Diving Deep in Mexico / Realizing yourself / A message to all my Millennials!

Wherever you are behind this screen take in a deep breath! SMILE! Release! We are so excited to open you to the Mexico portal where we have spent the past few days studying the culture, lifestyle and people! It has truly been a memorable experience as we learned the difference between happiness and ignorance, taught kids how to meditate, understood the power of one decision and the secret to happiness! In today’s portal we dive deeper and share some awarness of how to realize yourself based on your current opportunity. 


Understand if you are currently living in a middle class society and have the opportunity to go to school, find a job, have access to internet, and even have a car. Recognize how blessed you are. Many of us don’t realize our own blessings and situations until we gain awarness of it. We share in our early journey we took a lot of our blessings for granted because it became our “normal” way of living. Not recognizing the grand possibilities and opportunities we compared ourselves to people who seemed to “have more” than us and always lived in a state of lack and not enough. This leading us to stress, depression and anxiety. After spending time in Mexico and studying the lifestyle we realized how much opportunity for growth and development we have.

Realize yourself.

Watch the full video here.

Stop. Breath. Take a step back. Recognize where you are in your life. What are you choosing to focus on? Many of us focus on all the things we “have to do” and have not accomplished yet we fail to recognize the amount of growth we have done already. Recognize yourself! Celebrate your growth thus far even if you feel like you have so much to go..You are exactly where you need to be! There has never been such a better time to be alive then right now In 2019! With the vast amount of information and resources available the opportunity for growth and advancement is unimaginable! You can literally amount to anything you can dream of! With focus and dedication you can achieve and manifest all you desire.

Need some direction and help?

The need for guidance and mentors is rising in demand and the industry for health and life coaches is expected to grow to a billion dollar industry in the next decade! This is exactly why we decided to hire, train and study under coaches and successful mentors to help gain the awareness needed to advance and develop. We have officially been certified under the Health Coach Institution as a health and life coach and are offering our services to help you grow and expand to your potential!

For a limited time only we are offering 1 hour “How to raise your energy” strategy sessions to help you align, strategize and gain clarity on how to boost your health, mental clarity and career goals!

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Align your energies.

Raise your vibration.




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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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