self. We start over extending and investing energy in other activities in people we forget about the energy required to keep our own mental and emotional body healthy. We start to experience self hate and disappointment due to our lack of self – care for our self. This can take form in waking up late, missing appointments, being on our phone to long, eating unhealthy foods and feeling sick after, smoking too much, drinking too much, and not achieving the goals we set. What this can lead to over time is deep levels of anxiety, stress, depression and other not so fun points in our life.

I recently just got out of a 5 year relationship, have been unemployed for a year with no consistent flow of income, $9,000 in debt, and the past few weeks have been me getting back on my feet. I decided to create this self care month challenge to give me the discipline and opportunity to focus practicing healthy habits, self-discipline and live a more abundant life. I know by sharing my progress and my goals it can inspire anyone going through similar challenges. I encourage you to share your progress as well! We are also stating an online community to keep the momentum, accountability and support, if you are interested in joining the first 50 members will get free access to the private group chat where we will have essential self-care information and resources plus have weekly zoom calls. This is for individuals truly seeking a transformation in their lives. Enrollment opens 10/7/18

Self-care is essential for everyone. It is time we invest in ourselves and start taking small major steps into the lives we all dream of. Through the greatest challenges come the most amount of strength. As we RIZE through these shadows we begin to shine our light. We are the future and by becoming the change we want to see in the world we are developing a brighter tomorrow.

5 simple steps to stay disciplined

Staying disciplined can be difficult, especially when we have been trying to get ourselves to start practicing daily habits for a while now.  This morning as I woke up past my alarm again I felt the urge to just “take it easy” and just rest. I recently just got out of a five year relationship and the past couple weeks has been just me slumping and trying to get back on my feet. Before then I had a strong morning routine waking up early, working out, and reading. This morning I said “NOT TODAY WORLD” I decided that even though I woke up a little late I can still get a strong morning routine done. I realized I am never going to fully heal or recover unless I take small steps towards it. When I tried to do my “Usual routine” I noticed a lot of resistance. I noticed my mind thinking about breakfast, working on my course, reading, and all the things taking me out of the present. Hmm.. Curious I thought. I started to understand what had to be done. We have to avoid trying to jump right back into our routine after winging off it for a while, remember baby steps. Patience and growth is key.

This morning I did my Yoga, breathwork, meditation, 2 mile run, healthy breakfast, and a new video/blog post. Here is how I did it in 5 simple steps.



  • This is probably the most crucial step. Without purpose there is no motivation. It is easy to get hyped up and start running every day for a few weeks but when it starts to become challenging you’ll start to wonder “wait why did I even start all this in the first place?” The why acts as a reminder when things become challenging and they will. You can look at the  “Why” as your lighthouse guiding you through the darkness. So before you begin any new journey ask yourself “Why do I want this? Why am I doing this? Why is this so important?” This will help you gain the motivation to wake up earlier, workout, talk to that girl, create that video, write that song, eat healthier, etc.


  • As Ram Dass would always say, “Be here now.” A master once said that the meaning of life was to be fully present in each and every moment. If you think about it the only thing stopping you from meditating, practicing yoga, writing or filming are thoughts of the future or the past that take you out of the moment. These thoughts can include, “Well I have other things to do, I can do it tomorrow, I have to do this first, etc.” When we become fully present in what we are doing we apply our full focus and attention to the immediate task at hand. This will allow us to concentrate and accomplish what it is we desire. Making it much easier to accomplish the goal we set forth. Discipline is all about being fully present in each moment. Focus on your breath. Relax. Take action.


  • IF you are an over achiever or have a competitive nature like I do then it can become very easy to beat yourselves up for not achieving the unrealistic standard we put on ourselves. I still catch myself at times saying “We can do better, I’ll run more next time, I put in more work” and although it is great to challenge yourself it is equally at important to celebrate for what YOU ARE DOING. Just showing up to do yoga or going on a light jog IS ENOUGH for you to say “Hell yeah we are doing great!” SO many times I find my students always wanting to do better and burning themselves out making it harder to stay disciplined. In essence being disciplined is just a matter of showing up not so much the results at play. Celebrate yourself! Your doing great!


