How to keep track of your LIFE

Have you ever asked yourself, how did I get here? Now there can be a more straightforward answer to this like “You drove here man what do you mean?” and there can be a more existential answer like “It was every decision you have ever made that brought you to where you are in life right now.” Whoa pretty heavy right but it is very true, I used to ask myself this question daily and what followed was an even deeper question, “where do I want to go?” I found that many of us ,as we follow our quest through life, at times get lost and need a reminder of where we are heading towards. This is when I discovered how keeping track of your day can really help you gain insight of where you are and where you want to go. Over the past six months I have been keeping track of my daily thoughts, emotions, and food consumptions to be able to see where my headspace, emotional levels, and diet are at and properly conclude where I can improve. Over time this method has evolved into a way for me to gain deep inisght into who I am and existential challenges I am facing.

I do daily, weekly, and monthly recaps and when I did my first monthly recap I was amazed at all the unessecary stress, anxiety, and poor dieting I was involving myself in. I also took note at the very convincing excuses I would tell myself to get out of things that would help me grow. Now when I first started noting down my days it was very basic and not very insightful, over time I was able to see what was important and what I could keep to myself. I wanted to share with you today my current template that I use daily to give you a 6-month leap into the process! Now I do plan on contuning to update and grow this so expect this to change and grow with you as it will for me. Feel free to customize it and make it yours to fit your unqiue lifestyle! This is what I found helps me stay motivated, on track, and fuflilled each and every day!  I also attached the purpose for each section and why it is helpful for me. Hope it helps, Namaste!

I created this template based on the idea of the BIG 5 that I was taught in my health coaching school, it basically talks about your life consisting of 5 major areas. These include; Health, Money, Love/relationships, Your calling/career, and Connection to something greater(spirituality). Now they mention that if one of these major areas in your life are out of balance then the rest will be slighty off as well, so it is essential to see where you are lacking and how you can improve. This template will guide you and give you that information if done correctly. Stay balanced and stay RIZEN.

Peace and love – Your Guru Vita


LIFE Purpose;

*This is a key for developing a growing psychology that helps you become the best version of yourself. Having a life purpose can grant you a map towards the destination you are seeking. If you currently do not have a life purpose then your life purpose should be finding a life purpose, Leo Gura have a great life purpose course!


*Many people look at this word with negative connotations and there is a feeling of fear attatched to it. As Alan Watts once mentioned, “There are 2 things you should think about every day 1.Death 2.Why you are here.” Thinking abour death is actually very healthy for your psychic and allows you to embrace your current life by accepting the ultimate truth of reality. Most people who do not contemplate it tend to run away from fear and live in a state of comfort and stability while those who do embrace change and grow.

Compassion + motivation;

*One great thing to do every morning as the Dali Lama says is to focus on compassion. This is key for it starts our mind with love and forgiveness, by coutning our blessings and apprecaitng the beauty of life we can rise with a smile and a sense of humbleness. A little motivation can go a long way as well and giving yourself a little push of courage each day can give you the strength to conquer any challenge. “You can do this!”

Plan for the day/goals;

*This can make an impact on your day by priortizing what is important to accomplish and what you want to get done. Avoid being narrow minded in your “to do list” by reminding yourself that your goals are simple reminders and are not life or death sitatuations. There will be some days you do not accomplish all your goals and that is okay, just pick it up tomorrow. Also make realisitc goals, try avoiding setting 25 goals to accomplish in one day like I used to; this will only overwhelm and discourage you. Start with 1-2 goals for the day then move it up to 4-5, keeping them realistic and simple can encourage you and make you feel productive.

Wake up time

*It is recomended to have a consistent time to wake up to allow your body to properly get ready for the day. Keeping track of the time you are waking up each day can give you an idea of your sleep patterns and what type of night routine is working best for you.


*They say you have about 30 seconds after you wake up before you forget about 90% of your dream. Most people dismiss their dreams but for those of us who take the time to write down and analysis our dreams you find very profound messages, When we sleep we are left with our subconscious mind and these are the things we store deep down inside that we even forget we have, most dreams have messages or meaning tied to them that can help you with current situations. I have been following my dreams and understanding certain struggles and challenges I am facing subconsciously which has helped me find peace today.

Morning routine checklist

*How you start your day will influence how the rest of your day will be. Creating a strong morning routine can mean having productive, fulfilling, and positive days. Now this will take some experimentation but find what works for you to have a head start of your day. I always start with water to hydrate myself, soft music, some stretches, and meditation to get my mind ready to conquer the day with love!

