Clearing up the clutter; the way of ZEN

Do you walk into your room and get distracted with all the clutter laying around? Do you have a hard time staying focused and creating the work that you want to create? This has been my current challenge as I build my foundation I am filled with clutter! My work space has too many distraction and is not allowing me to stay focused or create what I want. Why is this?

Why we should clear up the clutter.

Have you ever stressed for hours tearing your house apart looking for something? Well this state of constant stress and anxiety is a reality for most of us as we live in an environment filled with clutter. Here is the science to it, when we walk in to any space our brain automaticaly starts to register all the things we see (book, ruler, stapler, painting, clothes, etc.) and as it starts to register all this you start to create clutter in your brain. When there are less things to register there is more space in your brain to be free and create! Yet most of us live in a space with lots of visuals to register which means there is more our brain analyzes and it doesn’t allow us to have this extra space. Take the hotel experience for example, when you walk into a hotel room the first things you see are pretty simple (bed, lamp, stove) and there is not much to analyze. This allows us our mind to have less space to analyze and more space to create! Which can prove why we can get a lot of work done at a hotel room!

Our goal is to get rid of all that unecessary stimuli and become aware of our thoughts and think about what we want to think about! We have to understand that our thoughts trigger our emotion which leads to our actions that creates our results. So if we have cluttered thoughts our emotions will arise with stress and anxiety so our actions we be coherent with that not allowing us to get the results we want! But if we have a clear headspace then we can have control of our emotions and take action which will lead us to better results!

So how do we clear up all this clutter and where do we start?

I always like to use the way of zen which promotes simplicity. Let go of attachement and have a simple and clear space. We want to clear up all that unecesary stuff (stimuli) and develop a more organized work space. Here are some tips.

  1. Cleaning vs Organizing; Most of us clean but few actually organize. I have been caught in this loop for cleaning is just putting a bandage on the problem without touching on the core of the challenge. Organzing hits the sweet spot and allows us to create that everlasting clean space. Organzing is split into two main categories 1)volume of things and 2)structure. The volume of things refers to the amount of things that we hold on to (most of us have more than we need) and the structue is the way things are placed. Everything should have its proper place so you know where things are!
  2. Let go of attachment; We live in a society that is addicted to consumption with ads and products being constantly thrown at us. This could be the reason why I have so many uneccesary things around my house like yu-gi-oh cards, posters, magazines. We tend to have much more then we need and end up just living in a storage unit for things. If we want to get organized we have to lower our volume of things and let go of what is not serving us at this present moment. This can be hard as we develop an emotional attachement for things but keep asking yourself, “is this serving me right now?”
  3. Manage consumption; Keep an eye of the consumption rate you are in. Do you really need that Naruto backpack? or that really cool jacket you saw jackie chan wearing in a movie? Most likely not, we get a dopeamine high everytime we online shop or swipe our card and this can become an addiction if we are not mindful. Some great ideas to help is when you buy something get rid of something else, this way you are being mindful of what you should be buying. What I am doing is a 2 week shopping cleanse where I am not buying anything and just using what I got at the moment.
  4. Leave it be; Sometimes we have a habit of filling empty space because it feels “weird” this was tottaly me when I would see an empty space in my room I am already be thinking about how I can fill it with a bunch of stuff. The key is to just let the space be as it is. An empty drawer? Just let the drawer be.
  5. Emails; Get rid of that “1,110” red notifcation your emails and delete all unecessary emails. Unsubcribe from all those email listers that you dont really ever open.
  6. Apps; Delete all those apps you dont use and games tha distract us. Have a clear home screen.
  7. Photos; If you are like me I take a lot of photos and videos and I tend to not keep track of them. I’m at like over a 1,000 pictures so my goal is to delete (or transfer) all picutres that I dont need and create albums to keep me organized as I continue to create.
  8. Files and notes; I tend to keep a lot of notes and without a good structure this can become stressful when I need to refer back to them. The key is to create a system that works for us and keep the notes that we need.

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Happiness is not so much in having but in sharing. We make a living but what we get but we make a life but what we give. We can always give love. Hold space. Share our unique human experience. As a coach entrepreneur I am on a mission to help align, raise and keep my Millennial generation RIZEN with love, unity and a vision for peace. #STAYRIZEN

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