  • This one adds on from step 3 and goes off the concept of pleasure. See we humans are addicted to pleasure and we tend to have habits that revolve around it. We can find pleasure in eating ice cream, going on social media, sleeping, etc. And find it easy to do these things with little to no resistance. So why do we have so much resistance going on a run? Meditating? Waking up early? Staying disciplined? Well it is usually because we are not associating pleasure to these experiences. By shifting our attitude to how we are experiencing these moments we have allowed ourselves to gain pleasure in them lowering the resistance. What do you mean Riz? Am I supposed to love running? Essentially you aren’t “supposed” to love anything but what you will find is when you start smiling while running, repeating “Running makes me feel great” and associating it with pleasure you will find less resistance and naturally love it more. Just like it is really easy for you to eat your favorite food or watch an episode of Naruto you can train your mind to feel the same towards the habits you are wanting to implement. This takes times so don’t forget step 3.


  • You can watch all the motivational videos, read all the blog posts, and write down all the habits you are going to incorporate but at the end of the day you MUST TAKE ACTION. The key is 80% action – 20% thought. So I challenge you after reading this to take a baby step towards the action you want to integrate in your life. Go on a short jog, meditate for 2 minutes, write in your journal, start writing 1 paragraph for a blog. Keep it simple but take the initiative. Stay consistent and watch yourself becoming more and more disciplined. I believe in you and I am happy you have made it this far. Keep in the flow. Much love and gratitude. Stay RIZEN.




Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.17.07 AM.png

In Koi Fresco’s most recent book The Meditation Manuel he quickly explains what meditation is and how to start your own practice. I really enjoyed the way this book portrayed the different aspects of meditation including why we meditate, the science behind it, and the nature of self. As I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Koi he is a well-respected, educated, and peaceful soul that most beautifully gives us an introduction to the realm of mediation. He emphasizes on the simplicity and power of meditation which I think is crucial because far to many of us think meditation is this difficult and overwhelming task when in reality it is as Koi states, “Simple.” Which this approach I think we can be more motivated and empowered to sit down and start meditating! I will highlight some insights of the book I found profound and give a brief intro to the different types of meditation so you can start today!

The book is short and simple which makes it an easy read. Koi mentions that the purpose of meditation is to, “To harness the ability to discern between the world of material illusions/delusions known as Maya, where we are tricked into seeing our attachments as unchangeable, and our problems as everlasting.” (17) And shows the importance of connecting back to our universal whole. By talking about the nature of the self I started building an idea of what we really are outside of the illusion for we must understand that, “The ego self is everything we currently think we are or will ever be as an individual.” Yet as we are soon to understand the ego is an illusion and is NOT who or what we really are and, “Only after ingesting psychedelic experiences, studying with a guru, or in our case learning how to mediate from a transcendental space can one begin to awaken and realize the actual nature of what we all are.” This raised many questions for me as I started to ask well then, “who am I?” One of the best questions we can all ask and through mediation we can find an answer.

So how do we meditate?

First off we need to understand that, “You already are a master of mediation.” Say whaa? I know you may be asking how am I master if I have never even meditated. Well most of us who meditate face mental blocks and hope to clear them, “If I can control/quiet my mind I will be better.”(35) Yet we forget that mediation is not something you can master for ,“We fail to see the continuation of our path in every moment and instead see each situation as separate from one before.” (36) He is weary to add that we must not make meditation an achievement for there is nothing to achieve. Everyone and anyone can meditate and it is a simple practice to help clear our thoughts.

Having a hard time with your breath? 

A lot of my students ask me how do I breath the right way? As RUMI states, “There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then there’s another way; a breathe of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” and Koi adds, “The problem with making a task of breathing is just that, adding an unnecessary task to our practice.”(40) So literally just breath natural and avoid thinking about it too much 🙂

The actual mediation

As you dive into your practice it may seem like a challenge to you for it is a new task you are taking on. This is totally normal when I first started meditating 5 minutes felt like 5 hours in my mind and I was like, “Am I supposed to have these many thoughts?” I was worried I would never be able to clear my mind and each meditation I was a little nervous to face my thoughts. This is normal so just breath and know there are thousands of people alike in this situation. Just keep in mind that mediation is real simple and important. As Koi mentions, “What we think has the power not just to liberate us from suffering and lead one in full control of his mind into a state of enlightenment, but also in the opposite end of the spectrum I it can very easily lead us into a downward spirits of ghosts and insurmountable depression.”(52)

