Easy Guide and Checklist to SELF CARE

How to get started on the path to self-care. Easy MUST DO STEPS WITH CHECKLIST

So you decided to help yourself? You selfish loving soul. I acknowledge you on your path. On making this decision to make a change in your life you have shifted the collective vibration. Thank you. You are basically halfway there. Just by showing up dedicated and willing to learn and grow you are already manifesting new realities within your favor. Plus we need you. The world is calling for sages, light warriors, truth seekers, and revolutionaries like yourself so if you’re here then it means you took the calling. You know that little voice in your head that is always guiding you. It has lead you here. So here are some basic guidelines to get you started on your self-care journey.



I know most of us are super excited and want to dive full force into this new chapter in our lives but to be honest when we try to start too big we end up self-sabotaging ourselves and quitting halfway. Why? Because we don’t allow the change to be subconsciously programmed. Remember change takes time and so does healing. So start with baby steps and be patient. Trust me This is not my first self-care attempt although it is one that I am fully dedicated to and feel confident about.




  1. Find your flow. As mentioned above take your time to to find your rhythm and see what types of self care activities resonate with you. The more consistent you are the better the results. It will lead you to finding your own personal routine and ritual.
  2. Take time to plan. Self care is a daily conscious choice. Remember knowledge does not equal behavior change. Just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you’ll do it. So make an active effort every day by writing some simple steps in your calendar, announce your plants to others, and look for opportunities to practice.
  3. Create awareness. Become aware of what is serving you and what is not. If journaling is not your thing try vlogging. If running isn’t your groove try strength training or boxing. Become aware of what activities are most beneficial for YOU.



  • Write down on a piece a paper that you are fully committing yourself this month to self-care then post it up somewhere where you can see it daily. Focus on your WHY. Why even practice self care? Why is it important to YOU. This can look something like “I RIZEN fully commit to self care this month to gain clarity, feel better and live a more abundant life. I am doing this for myself to be happy daily, to give my family and friends the best version of myself and be of service to the world. I am ready to RIZE!” Make yours as personal as you need it to be but impactful enough to re-motivate you daily.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.36 PM

  • Write a “avoid” list of habits or actives you want to start to avoid and shift. These can include avoid using your phone during lunch or dinner, watching tv for more than 30 minutes, avoid checking emails at night, committing to too many things, not leaving your house or reaching out to people.. You get the flow.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.29 PM

  • After writing what you want to avoid we can now focus on what we want to start including. Print out a habit tracker and write down at least 5 habits you want to start incorporating daily.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.06.49 PM

  • Commit to starting a night routine and getting enough sleep. 6-8 hours is recommended.
  • Commit to a morning routine and waking up earlier every day. Take it slow. If your goal is to wake up at 6am but you usually wake up at 9 or 10 start by waking up at 9am daily then reducing it 10-20 minutes daily.
  • Start a meditation practice. Begin with just 5 minutes of breathing.
  • Spend time with people you love.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes to a relaxing activity like walking, yoga or sun bathing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 9.36.25 PM

  • Join the RIZEN Collective online community to gain access to more information on how to integrate all these and have support and accountability!


This is a great foundation. Once you have all this checked off you are on your path to rising and staying RIZEN. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

So much love and gratitude for my colelctive soul family and all reading this. You are beautiful. Strong. Worthy. Infinite. WE are all on the path of healing and growth. So excited for this REBIRTH!



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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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