Simple mind / Happy life! Mexico’s secret to living peacefully!

As we returned from picking radishes at a local farm up the street from the home we where staying at we learned THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS is simplicity. 

Our uncle offered to take my father and I to the farm where we works. He has about 3 acres of land and utilizes it to grow & sell radishes and sweet potato. He spends about 40 hours a week applying his time and effort into this business and makes just enough to get by. We offered a helping hand for the day and got to experience a few hours of what he does daily. As we picked radishes and bundled them up we spoke about the tranquility and calmness of life here in Juanacatlan.

Everything seems more simple” my uncle told me as he told of his vision to move out here. 

It’s almost like the simplicity of life allows you to de clutter you mind and live a more happy and peaceful life.

So we asked;

“Well what makes people unhappy? Why are we facing suicide, depression and anxiety rates in the states?” 

“Happiness is a choice” my uncle Juan told me, “it’s a way of choosing how to experience your life.”

“So do the people who are choosing to be unhappy know they are choosing to be unhappy?” I replied.

“Not necessarily. Those who unconsciously choose to be unhappy are really choosing to be the victims in life. They seek attention, approval, and put their happiness in other peoples hands.” 

“Is it their fault?”

“Not really it’s all based on their programming, how they where raised and their surrounding. Yet you are always responsible for your human life. You always have a choice to choose to be happy or not.”

We found this very curious indeed as we tuned into our own life and decisions. Rizen continued to observe the conversations and acknowledged the power of choice that the people have here. Basically they have one of three choices.

  1. They can complain and say they need more money / they need more clothes / they “have” to go to work / they don’t have enough and live in constant lack and worry.
  2. They can appreciate what they have, go with it and not complain.
  3. They can stay humble, be grateful but also keep a high vision for themselves and seek continued growth and opportunity.

We noticed the majority of the people here choose option 3 considering option 1 will lead to a lot of unnecessary suffering. Very few choose option 3 and decide to seek new opportunity and lifestyle. Some do choose option 1 and you can see how they age much quicker and live in misery.

Brining it back to the states. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What option are you choosing? Consciously or unconsciously? How stressed and worried are you on a daily basis? What type of vision do you hold for yourself and your life? How grateful are you?

These are very important questions to tune into that can decide and alter the amount of happiness and joy you choose to experience on a daily basis.

The secret to happiness is a conscious way of BEING. Happiness is simplicity. Happiness is relaxation and focusing on good thoughts. Happiness is self forgiveness. Happiness is this now moment. This directly relates to the Japanese philosophy of Zen which constitutes pure present awareness to being the way of life. Zen teaches us to be more present with our thoughts and clear the mind of the complexity we tend to fill it with. It also teaches us to live a life of simplicity moving from one moment to the next and focusing on one breath at a time.

Dr.Maxwell Malts author of Psycho-Cybernetics offers his definition of happiness being, “Thinking pleasant thoughts a majority of the time.” Acknowledging the fact that thoughts create emotions we can understand that pleasant thoughts will constitute pleasant emotions. So just think happy thoughts and you will be happy!

In reality..

Most of us might be focusing on unpleasant thoughts which can create a habit of unpleasant emotions. We stress about work, we worry about all the emails and people we want to reply to and carry the heavy burden of responsibility to our different aspects of life we put on ourselves. This over time can begin to create high levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Which can explain why we have such high levels of these conditions in the states.


Simply relax. Declutter the mind. Take a step back. Take it slow. Simplify the mind. Clear the clutter. Smile more often. Meditate on pleasant thoughts. Invest in a coach! Read more. Prioritize you. Say no. Say yes. Explore your curiosities. Have fun! Do all the things that you have always wanted to do! Take a vacation! Choose you. Start making the conscious shifts to a healthier more creative life by making small changes to your lifestyle.

With that being said we close this portal. We send you our love always and hope this can inspire you to live a more simple life.

Align your energies. / Raise your vibration by taking in a deep breath / exhale and always #STAYRIZEN



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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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