Here are some Key things to remember from Koi

“Meditation Commonalities in this Manuel

  1. The ideal for these meditation practices are either in the early morning or right before bed
  2. Wherever you meditate, attempt to do so in an area with a great amount of silence, except for the scanning meditation. In this case a slightly noisy area is ideal.
  3. Sit however suits you best! A common posture would be in a half lotus, with our hands sitting in our lap, or resting on our knees in the mudra you prefer. Just find one that feels right.
  4. While sitting, the head should be slightly tilted to face the ground, but not looking straight down. A great indicator is our line of sight ending about three feet of us if our eyes were to be open
  5. Stretch before beginning. This is so the body can be less reactive during extended period of sitting. The less focus on pain, the easier we can return to intense isolated awareness.
  6. Try not to use an alarm! Meditation when ended abruptly can easily hurt what progress we have made while in a meditative state due to the abrasive nature of most alarms. Use one with soft softs.”


See it is super easy and there are also different mediations you can explore! I won’t go into detail on each of them in this blog but you can check out Koi’s book for more information and tips on all of this information!

Here are the different meditations you can try!


Also known as Vipassana this is one of the greatest mediations that usually yields prolific results. “Insight is one’s ability to cultivate a comprehensive and true to form understanding.”(57) So building this skill can give you a better understanding of yourself. I used insight when I was outside in a quiet place (very few birds) and just allowed myself to dive deep into my mind.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.01.22 AM.png


One of my favorite meditations it is basically just being aware of your thoughts and noting them. You can think of it as watching clouds pass through the sky, your thoughts being the clouds you watch them come and go. You can use this technique anywhere, even at Disneyland!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.56.35 AM.png


Scanning is cool it builds a better connection with mind and body as Koi says, “We simply scan the body and scan our senses with a vantage of pure awareness, reading each sensory experience from an unidentified perspective.”(69) I laid down in the sun and noticed how the sun felt from the top to the bottom of my body.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.57.05 AM.png


I practice mantra meditation daily on my own and with my mantra homies and it is a very powerful tool to have. ‘Man’ means mind and ‘tra’ means vehicle or instrument. Using mantra can help maneuver through all those thoughts in your mind and it, “Allows the mind to enter into transcendental bliss or supreme realization.”(75) Here is one of my favorite Mantra chants I use to focus on gratitude and devotion. Very powerful tool. If you live in the Los Angeles area check out Mantra House for a group meditation!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 11.03.24 AM.png


The Japanese know whats-up, this is one of the easiest mediations ever. All you have to do is sit and observe, Literally. It is known as “sitting meditation” and emphasizes on the here and now. “Zen exists for the purpose of dropping our roles and sinking into the same awareness we held before taking up the human form. Silence.”(84) I like Zazen meditation outside to hear nature and using the Zazen Mudra (hand sign).

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.56.42 AM.png

How to clear up the clutter in your life

Your work space is a direct representation of your mind. If you have a messy and unorganized workspace then you will most likely have a mind that reflects that as well. I never understood why my room was always messy, I would always clean it then a few days later it would go back to its homeostasis. It wasn’t until I understood the difference between cleaning and organzing that I was able to create a clean and suitable work space for myself to actually get some progress done. Here are some reasons why you should have a clear and organized space. 

  1. If you have a clear work area then you will have a clear mind.
  2. When you walk into any room your mind starts to automatically process all the items in the room. The more items = the more clutter in your mind = the less space you have to create.
  3. Less anxiety and worry. You won’t have to worry about tearing your house down to look for that dang piece of paper.
  4. More clarity and creativity. You will find it is easier to focus and develop ideas when you have an organzied workspace.

So what is the difference between cleaning and organizing? 

