Teaching kids in MEXICO how to MEDITATE!!

Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! SMILE! Release! We are so excited to open you to the Mexico portal where we have spent the past few days studying the culture, lifestyle and people! It has truly been a memorable experience as we learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, how to be plant based, the power of one decision and the secret to happiness! In today’s portal we had the opportunity to teach some of our cousins how to meditate using the OM chant! 

Watch the video here!

Why this was so powerful!

The OM chant is a vibration that grounds you to the natural vibration of universe. Sharing this experience with young ones was truly life changing and we felt the energy quickly shift and change as we continued to OM with them.

Before this meditation

A lot of the kids here have a lot of free time to roam and explore and as we noticed there habits they tend to digest a lot of sugar, subconsciously take on habits from their parents and begin to develop lower conscious vibrations. After chanting this OM with them the next few days we would continously remind them by saying, “Lets do the OM!” and they would put there hands in prayer position, begin to breath and chant “OM!” Fascinated by this we where happy we had the opportunity to teach them a method that can help ground them in the future

Be the inspiration

The lack of awarness in this small city gave us the opportunity to spread some of the wisdom we have gained through walking this Earth. We share this with you so that you can be the inspiration that kids need. So that you can shine your light and be the lighthouse for those in need of guidance. Don’t be afraid to share your talents. Your gifts. Your wisdom. Be a kid and let go. Be you.

After this meditation

We where so inspired by the impact this left on the kids that we decided to continue the momentum and teach meditation everywhere we go. As we come back to LA and continue to travel we share the awareness of mindful breathing and mantra meditation. We reflect how one experience can truly shift the trajectory of your life. Continue to explore and put yourself out there. Search and you will find. Breath and relax. Injoy and be present.

Sending you love behind this screen!

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Align your energies.

Raise your vibration.




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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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