I bought a homeless man lunch!

Going from Tristan to RIZEN

As I am here at Starbucks in Hollywood I allow myself to see how I can serve in this area. I notice my own thoughts, feelings and emotions. My own strengths and values. I met a man name Jumbali and as I crossed his path he asked me if I could purchase him a chicken salad and a Trader Joe’s carton of mango orange peach juice. My mind quickly reacted with a “I don’t have anything on me..” yet he clarified and said “no can you just buy it for me I have the money..” With the clarity I agreed, took the money and went into the Trader Joes..as I went on my mission and searched for these foods I began to think about my own abundance. I thought, “I have $20 in my pocket..” My mind guided me to gift this man lunch.. So Rizen found the salad, the juice and even picked up a cookie for him. He went out and gave him the bag of groceries also returning the twenty dollar bill, “Here you go my friend! Take this back as well its on me..” The man looked up and smiled, “Thank you man, and you even got me a desert too! I appreciate you my friend.” Rizen smiled and asked, “what’s your name my friend?” He replied, “Jumbali..” With love Rizen replied, “Well it is very nice to have crossed your path Jumbali, I send you my love.” Quickly he asked, “What’s your name?” “I go by Rizen.” “What was that” Jumbali takes out his headphones to hear more clearly, “It’s Rizen.. R – I – Z – E – N” “Oh Riza..” “close enough” Rizen thought.. They both smiled. Rizen gave him a hug and left with, “you enjoy the rest of your day my friend much love.” then he continued on his way..

Realizing the connected nature of the universe

This encounter was profound to Rizen. He thought was this his purpose for being here? For driving all the way to Hollywood on intuition..Not knowing where he was going..taking turns and exits based on what “felt right” to end up finding a parking spot that had a meter that was already paid for with a “1:03” time limit. When he arrived he asked the universe, “Let me serve who I must here.” Then he ran into Jumbali. In that exact moment, place and time. How everything worked out. Rizen was given an opportunity to serve and share his abundance. To make someone smile and in return feel abundant himself. With no expectations in return. No hidden agenda. Just love and gratitude for being able to give back. He noticed the feeling of love. As he walked he found himself at Starbucks. He tuned it and felt the energies around him. “How can I serve?” He looks around and notices the energies, body language, and characters everyone was playing. He took note of his own character, RIZEN. How is Rizen meant to serve the world? Traveling and shifting his environment gives him clarity. He decides to tap into his life purpose. To gain clarity. Is it through music? Meditation? Sharing his life experience? Blogging? Videos? Passion? A mix of all of it? He asks the universe, “Oh also don’t forget universe I am manifesting an opportunity for a side hustle that will allow me to gain currency and grow my skill set until I build my career..” He smiled, everything is as its supposed to be. What a quest it has been so far.


Beyond the story

The biggest take away from this story is how we can serve in all situations. When we walk through live with the intention to serve the opportunities wil arise. They are everywere. When we realize that we are here for others not ourselves (in theory we are all reflections for each other) then we can begin to live in abundance. Tristan became Rizen when he noticed his ego, his conditioning of lack, and took the opportunity to give back. The second he took note of his own abundance, decided to serve and give back Rizen showed up. This is how you become RIZEN. It is through lovign awareness and giving back.


Take note of your life. How are you giving back every day? Are you making the conscious effort to serve your fellow man? Or are you caught up in your life and affairs that you are closed off to the opportunties around you? I challenge you to make an action step to give back. Either by volunteering, holding the door open for someone, giving a tip, paying it forward, smiling, etc. This will raise your vibration and increase your abundance.

Watch a video of Rizen explaining the story in a fun and entertaining way 😉


Much love and gratitude,




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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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