Going Vegan can save your life.

Going Vegan can save your life.

In order to survive we must eat, obviously, but what if that food you where eating was actually killing you? We are all going to die and that remains a current truth to humanity yet this being said wouldn’t you want to make your one life on Earth the best it can possibly be? Now how can it be the best possible experience if your body is decaying and you are suffering in pain and agony? Sure you can live off prescription pills to numb the pain but a bandage only lasts so long until it falls off. Cancer is one of the most common and most feared diseases known to man. Yeah that dream life of you traveling the world and enjoying a corona at the beach is crushed (or really unlikely) because having cancer is a painful and a brutal fight. You may be under the impression that cancer is random and can happen to anybody and be hoping that this doesn’t happen to you but according the an article by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, “80% of all Cancer is due to identified factors, and thus is potentially preventable.” Isn’t that miraculous? This dire fear of us getting cancer can actually be prevented to a very low risk, but don’t celebrate yet the main cause of cancer might surprise you. According to the article, “thirty percent of cancer is caused by tobacco use, and as much as 35 – 50% are due to foods.” Hmm isn’t that interesting, the food that we are eating is actually one of the main causes for cancer development. The mainstream western diet that most Americans follow is one of the leading causes for cancer and following this diet can lead to a painful death. Is this a moral way of living and consuming in modern day society? Should we continue to eat and feed our children food that can potentially be poisoning their bodies? They say we are what we eat so by eating food with toxins, disease, and unhealthy fats then that is exactly what our bodies becomes.

Before we get into the philosophical aspect of this unethical issues lets first briefly discuss a little science to get some important background information. What is cancer anyways? We hear all this chat about it but let’s first understand what it actually is. Well cancer, ‘begins as a single abnormal cell that begins to multiply out of control.” When these cells begin to spread they can create tumors that invade healthy organs, tissue, and other parts of the body. This process is sped up by substances known as carcinogens that actually promote the overproduction of cell growth. We are all susceptible to cancer the only difference is what we are putting into our bodies to either speed up the process or prevent it.  If all people are at risk at getting cancer why doesn’t everyone have it? Well most carcinogens in the body are neutralized before any severe damage can occur but at times these cells can attack our genetic code (DNA) altering our bodies composition causing us to endure a great deal of physical pain and suffering. The thing that most people aren’t aware of is it can take multiple years for a tumor to develop and become recognizable meaning that many people can be walking around with cancer cells developing and never knowing until it is too late. So what can we do about it? There are compounds known as inhibitors that that can prevent the cells from growing keeping you healthy and ready to run another spartan race! These inhibitors can be found in many plant food that carry essential vitamins! So eating more plants can help you prevent cancer from forming! On the flip side foods with dietary fat can promote the abnormal cells to grow as stated in the article, “Many studies indicate that fat in foods increases one’s risk for cancer, and it may also adversely affect breast cancer survival rates for those who have cancer.” So what kind of fat am I talking about? According to the article, “animal fat is much more harmful than vegetable fat. One study notes a 200% increase in breast cancer among those who consume beef or pork five to six times per week.” This basically includes tacos, burritos, burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, and most of the food widely promoted to modern society. I live under a Mexican household and as you may be aware a majority of the Mexican diet is pork, chicken, and beef so this highly concerning considering most of my family and friends follow this diet. “Meat and milk are also linked to both prostate and ovarian cancers.” A good friend of mine has a father who just suffered from colon cancer and I would not doubt that this was caused to the diet that he was following. As I urge my father to get checked I find it curious to note that we have to not only worry about our individual health but those of our loved ones because the food that we are eating is killing us.