Daily meditation;

*Meditation is key to living a well balanced and peaceful lifestyle. I cannot express to you how essential mediation is if you want to have less anxiety, fear, and depression. Developing a daily meditation practice will not only revolutionize your life but those around you will see the difference. I have been meditating daily for about 4-5 months and just hit my 2K mark on headspace and I have seen a huge shift in myself. I have become more understanding of others, more forigiving, much more loving, less egoistic and developed a state of peace within myself. MEDITATE!

Daily yoga;

*YOGA is a science; 5,000 year old science of consciousness of the metaphysical nature of reality. Yoga has the same amount of importance as mediation, your body is probably very tense and carries a lot of weight that needs to be released. Yoga can help alleviate stress through certain poses of the body, increase your breathing, and it involves meditation as well. Waking up and doing Yoga will get your body ready for the day and doing yoga before you sleep will help you release any stress you might have accumualted. Now for the Yogi’s the goal of Yoga is to reach Sahadi Shamadi; Realization of the absolute, of the infinity. It is the Purifications of all your Karma including your EGO. All your BAD habits.

Quote of the day (self or found)

*I find that a daily quote can motivate and inspire you each day. This can be either a quote that you think of or one that you find.

Daily thoughts

*This is an essential section and includes any daily thoughts, observations, or ideas you might have throughout the day. You ever wonder “man if I would write down all my thoughts I would be a millionaire by now” We all have brilliant ideas the only thing is we do not execute on them! Writing them down is the first step and can also help you release any negative thoughts.

People you see/thoughts;

*Developing healthy relationships with the people around you will make a huge impact on who you are. You are your environment and you only know yourself by other people. Taking note of your intereactions with people can give you insight into the type of relationship you have with them, who they are, and who you are. Keeping note of this will be very helpful as you identify patterns and find solutions in enhancing relationships.

FOOD OF THE DAY(take picture)


Energy level


Energy Levels


Energy levels

*We have all had that new years goal of “wanting to be healthier” but always seem to just wait until next year to start again. Now is your chance to take control of your life adn accomplish your goals by starting with keeping track of your daily food consumption. The simple of act of seeing what you eat, the time you eat, how you eat, and how all that effects your energy will allow you to see what types of foods are working best and where you can improve on!

Workout of the day;

*Keep it moving! Daily movement can make a huge difference on your body. Try and get out and enjoy a brisk walk or go to the gym and pick up some weights, it doesn’t matter how you move as long as you are moving! I will talk more about this in future posts.


Daily spent;

Daily gained;


*You ever wonder where all your money went? Well here is your personal finance tracker, just keep track of what you spend each day(include where and what you spent it on) and how much you gain and you can see where your money is going.

Night routine checklist

*The importance of a night routine is just as essential as a morning routine. You ever lie in bed just thinking? Not being able to sleep, tossing and turning until you get so tired of that you eventually fall asleep then BOOM the alarm rings. Yeah that used to be me too until I realized that I needed to get my body ready to sleep in order to get proper sleep. This will take some experimentation but start with at least 15-30min of just unwinding and releasing any thoughts. This can include meditation, yoga, journaling, listening to soft music, and letting yourself get ready for sleep. You deserve it!

Takeaways for the day;

*SO what is all this for? You have kept track of all the things above now you have all this information for the day and now what? Well here is the most crucial part of the daily traacker, it is to note what is working best so you can keep doing that and what you need to improve on so you can improve that. It is as simple as that! Yet most people over look this step, DO NOT OVER LOOK THIS STEP. This will show you where you need to grow and how you can become the best version of yourself. With this step I have been able to start my blog, get rid of nasty habits I had, grow my mediation practice, and release negative emotions. Simply by understanding the importance of what and where I need to grow.

Thank you my people, hope this helps!

Here is an example of one of my daily QUESSTS 

QUESST 37 Day 2 of debut; BIRTH OF GURU VITA


RIZEN; (“I AM RIZEN; a student on the path of the sage mastering myself and seeking enlightenment. I search for truth, embrace love, and balance myself. My quest; to discover the psychic and spiritual abilities of a human being and understand the nature of reality and the self.;( To discover how we can live the most fulfilling life as humans and develop a better society based on love, unity, and vision.) My life purpose; To use my life experiences, thoughts, and research to share my journey with the world promoting inner peace and self love. To become a Guru that teaches about the way of the sage and living a fulfilling and well balanced life. I am here to lead my team of sages, THERIZECOLLECTIVE a team of like minded individuals promoting self-expression, love, and unity and avoiding any hate, criticism, and judgement.)


