How to organize your life in 5 steps. Creating a mindful and productive schedule.

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.” As RIZEN looked around at his life he felt anxious. Things were kind of everywhere and he had moments where he didn’t know what to focus on or do. Hmm…he contemplated and decided to create a mindful and productive schedule he can follow to increase his clarity and develop laser focus. He has been making schedules for the past year and through trial and error he feels confident about this process. Follow these 5 steps while creating your own schedule and it can gift you clarity and balance.


  • The most effective way to create a well balanced schedule. In the early days RIZEN would attempt to fit in over fifteen goals and tasks in one day and over time he would burn himself out and fall back to old routine. We must remember change takes time and slow and steady progress is your best method. There is only so much we can do in one day, what is most important is the quality of our efforts not quantity. So what is a block schedule? Basically is when you create themed days. So if your in school you would dedicate one day just to homework, another day to studying, another day to Instagram posting and marketing, etc. Be creative and find what works best for you. The example I will be using is in regards to life coaching and daily living.

Step 2 Energy check 1, 2

  • One a piece of paper write down everything you are putting your time and energy into. Use the big 5 areas of life as a guide. This will give you an awareness of where your time is going and what you need to balance out. You can look at the example below of how I completed this.


  • Notice where you are investing your time? What can you let go of in this moment that is draining you? What can you add? ALWAYS PRIORITIZE SELF CARE. You cannot be efficient or productive without proper self care so I encourage you to put this at the top of your list.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.25.24 PM


  • Remember there is only so much time in one day. Use this time allocation as a reference to see how realistic your schedule is.
  • 24 hours in a day / 168 hours in a week
  • Note how much time you are investing in each area you listed above. Start with DAILY habits then go to WEEKLY ones. I started with my daily self care habits and allocated the time I invest daily. It added up to 16 hours a day (including sleep) which gave me about 8 hours to play around with.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.25.19 PM

In this example my daily self care habits added up to 16 hours a day and 112 hours a week. Which gave me 56 hours to play around with the rest of the week. In that I included 20 hours a week to focus on my coaching business and 20 hours for my paid service (work) and networking. The remaining 16 hours of open space a week for music, friends, and chilling. So basically here is how my schedule looks;

116 hours a week on Self care

20 hours a week for coaching (business)

20 hours a week for paid service (work)

16 hours a week creation (music, friends, etc)

This is what works for me and changes as I grow. Experiment to see what works for you!


Give yourself 2-3 hours of open time (nothing scheduled or planned) each day to attend to free time, schedule changes, spontaneous moments. Avoid locking yourself up in your schedule to the point where it isn’t fun anymore. The schedule is a guide not the law. Yes be disciplined but also remember to be present and take opportunities as they come.



  • Now that you have an idea of where your time is going and how you want to allocate it now it is the time to make it real! Use the calendar template and customize your own. You can even get creative and go on Pinterest for a DIY. Some people make bullet calendars others just print one out. Whatever calls to you. Here are some tips for making it real.
  • You can have multiple calendars. This is what Rizen does to keep himself focused and on track. As shown below we have a calendar for coaching, training, music, and open events and a MASTER calendar online. This allow us to focus in and know what each day has in store.
  • Print out a Habit tracker to set up your morning and night routine. This is key. How you start and end your day will depict the quality of the day. Use the habit tracker print out or you can use an app like productive.


  • Post it up! Put it (or them) somewhere where you can see it daily. If you have a master calendar put the app on your home screen and refer to it daily. Wake up and start your morning routine. Have focus and clarity on your days. Be open to the moment. Have fun.
    Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.40 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.35 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-20 at 12.24.29 PM


For the most effective results. Here are three ways to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Much love and gratitude. Stay in tune. Stay in flow and always STAY RIZEN.



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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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