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Doesn’t seem to rationale right? The food that is made public, cheap, and easily accessible is the same food that is causing us cancer and disease. It seems that corporate America has lost its morality for its people and this monetary game that we are playing is slowly costing us our compassion and connection. Companies are more concerned about building capital and meeting quarterly goals then they are the well-being of their consumers. Capitalism has blinded us of our connection as humans and our ignorance is allowing this to become a socially accepted reality. I followed the same diet before I became a vegan and looking back I was simply just under the impression that this was normal and I didn’t have time to look to much into the food I was eating. I was too concerned with social status, power, and materialistic gains that I did not even consider the food I was eating was poisonous. Although even at times I was aware I would still consume the foods that were unhealthy because of circumstance, a poor mentality (I’m going to die anyways), and self-conscious thoughts about what people would say if I would eat different foods. It’s absurd how society manipulates you to become a sheep and makes it difficult  to become a shepherd. Those who do fault from following the traditional diet and advocate a more healthier route are usually shamed and frowned upon for trying to change the norms of society which makes it extremely difficult for people to listen and get on board. It doesn’t even stop there alcohol is another factor in this cancer rate as stated, “Excessive intake of alcohol raises one’s risks for cancers of the breast, mouth, pharynx, and esophagus. When combined with smoking, these risks skyrocket. It also raises risks for stomach, liver, and colon cancer.” In high school I was peer- pressured into drinking multiple times and to be truthful I did partake in a few occasions but never to a high risk situation, I also learned my lesson quickly and ended that game. What I continue to see is the youth excessively partaking in the consumption of alcohol due to social means. “Drinking is cool man” “yo let’s catch a buzz” and “It ain’t fun unless we can drink in the sun” so this ideal of drinking is becoming a social norm and in some situations you almost feel out of place when you don’t drink and the majority of the crowd is, I look back at family parties, social gatherings, and club events. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying never take a sip of alcohol but the idea of social drinking and binge drinking is not being practiced and most people don’t have that self control to enjoy just one to two drinks at most. This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem and the stakes are high. The lives of millions of people are at risk and at this rate the future generations will be affected by the norms of society. So what can we do?

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First of we have to understand that in order to solve a problem we must identify that there is one. Our food system is flawed and it is causing millions of people to die, live in poverty, and for animals to suffer. This is a truth we must all accept. We must also understand that we as individuals have the power to change that reality by first starting with ourselves. Before you go out and advocate solutions for a better world you must first embody those ideals yourself, “To bring peace to the Earth, strive to make your own life peaceful.” As stated in the article, “All the evidence points to a low-fat, high-fiber diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, as being the best for cancer preventions.” Basically going vegan can help reduce your risks of cancer and potentially save your life. It was also recently founded that, “German researchers recently discovered that vegetarians have more than twice the natural killer cell activity of meat-eaters. Natural killer cells are specialized white blood cells that attack and neutralize cancer cells.” Also keep in mind that the word Vegan is a western derived word that is the same for vegetarian in the majority of countries. We are very stranger here in the west. Yet the facts remain true that following plant based diet that save your life and the lives of those you love. Still don’t believe me? If you are still unsure about it I challenge you to look into these individuals who prevented major diseases following a plant based diet. Megan from Happy healthy Vegan reversed terminal brain cancer, Jake Samuelsson cured testicular cancer, Ashley Murphy cured terminal breast cancer, John from Ok Raw cured his irreversible spinal meningitis, Chris white cured his stage 3 colon cancer, and millions more are healing themselves through a plant based diet! Needless to mention brilliant minds like Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Benjamin Franklin, Rosa Parks, Leonardo Da Vinci, and more all followed a plant based diet! Seems like they a had a better understanding of their bodies and how to properly nourish it. We live in a world filled with a vast amount of pain and suffering and so many of us want to do something about it, well here is your opportunity. Following a plant based diet can help to end the promotion of these disease causing foods, animal torturing, and planet pollution. You can make a difference and you can help in the aiding of our planet. Take it upon yourself to research and gain information and join the vegan revolution.

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Here are some resources you can use to joing the revolution, learn more about vegan muscle budiling, and get educated! Plus Here is the article I used.

Here is a MUST WATCH video also included below.










Veganism can save the world- BEST 15min video ever!


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