How society can learn from ANTS

In the film, Ants: Nature’s secret Power, it highlighted the qualities and unique strengths of several ant species. In parts of the forest there are ants that perform high quality duties that show the power of community work and efficient organization. As I watched this film I was amazed with capabilities of the ants and I found similar traits that relate to our human society. In the movie I recognized the importance of social organization for survival, individual survival, and human interference.

I found the message of the movie to be aimed towards the relationship that the ants have and how efficient they work for the survival of their species. I related this to how we live in modern society and the social organizations we hold to keep us alive. With ants they have an effective way of efficiency through having specific ants perform duties that they are more property equipped for. This allows for a decreased time for finishing tasks and uses the strengths of the colony. With humans we have a similar system and have people work individual tasks that they have adequate skills for. For example we have computer technicians, building designers, farmers, lawyers, doctors, etc. All with specific skills that help them perform their duty. Yet the problem I found with modern society is that most humans perform tasks that do not add to the survival of the race but the profit of an organization. We have jobs like financial advisors, employees at movie theaters, fast food chains workers, social media entertainers, etc. Jobs that add to the economical aspect of our lives and improve our entertainment but dismiss essential survival. I find a lot of jobs that we perform as humans are completely irrelevant towards the enhancement of the race when we have technology that can improve our lifestyle in most of these areas. For example we can implement a more modern design to eliminate intermediate jobs for entertainment, we can incorporate a more effective vegetation system to avoid jobs in factory farms, we can improve systems of clothing and apparel to eliminate factory jobs with poor conditions. Unlike ants we are more concerned with financial gain then the survival of our species. This can be shown with the vast amount of environmental problems, poverty, and economical appeal. I believe there can be a lot to learn from these ants to coordinate our actions more efficiently to develop a much more improved way of living and increase our survival.

I also found the ants to show the emphasis they make on the colony and not the individual. In the ant society they are more concerned with the survival of the colony then individual lives. They rather risk the lives of individual for the survival of the race. With humans I find that we at times value individuals more than a society due to our strong emotional attachments. We even cause death to millions of our own for power and financial gain and participate in wars and battles that leave many dead and much in ruins. Many believe that wars are fought for the survival of the race but this I believe this to be flawed, battles are won for the gain of individual groups or countries and focus more on the rise of rulers and leaders then the benefit of the human race. If anything these wars decrease our chances of survival leaving the environment in a poor state and creating a cycle of hatred. Only 3-5% of species make the transition of individual living to societal living and even though humans are considered to be in this category I find that the majority have an individual living mindset. The most common one being, “it is me against the world” as if they are fighting this huge battle against their own race. Even though this has some truth attached to it in terms of emotional appeal and financial success it strays away from the concern of the welfare of all humans and the importance of unity and working together. I see our social division to be pushing us towards our own destruction instead our own survival.

The morality I found in this video was leaned towards the importance of taking care of our forests and species. Human interference as shown in the video destroys the colonies of these ants through deforestation; we kill so many species for the benefit of our own culture. We are more concerned with creating land for homes, cutting down trees for paper, and focusing on agriculture then we are the ecosystem living on these areas. We have simple solutions that we can integrate to live in perpetual balance with nature and avoid the mass destruction of all these animals and species. By incorporating more ideal ethic and programs we can create a better environment for all to live properly. These ants work well with their environment and survive off the land, we can learn to do the same and avoid unnecessary pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss. We must integrate a new way of living if we want to revolve around the idea of “survival of the fittest.” Many are lead to believe that surviving is about power and strength but that is a fallacy, the proper way to survive is through efficiency and integration of social unity. At this rate we are not only destroying the environment that we live in but also our very own human race. I believe that in order for us to survive we must learn from the social power of ants and live in harmony with ourselves, our society, and our planet.


Now is the time we RIZE and develop a world of LUV.



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