How to clear up the clutter in your life

Your work space is a direct representation of your mind. If you have a messy and unorganized workspace then you will most likely have a mind that reflects that as well. I never understood why my room was always messy, I would always clean it then a few days later it would go back to its homeostasis. It wasn’t until I understood the difference between cleaning and organzing that I was able to create a clean and suitable work space for myself to actually get some progress done. Here are some reasons why you should have a clear and organized space. 

  1. If you have a clear work area then you will have a clear mind.
  2. When you walk into any room your mind starts to automatically process all the items in the room. The more items = the more clutter in your mind = the less space you have to create.
  3. Less anxiety and worry. You won’t have to worry about tearing your house down to look for that dang piece of paper.
  4. More clarity and creativity. You will find it is easier to focus and develop ideas when you have an organzied workspace.

So what is the difference between cleaning and organizing? 

Well cleaning is more like putting a bandage and not getting to the root of the problem. We usualy clean before a party and just quickly put things out of site out of mind until a few days later it is all back to normal (story of my life). Organzing on the other hand can be explained in two parts; 1) Volume of things and 2) The system of those things. Volume refers to the amount of things you have, we live in an age of consumption where the average person has WAY MORE then they possibly need which ends up cluttering thier lives. It doesn’t cost anything to get rid of things so the first step is to see what isn’t serving you anymore and strive for a more minamalist lifestyle. This really helped me let go of alot of things I was just storing in my room and gave me a lot more space and clarity. The second step is creating a system for where things go and should be. This really saved my life and now I dont have to struggle looking for where I put my keys and portal gun anymore they both have a place in my room. With less stuff it is much easier it to find and place things where they belong. Here are the before and after pictures of my room/workspace. This took me about 3 full days of organzing, getting rid of, and creating a system



I would walk in and my brain would be registering a hundred things and distract me from what was important. I had clothes laying around, lots of stuff on the wall, my bed sheets where never done, drawers will filled with papers from months ago, and it was really hard to meditate in here man.


Now the major improvements is the detail of the room. I cleaned out all my drawers of loose papers and organized them (huge step), I cleared off my desk and kept it simple, I even created an alter for myself to place my beads and sage to deepen my spirituality. I am still working on the little tweaks but the overall room is much more organized and makes me feel clear and focused when I walk in! I renamed it The Dharmadhatu so whenever I walk in I have to say, “I come with peace and I am ready for love.” to keep the good vibes going bro. I even make it a point a do my bed every day and put everything back where it belongs (making huge steps here man).

Now even though this is a huge step and a lot of my students have very clustered rooms this is jsut the first step. You MUST clear the clutter from all areas of your life including unchecked emails, texts, over filled photos, unorganized notes, and more. Here are some other examples of how I cleared up some clutter in my life.


Oh man I remember this was like a 2 year challenge for me. I would always let my emails just bundle up and I would get emails from a bunch of different random places I signed up for. When I would check emails I would spend like 10 minutes just deleting the ones I wouldn’t even open and get distracted reading some article on how to survive a nuke. The key here is to unsubscribe to all those emails you don’t even open and keep that little red number under 10 at all times.


Emails before


Emails after


I take a lot of picutures and film a lot of videos never really taking the time to go back and organize them. This can lead you down a slipeery slope of having a butt ton of unecessary pictures and videos which in my case actually unmotivated me to keep filming by giving me a feeling of overhwhelment and lack of creativity. When I took the time to look through each and every picture and video I didn’t only laugh at the funny moments but I also reminisced on those past memories and took note of my growth. Being able to see how I can create better videos then only keeping what I felt was necessary really gave me more motivation and clarity. HUGE RIZEN moments where created here.


Photos before


Photos after


I dont know why but for some reason I had a habit of saving texts with this idea that I would one day need to look back at them. Take for granted maybe a few times I would to get an adress that was sent prior or reheck information but for the most part I would have a huge list of recent texts just filling up and once again becoming distractions for my mind. This was a fun step as I deleted all my texts I also had the chance to remember conversations I had with people via SMS from like 6 months ago!



This was a huge one and one I am still working on. Over the past year I accumulated so many notes on my OneNote that it become so unorganzied because I wouldn’t take the time to look back and organize them. I had like 8 different notebooks all with an intense amount of information. This took me hours and hours just to transfer all my current information into it and then organize and keep what was important. I now have way fewer tabs and only 1 main notebook with 3 side note books for (Mind, Body, soul) and 1 just for Rebirth and 1 just for my Coaching career. Still quite a few but now with structure and clarity lol.

BEFORE AND AFTER from one of my notebooks

Now there are some other areas that you should also organize and clear up and these include;

  • Wallet (Keep it simple just cash and a few cards)
  • Backpack (Just leave the laptop and a few books)
  • Clothes (Organize and keep them clean)
  • Music playlists (I had like 15 playlists lol keep it simple)
  • Youtube playlists (Keep them effective and precise)
  • Car (Huge one, keep your car as clean as your room)

This is part of the FOUNDATIONAL pillar and is an essential MUST DO before you step into creating and developing. Yes this can take a bit of time so dedicate and find some time throughout your day to get all this done. Do not overhwhelm yourself. Start with just 30 minutes on the sock drawer and then call it a day! You have time. Little steps are better then no steps at all. This took me about a whole week and a half with hours dedicated so I know it can be a little difficult but remember this is for YOU. To have a clear mind and not be so cluttered or worried. Everything you do NOW is an investment for the FUTURE. So it is all worth it. Hope this helps! Send me any questions you have!

Peace and love always.

Stay in truth.



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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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