Every thing changes and people die; the cruel world that we must find beautiful peace in. Allow ourselves to continue the path to the sage and remind ourselves to be an influence of our generation. We are ready and the time is now


LET GO; do not be afraid to be your authentic weird, loud, unique self. You find that you are more free and feel much more genuine when you do so. Your energies get stronger and you feel happier.

Keep doing you and spreading your message; you have a lot of power that you have to express each and every day; keep staying positive, peaceful, present and expose yourself to the daily adventures by not being afraid. Talk to people, meet up with friends, breathe, have discussions with teachers, do the homework, write philosophies, write the bars, and do what you love.


Current questions to think about and answer;

  • What is Sagehood?
The path towards self-mastery and living the most fulfilling life possible. Confucius would remark it as finding JEN which is developing proper relationships
  • What is enlightenment?
Is cultivating the experience of inner peace and self love by being fully in the present moment and awakening to the truth of reality.
  • What is the Tea ceremony?
 A ceremony that was born in ancient Japan that celebrates the tranquility and beauty of every day life.
  • Why is meditation important?
It develops a habit of finding peace in the most destructive moments.
  • What is the Millennial Revolution?
Now formally known as the Spiritual Revolution consists of New Age millennials awakening to the truth of reality and being involved in the development of a better world revolving around the unification of love and vision for peace. This awakening is reached by the cultivation of inner peace and self love . The revolution is being led by multiple individuals and organizations including  Rhytmia, Koi fresco, Dakota Wint, Gaia, and now myself with the creation of Spiritual Healers.
  • Who is RIZEN? What is his purpose?
Rizen is an alter ego I created and state of mind reached through the unification of the mind, body, soul. It requires the cultivation of inner peace and self love attained through meditation and in some cases psychedelics.. It represents a REBIRTH process that one must go through to find liberation and the divine state of mind that lies within all of us. Stay Rizen
  • Describe VITAQUESST?
Vitaquestt is my spiritual quest through life that I share on YouTube. It describes my daily adventures and experiences as I become a Guru and share my love with the world.

WOKE UP; 6:04am little tired but good


DREAM; was trippy it was about Gabi and we were about to make love but she had like a mental breakdown and went crazy on me and started crying then I was like man you crazy dude and I left; we were having this party event at Gabis House; then in transitioned into my uncle and I felt that he was in pain he was about to meet up John and we were in my moms car and she parked in the middle of the street then left! Interesting dream.



Hydrate; @6:26 1 bottle

Write down dream; yes

POOP; 6:31am

Meditate; 7:38am

Yoga; 6:50am

Play with jack; 10min

Write in journal; 15min

GYM; 9:30am running 2.7miles

Breakfast ; @8:00am

MUSIC; none didn’t load

Finished ; 8:19am



QUOTE; “I believe that my generation is going to be the one that changes the way we live and see the world. I believe we all know inside that we can make a difference we just don’t know how. I believe we all know inside that we should do something but don’t know what to do. I think with a little help and support we can truly make a change. If we unite and with love and strive for the same vision of peace and harmony then we can develop better people. We can learn from our ancestors and apply the methods they have taught us to build a better society and a better world. Now is the time we rise and we stand for what we believe in. Now is the time we speak up and share our truth. Now is the time we make a change.” –Guru VITA





@9:37am ; Warner bros museum tour by forest lawn + Anne burg photo in century city + norton Simon museum + Getty museum + Camarillo mechanical gardens

@2:20pm; Needed a new prescription for my glasses so on thursday we are going to meet with the homie to get it corrected; Talked to Harold and he helped me out with getting my correct sense.

@2;28pm we were able to clarify what we need and want out of life; we are going to focus on becoming a Lifestyle Guru and see where that takes us; Life coaching is what we are going to focus on and REBIRTH is our first project that we must complete before we move on with out training.

