If your an artist READ THIS – Don’t give up. The fear of failure explained.

Shadow work; Asking the real questions.

On this Quest Rizenffinds himself stuck. Not sure where to go. What to focus on. He felt as if he needed to gain clarity on making some life changing decisions. He takes notice of his dabling. He has been taking on several projects unable to focus on one. What is his passion? He asks spirit to guide him. From here he dives deeper into his meditations and insights. Music has been something that has presented itself throughout his life. He began to ask, “Have I been avoiding music out of fear?” “What If I dive deeper into music? What If I put myself out there? Create songs, perform, and share my passion?” What is holding me back?” Quickly other questions arose, “Am I good enough? Will people like it? Do I have what it takes?” These questions began to give him clarity. Perhaps it is a fear of failure that has been in his subconscious. Music was what began his quest towards self-actualization. It was what gave him the insights, deep reflections and guidance he needed during his time of need. When he first started his life purpose work he set off to be a rapper blending spirituality and consciousness into his work.. As he developed he put it to the side, he would come back to it and then put it to the side. He notices the pressure that money has put on him that has caused him to make different decisions. To start to focus on business and career and avoid music. He always knew music would never leave him yet why is he not building his skill sets? What if he began to get paid for music? For open mics? For meditations and poetry? For Performances? For talks? What if this was his zone of genius? He noticed how he feels when he is rapping and freestyling. He feels in a flow state. He notices how he feels when he is with others and rapping. He feels connected. Pure fun. It reminds him to just play and flow. Not worry about what he is saying or what others are thinking. The social pressure. Letting go of it. He recalls memories of open mic. When he was on stage. He felt free. Powerful. He remembers when a reflection named Sky came up to him and told him he was really talented in music and it helped her a lot. He took note of the relationships he has created through music. RA, Dillon, Sky, Kinetic, John, Aryun, Meta, Christina, and so many more. He takes notice of his past year. Through music he decided to become a life coach so he can add more value to his music. So he can become his own guru. So he can help other artists on the RIZE just flow and express.

He takes note of all this. What does this mean for his story? For what is to come next? Will he focus more on music? Build his voice and brand? Learn to mix and master, write, produce? Apply creative freedom to it? Will he balance it out with coaching? Does this mean he coaches artists looking for clarity, purpose, balance, health, etc? The REBIRTH project comes to mind.. Is it his time to complete it?

A note on FEAR.

@1:20pm; He finds himself at another Starbucks / Here he has 2 hour parking / He sits outside and reflects on the car ride. Hollywood is cool. He was listening to Mary Morrisey and her talk about fear. Fear is simply feedback. All great dream builders fail and it is actually necessary for growth. Rizen reflects on all the times he felt as if he has “failed” and learns that it was just the universe saying “not that way” and to keep going. He takes a reflection on his music, his YouTube channel, his blog, his stock market career, his clothing line, and his coaching career.. He has been dabbling a lot and has experiences many failures. He notes that the biggest transformation he has had was through Meditation. Learning to still the mind. To reflect. To contemplate. To find inner peace and self love. This is what has allowed him to grow and mature the most. He takes notice of how music started for him. He was always very creative when it came to writing song ideas, album concepts, stories, and projects. He felt as if music gives him a way to tell the story of Rizen in a creative and effective way. Yet he has had the greatest challenge with writing and executing. Conquering writers block. Is he fearful of writing? Of failure? He recalls his original intention to fuse rapping with speaking and adding coaching and meditation to it. He notes that his biggest challenge greatest feedback was writing and producing. He has always had a challenge with writing a song. He would be able to freestyle and vibe out but it would be difficult for him to repeat the process, write out and find a good balance. He has done it before. He has learned. Now is the time to tap back into it. Conquer the fear. Write. Express. Release.

He asks, “so what Is next here on this story?” He decides to reflect on his life.

As he read his story from the past year he starts to notice how MONEY PARADIGMS began to be created. Since he has had no consistent source of income since he quit his job and even when he worked he was always in debt. He has been in debt for the past 3 years and because of that it created money paradigms and pressure. That pressure he put on himself pushed him to force and rush things. It was motivating but not understanding the deeper rooted problem it created a fear of failure within him. Now that he is aware of it. He can shift it. break it. Realize that there is no such thing as failure only feedback. There is no pressure except the pressure you put on yourself. Let go. Surrender. Express. Don’t make something you love become something you hate. Don’t give up.


Rizen’s music career so far..

In my music career I have recorded over 200+ freestyles and 25+ songs. I have only released 1 song every year with the exception of the freestyle mixtape I released in 2018. Very slow progress. A lot of challenges and personal development throughout it. Don’t give up. Be patient. Our time is coming. Here are the links to the projects below. Listen for inspiration.

Self care freestyle mixtape 2018

Merry Rickmas 2017


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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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