Ultimate formula for manifestation

In this day we RIZE and shine to another beautiful day alive. During our morning routine we had a curious experience that brought up a lot of great insight. Having thoughts about how to overcome porn addictions brought up by a good friend it had me pondering how I overcame it? Do I still experience it at times and what are the best methods?

On the car ride to the gym I found myself listening to some “Hype music” to see if it would help get me motivated and pumped up. I put on a playlist I haven’t listened to in a while “Power” that consisted of hip/hop and rap, mostly mainstream music that I would expose myself to in my youth. Artists like Asap ferg, Asap Rocky, Earl Sweatshirt, Russ, and other artists and as I listened I started to notice my energy body and thoughts sway in a direction I haven’t felt in a while. It reminded me of my youth when I would wear black hoodies, consume cannabis, and want to get money and sleep with a bunch of women. Hmm did the vibrations from the music influence these feelings? I started to notice a shift in my thoughts as well going more towards sex, competition, and status.. How curious. My natural vibration quickly reacted and responded with “Where does power come from?” And I Started to tap into my why. My life purpose. Love. So I switched up the music, shifted my thoughts, and started to focus on my breath. Quickly my vibration started to shift. It took a little while for the thoughts to leave but once I finished my workout and tuned into binaural beats I became steady. A formula came to my mind that was profound and helped me understand what was happening and what I can do moving forward. I believe this formula, if understood and used correctly, can be a great tool to help you overcome addictions, shift bad habits, and manifest.

Here is the formula;

Energy output (Vibration) = # of thoughts x Focused attention

E = T x A

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.07.57 PM

Here is how it works.

We have about 10,000 thoughts per day and if we are putting attention to each one of those thoughts if can leave us drained depending on the type of thoughts we are having. Every thought omits a certain frequency. A thought about getting married and traveling can make you smile and happy while a thought of losing your business and getting your leg broken can leave you with anxiety and a need to sleep with one eye open. So if a majority of our thoughts are at a low frequency and we are putting attention to them then that vibration will grow. Basically if you focus on draining thoughts too much your are going to start to feel drained. Anxious. Worried. Bad habits start to take over. Sex. Money. Drugs. Etc. The key is to put attention only to thoughts that align with our dreams and empower us. Yet most of us aren’t at that level yet. Some of us don’t even have a life purpose and that is okay we are all on different paths BUT what is essential is we understand how to use the formula.

How to use the formula

In Mindfulness meditation they teach us to view our thoughts as clouds passing in the sky. To not attach ourselves to thoughts and let them just be. So if we learn to not apply attention to certain thoughts then they won’t take away our energy or shift our vibration. The goal is to make the focused attention a 0 for draining thoughts. If you have 200 thoughts that you will never be good enough or have a good life but you apply no attention to them and let them pass then they won’t affect you and it will look something like

200 (thoughts) x 0 (Focused attention) = 0 (Energy output)

Now that is our goal but it takes training and a lot of mindfulness practice. For now just be familiar with the concept and the formula and every time you find yourself getting attached to thoughts breath, relax and repeat the mantra “I am consciousness, I am presence, I am here.” To put yourself back into the moment and away from thought space. Being fully present is the key. It is how we detach ourselves from lingering thoughts.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.10.55 PM

For sage masters

Now for those of us more experiences with mindfulness we can learn how to use this formula for manifestation. If we have a dream or a vision then our goal is to apply full attention to thoughts that empower us and align with our vision. So if we have 500 thoughts about content creation, song concepts, business idea, etc. Then we must apply our full attention fused with immediate action to get major results. This can look like;

500 x 500 = 250,000 energy output (Vibration level)

So we can see how this can really raise our vibration. You can look at it like when in Dragon Ball Z they have those energy level radar glasses to view the energy levels of different warriors…well this is how you go super Saiyan. It Is full focused conscious attention to the thoughts that empower you and serve you.

Ideally our goal as we enter sage mode is to be consistently having powerful thoughts and mixing attention and focus onto them. At this point we can get to the majority of our day being filled with action thoughts and full gratitude.

10000 x 10000 = 100000000 (Empowering thoughts)

10000 x 0 = 0 (Unempowering thoughts)

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.04.29 PM

This is how we allow ourselves to become a witness to our thoughts and also take action on them. Remember our thinking is our greatest ally or enemy. Choose wisely.

Q and A

What if my thoughts are too powerful and I can’t get away from them.

  • Great question. They key is to remember that you cant control the thoughts that come to you all you can simply do is become a witness to them. If you are having a hard time doing this try the take 3 deep breathes, relax, and repeating the mantra “I am consciousness, I am presence, I am here” until you feel more present and at ease. You can even imagine watching the thoughts pass like clouds. Now if even this isn’t working move onto phase 2 and put on some binaural beats, go somewhere relaxing, journal the thoughts out of you and continue to focus on your breathing. Worst case scenario move to phase 3 and call a friend, go out into nature barefoot, drink CBD tea and relax. YOU WILL BE OKAY.

How do I use the formula to keep track of thoughts?

  • Great question It is highly unlikely you’ll be able to keep track of ALL your thoughts especially if we are averaging around 10,000. The formula is meant to act more as a reminder to become conscious of where you are putting you attention to. It does take practice but the more aware you become of your thoughts the better you’ll be at which ones are worth your attention and focus.

How do I get to sage mode?

  • Years of practice. That is the goal I set for myself but I am aware that it takes a lot of practice and meditation to become fully aware of your thoughts and conscious of where the energy if flowing on a consistent basis. With more experience will come better outcomes but go at your own pace. You are exactly where you need to be.

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