8 days of being Vegan in Mexico!

Mexico is culturally a very meat dependent lifestyle. I had the opportunity to explore the life, culture, and city of Juanacatlan, Mexico a more traditional “rancho” lifestyle where a majority of the people share common views, beliefs, and philosophies. This was my second time around visiting as a fully plant based warrior and it truly was an experience to dive into eating wholesome and pure. In this post you will find my daily food intake, my vulnerability of moments I didn’t follow through with discipline, and my advice for all my latino millennials who might be experiencing similar challenges being plant based in a Mexican household! D

DAY 2; Arriving and opening up to the foods they provide.

    ⁃    @10:41am drank fresh spinach juice with orange – broke fast 

    ⁃    @11:24am ate 2 handmade tortillas with beans and calabash mix – really good but did make me feel tired / sleepy / move a little slower 

    ⁃    Noticed how my Tia and grandma love to force me to eat more than I should x) 

    ⁃    The first 2 days are experimenting with how my body is adjusting to the food / shifting back to more wholesome foods! 

    ⁃    @3:27pm – drinking my super juice (beets / spinach / banana / strawberry / papaya / lions mane / water) 

    ⁃    @4:30pm; ate jicama 

    ⁃    @7:55pm; ate rice / calabasas / 2 tortillas + a piece of bread 

    ⁃    Felt deep hunger pains / wanted to eat more and more / breathing helps / shared the bread to help control hunger / tortillas make me feel to bloated / limit now 

    ⁃    @8:25pm- chocolate banana ice cream 

    ⁃    Found accountability partners- getting rid of all cravings now to be prepped for the rest of the week 

    ⁃    @9:45pm; drank reishi tea and took 2 onnit mood and relax pills 

    ⁃    Started fasting @8:45pm

    ⁃    Average 14-16 hour fasting so eat at 10:45-12:45pm


7am – mushroom coffee 

11:35am – coconut water fresh and a piece of coco meat 

Feeling energized and focused / stomach already feels full. 

12:00pm are a bag of fresh coconut meat / breaking fast 

2:45pm – big salad and smoothie 

3:45pm – finshing the rest of my smoothie / ate some pumpkin seeds 🙂 and a few walnuts 

5:53pm- walnuts with honey 

*coconut water sips throughout*

6:53pm – guayaba 

8:45pm – coconut / banana / walnuts / Mamey / chia seeds (final meal)


@6:30am – morning adaptoggen coffee 

@10-12am – coconut water

@1:45pm; 4 tequila shots and agave hearts broke fast 

@2:00pm; fruit (cucumber, papaya, watermelon, melon) 

@5:07pm;Super salad (beets, cauliflower made with garlic, tomato and onion, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, apple, avocado, salt, carrot)Coconut Mamey smoothie (coconut, cocowater, Mamey, papaya, banana, chia seeds)

6pm – had 2 breads 

7pm – Apple and salad 

@8:01pm – experiencing bowel movements in stomach / feeling the 2 bread and tequila heavy now – tuning into the body with compassion and loving awareness.We felt a little down earlier / the language challenge is difficult but we are allowing the feedback loop to allow us to move forward. 


@8:22am ; lions mane tea 

@10:20am – coconut bowl (Mamey, pineapple, coconut water, banana) with chia, honey, and walnuts and the coco meat 

@2:25pm; super salad 

@3:15pm; 2 mangos 

@4:36pm; rice and beans with 1 tostada and alfa Alfa 

@5:23pm; 2 Rosa candies (does not serve us m) – we felt bloated and we felt like we ate too much / meal timing was off / emotional eating occurred / tuning deeper into body 

@6:20pm; 2 mangos 

@6:44pm; 1 banana 

@8:40pm- pan 

@9:48pm; I feel good / the bread was a little heavy fersure. I felt a little bloated throughout the day / breaking fast too early had its effects / went on a food phase after my second meal / body needed something heavier and solid so we had the beans and rice / it was a good energy boost / noticed that the lack of movement makes us feel anxious / when we did some workouts we felt a huge release of energy and felt much better. Thoughts where a little heavy today. Added more meditation. Candy did not serve us, good experiment. Made us sleepy. Fruit was delicious. Kept us energized. Salad was okay / the overnight lime and pineapple cut my tongue / meal timing is important and being mindful of your surroundings. Temptations and desires. Overall good day. 

DAY 6;

@8am – reishi tea 

@11:21am; coconut / pineapple/ papaya / banana smoothie 

@1:59pm; finished my bag of coconut 

@7:55pm; ate beans and potatoes to ground ourselves a little with warm and heavier foods / we noticed the high sugar intake and wanted to polarize the effects with grounding foods. We feel stomach pains and body aches. Seems the high sugar intake today has its effects. We notice more gas and our thoughts heavier. We took a nap earlier due to a feeling of fatigueness. 

@7:52pm; 2 shroom tech and 1 relax 

We notice that without our superfoods, with the low vibration association, and the high sugar foods here our body takes its tole. Support and accountability truly make a difference. Our breathing and daily practices have helped a lot. Today was probably the lowest we felt. Also making us feel unmotivated and tired. We gain an insight into how most of the food here comes with these effects. The reason why we can notice them so obviously is because we radiant from the opposite spectrum. You can’t know yourself until you know the opposite. A fire cannot know it’s fire until it experiences water. The polarity creates a self spectrum where you can test and see how your body feels. Most of the people here are used to vibrating st a lower level so they aren’t really aware of these effeftcts and cast them away as usual life pains. 

DAY 7;

@8am; morning tea 

@10am; 55/55 workouts + meditation and yoga 

@11:27am; ate a handful of carrots, calabasas, and zucchini – steamed / it as good / wasn’t as hungry / feel a little bloated / noticing my body doesn’t need to break fast that early / I can go longer and drink more water. Good observation. 

@1:40pm; finished my smoothie (Mamey(full) – banana (2) – pineapple – coconut – chia seeds – honey – water ) 

@4:45pm; are a handful on peanuts and 2 Rosa candies 

The hunger got to me / grand learning lessons to be able to gain insight 

@5:58pm; ate a plate of potatoes / beans / carrots / calabasass 

Feel full / ate a little too much / feeling a little tired / breathing helps and focus 

@11:14pm; by this time I have had a lime water (very sweet) and 4 gorditas (breads) 2 with Nutella in them. 


    ⁃    Morning tea 

    ⁃    smoothie (pineapple, coconut water, coconut, 2 bananas, honey) 

@3:33pm; finished a plate of vegetables (zucchini, carrots, squash) + water 

@5:35pm; chocolate milk from the cow 

@6:58pm; 7 chips 

@7:35pm; 6 sweet potatoes 

@9:45pm; coco water fresh / 3 breads / horchata 

Overall it was an experience. WE stayed as wholesome as we could given the environment and our body needs. We also tried common foods to see how it would make our body feel to have the direct experience of what the majority of the people consume. Is it possible to stay fully plant based in Mexico? Yes. It is possible anywhere in the world and it is essential you tune into what YOUR body needs to feel well nourished. For all my Latino Millennials be mindful of what you put into your body. Yes the temptations can be strong. The search for being accepted and approved by your surrounding community can create pressure and make you want to conform to foods that do not serve you… STAY STRONG. Respect your body. Treat your body like a temple. The lessons we learned in Mexico allowed us to tune in deeper with our body and acknowledge what serves us and what does not. We also learned to say NO and be okay with being “weird” or “different.” They will adapt to you. Stay RIZEN.


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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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