Well cleaning is more like putting a bandage and not getting to the root of the problem. We usualy clean before a party and just quickly put things out of site out of mind until a few days later it is all back to normal (story of my life). Organzing on the other hand can be explained in two parts; 1) Volume of things and 2) The system of those things. Volume refers to the amount of things you have, we live in an age of consumption where the average person has WAY MORE then they possibly need which ends up cluttering thier lives. It doesn’t cost anything to get rid of things so the first step is to see what isn’t serving you anymore and strive for a more minamalist lifestyle. This really helped me let go of alot of things I was just storing in my room and gave me a lot more space and clarity. The second step is creating a system for where things go and should be. This really saved my life and now I dont have to struggle looking for where I put my keys and portal gun anymore they both have a place in my room. With less stuff it is much easier it to find and place things where they belong. Here are the before and after pictures of my room/workspace. This took me about 3 full days of organzing, getting rid of, and creating a system



I would walk in and my brain would be registering a hundred things and distract me from what was important. I had clothes laying around, lots of stuff on the wall, my bed sheets where never done, drawers will filled with papers from months ago, and it was really hard to meditate in here man.


Now the major improvements is the detail of the room. I cleaned out all my drawers of loose papers and organized them (huge step), I cleared off my desk and kept it simple, I even created an alter for myself to place my beads and sage to deepen my spirituality. I am still working on the little tweaks but the overall room is much more organized and makes me feel clear and focused when I walk in! I renamed it The Dharmadhatu so whenever I walk in I have to say, “I come with peace and I am ready for love.” to keep the good vibes going bro. I even make it a point a do my bed every day and put everything back where it belongs (making huge steps here man).

Now even though this is a huge step and a lot of my students have very clustered rooms this is jsut the first step. You MUST clear the clutter from all areas of your life including unchecked emails, texts, over filled photos, unorganized notes, and more. Here are some other examples of how I cleared up some clutter in my life.


Oh man I remember this was like a 2 year challenge for me. I would always let my emails just bundle up and I would get emails from a bunch of different random places I signed up for. When I would check emails I would spend like 10 minutes just deleting the ones I wouldn’t even open and get distracted reading some article on how to survive a nuke. The key here is to unsubscribe to all those emails you don’t even open and keep that little red number under 10 at all times.


Emails before


Emails after


I take a lot of picutures and film a lot of videos never really taking the time to go back and organize them. This can lead you down a slipeery slope of having a butt ton of unecessary pictures and videos which in my case actually unmotivated me to keep filming by giving me a feeling of overhwhelment and lack of creativity. When I took the time to look through each and every picture and video I didn’t only laugh at the funny moments but I also reminisced on those past memories and took note of my growth. Being able to see how I can create better videos then only keeping what I felt was necessary really gave me more motivation and clarity. HUGE RIZEN moments where created here.


Photos before


Photos after


I dont know why but for some reason I had a habit of saving texts with this idea that I would one day need to look back at them. Take for granted maybe a few times I would to get an adress that was sent prior or reheck information but for the most part I would have a huge list of recent texts just filling up and once again becoming distractions for my mind. This was a fun step as I deleted all my texts I also had the chance to remember conversations I had with people via SMS from like 6 months ago!



This was a huge one and one I am still working on. Over the past year I accumulated so many notes on my OneNote that it become so unorganzied because I wouldn’t take the time to look back and organize them. I had like 8 different notebooks all with an intense amount of information. This took me hours and hours just to transfer all my current information into it and then organize and keep what was important. I now have way fewer tabs and only 1 main notebook with 3 side note books for (Mind, Body, soul) and 1 just for Rebirth and 1 just for my Coaching career. Still quite a few but now with structure and clarity lol.

BEFORE AND AFTER from one of my notebooks

Now there are some other areas that you should also organize and clear up and these include;

  • Wallet (Keep it simple just cash and a few cards)
  • Backpack (Just leave the laptop and a few books)
  • Clothes (Organize and keep them clean)
  • Music playlists (I had like 15 playlists lol keep it simple)
  • Youtube playlists (Keep them effective and precise)
  • Car (Huge one, keep your car as clean as your room)

This is part of the FOUNDATIONAL pillar and is an essential MUST DO before you step into creating and developing. Yes this can take a bit of time so dedicate and find some time throughout your day to get all this done. Do not overhwhelm yourself. Start with just 30 minutes on the sock drawer and then call it a day! You have time. Little steps are better then no steps at all. This took me about a whole week and a half with hours dedicated so I know it can be a little difficult but remember this is for YOU. To have a clear mind and not be so cluttered or worried. Everything you do NOW is an investment for the FUTURE. So it is all worth it. Hope this helps! Send me any questions you have!

Peace and love always.

Stay in truth.