MUST WATCH spiritual teachers on YouTube

If you havn’t by now heard, spirituality is taking over the masses and more and more people are taking on a spiritual practice. Spirituality is the deepening of mind-body connection and the empowerment of the spirit. It has no direct link to religion and has more to do with personal growth and development. When I took on a spiritual practice I did not even know I was doing it! When I decided to start meditating, journaling, practice yoga and mindfullness I knew it was going to help me grow what I did not know is that all those where forms of spirituality! When I first started on my quest I had a lot of questions and needed much guidance getting over mental blockades and traps, here are 10 of the most influential youtubers and channels that can help you on your spiritual path! They are in no particualr order and all offer a uniqe take and inisght into the path of awakening. If you take the time to research, watch, and learn from these teachers I gurantee your life will change for the better and you will grow a deeper connection with yourself. Hope this helps, peace and love to all you healers! -YourGuruVita

  1. Ryan Cropper;

Is a great spiritual teacher who talks a lot about astral projection, manifestation, and other spiritual practices. He offers several online courses to help you deepen your practice as well as multiple 1 on 1 sessions to ger personalized growth. 



 *I recently discovered his channel and the information is priceless. He will definetly help you grow from the inside out and offers cool videos! I am planning on booking a 1 on 1 session with him soon! Check out his Rythmia vlogs! 

  1. Dakota wint;

Great spiritual teacher who offers advice on psychadhelics, spirituality, traveling, and more! He does great travel vlogs on his trips to india, egypt, jamaica, and more places and gives good insight on what to avoid and expect. He also has a sense of humor and writes great poetry.  


Clothing line;


  1. Koi Fresco

Koi has a channel dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, he is the author of 2 great books, and has a crystal shop that provides valuable spiritual tools. He is a great spiritual teacher with hundreds of videos on spirituality, philosophy, and more! I had the pleasure to meet him and he is a very down to earth humble guy with great insight on buddhism and hunduism. He will definelty help you through your spiritual path!


Crystal Box shop;

New book;


  1. Leo Gura;

In my opinion Leo is one of the best life coaches and teachers on youtube providing hundreds of hours on personal growth and mastery.. Leo teaches you how to master your psychology and provides deep insight into common traps we all face as we grow and develop. He also provides a life purpose course that I has the chance to take that changed the direction of my life and gave me valuable insight into my purpose on earth. Leo is worth the time to check out. 




  1. Sadhguru;

The great Indian sage Sadhguru is promoting his teaching and sharing deep insight into spirituality and awarness. He has several videos on how to be happy, developing yourself, and becoming your authentic self. He is a true master that we can all learn from.


Mobile app;


  1. Psyched Substance;

This is a MUST WATCH channel if you ever decide to or know anyone that is going to consume any psychadleic or medicine. Psyched Substance educates people on how to safely take psychedelics and gives insight into what to avoid and expect from each experience. This channel really saved my life as I journeyed into my mind. 


Test kit;


  1. YourmateTOM

Tom is an influential spiritual guide that gives awarness and insight on taking psychedelics. He provides videos that allows you to gain insight into the experience of spirituality and he is all around a great and funny dude. 




Ram Dass is a legendary spiritual leader and if you have not already read his book Be Here Now, go read it! Ram Dass is one of the greatest spiritual teachers still alive, much love to him! 



  1. Thrive movement;

Thrive is a spiritual movement that is awakening society to the truth of reality. They provide very isnightful videos on the truth of reality and will mindfuck you on what you thought was real. 


Support the channel!;



Rythmia is a center for self-discovery this place is changing the world. I recently discovered this place and I am obsessing about it, I watched the movie three times showing people the value that this place has. I am hoping to go later this year and have an awakening. I am so grateful to be alive while this place was made! 



MUST WATCH movie; The Reality of Truth film

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