@5:15pm; taking a poop; thinking about life while I sit. I feel this sensation of clarity of having found a sense of direction after these past 6 months. After struggling, thinking, idea building, and dabbling I feel that I have found what I want to master. I have had several “this is my time” and “okay I’m going to get it now” moments where I would be filled with excitement then I would lose motivation because I wasn’t sure if that’s what I wanted to do. From music to health coaching to drawing and owning a clothing line I wasn’t sure how I could blend all my passions together. I knew I always to follow the path of a sage, I just didn’t know how I could monetize that and build a lifestyle behind it. When I discovered becoming a guru that emphasized on lifestyle I felt as if this was always what I wanted to do. I could see myself clearly focusing on this, building skills, coaching, teaching, reading, learning, growing, and mastering becoming a guru. This I felt was the path towards becoming a sage and would give me the most amount of fulfillment. I felt as if I over analyze things sometimes and beat myself down; I have been able to tell myself to just let go and dive into it. To follow my intuition and speak from my heart and this will guide me. I am blending my music, drawing, and coaching skills together to create a unique coaching style that will not only be effective but creative! I feel content and when I fall asleep I smile, when I wake up I’m excited. This feeling is different and is one I want to share with the world. I could only imagine what is to come considering I just embarked on this path fully.

@6:30pm; why do we live this way? Why do we kill each other for power, greed, and corruption? Why do we let our people starve? Why do we take and battle? Why do we criticize and hate? The land I live in was created off of power and greed; the native Americans found peace and we took that from them. Why do we conform instead of standing up? Why do we work as slaves instead of following our dreams? Who is making these rules? Why should we follow? Why do we live in fear? Where is our power to bring peace?

Why do we let our people suffer? When we will stand up and rise?

@6:48pm “I believe that my generation is going to be the one that changes the way we live and see the world. I believe we all know inside that we can make a difference we just don’t know how. I believe we all know inside that we should do something but don’t know what to do. I think with a little help and support we can truly make a change. If we unite and with love and strive for the same vision of peace and harmony then we can develop a better society and world. We can learn from our ancestors and apply the methods they have taught us to build a better society and a better world. Now is the time we rise and we stand for what we believe in. Now is the time we speak up and share our truth. Now is the time we make a change.” –Guru Vita


YOGA; Goal (20min)

23:18 yoga with Adrienne; core power wake up

Great session today got my core going and my body ready for the day


MEDITATION; GOAL (20 min each day)

20min in day 6 of balance ; I found many thoughts lingering ; my right leg fell asleep; my back needs to be straight and I got a little sleepy towards the end



@9:30am went to running class and ran; we have to do some make up runs to cover our absences; Did good today

@2:00pm; We made it to our nutrition class; we are learning more about life coaching from the Deepak Chopra institution; We are doing teacher evaluations and I gave her a very good review I find her to be a good teacher for her first semester and I see her only growing.

@8:32pm; leaving Barnes and nobles did good on developing the study guide for modern philosphy; there are some questions I want to make sure I can answer. Overall I love the environment it helps keep me focused on my task.


HCI: Took a break today




MASTERY;  25min during my run this morning


REBIRTH; I am getting inspired every day and I see the value of this project more and more. I listened to xxxtentacion 17 album and ? And it was cool to see him express his pain yet what I find is he does not offer a way out of it. Respect to him for relating to people and being able to express himself. I want to be able to relate to people through my music but also offer them a way to overcome their struggles. In the rebirth project I feel like I can make this happen. It is a project that tells my story of birth, ego death, and REBIRTH to show how RIZEN came to being and GURU VITA; I want it to be a video series, music project, and self-discovery course.



@9:22am Met up with Gabi; It was cool I told her about some stuff in my mind and she is helping me build a solid plan and foundation; it is good to know that she cares.



Breakfast; choco bowl (almond milk with chocolate Vega mix + banana + strawberries + chia + hemp + flax + green granola + coco granola )

Energy level; 8

Lunch; 3 Tostadas @11:30am; With rice, beans, cheese + water

2:20pm; Smoothie (Mango, banana, pineapple)

Energy Levels; 8

Dinner; Salad bowl (Spring mix + Broccoli + cauliflower, cahsews, carrots, string beans, cranberries. Chia, flax, strawberries)

Energy levels



Miles; 2.70 miles on the track in 25min good run! S

printed the straights and walked the curves

Workout; just running



Daily spent; 0

Daily gained; 0

Total; 0



Started at 10:25pm

-Said goodnight

-Brushed teeth




-Sleep by 11:35pm



  • I am currently hungry so I must increase my food nutrients throughout the day! Find meals to make and make sure you are getting the proper amount of fuel

  • Check the wordpress site; I think we just have to change the username + purchase a custom domain then we should have theblog going

  • We are going to master life coaching! Becoming a Life Guru! So this we must commit all our time too

  • Our first official debut will be through the REBIRTH project which I will finish over summer for now focus on building the foundation

  • Finish mastery this week then purchase book to annotate

  • Develp template for daily quessts for people to use




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