This post has one purpose and one purpose only: to remind myself of my dream. This post is to be read every day and is the beginning of my quest through my life or as I like to call it the, “REALM of RIZEN.” It is the beginning of letting go of my ego and balancing it with my soul. The start of me taking control of my life. To have a vision and make it a reality. To stop dreaming of helping my family and inspiring people and start executing. To make a difference. So I will concise this and generate my motivation. It will consist of one basic question: why? 
I repeat, why? What is this all for? Why am I working so hard to create this vision? Why am I alive? Why do I exist? Do I serve a purpose? All questions that I have spent years answering until I realized that I may never have a concrete answer but perhaps one that suits me at this moment. So this is my subjective philosophy that I have created.
I am here to serve a higher purpose I call my “DIVINE DESTINY.” It does not have affiliation towards any religion but more so it represents the ideology that my existence is to impact others. To serve the divine is to understand that there are forces far greater than you and I that we simply don’t understand. My quest through this life has allowed me to understand that I truly believe that we are in an illusion and that ultimately reality is nothing like this one. In this “DIVINE DESTINY” I will find inner peace within myself and reach SAGE MODE, which simply is gaining the knowledge I search for. It is to give my family a better life; my mom, dad, sister, uncle, grandma, grandpa, girlfriend, and dogs all will be blessed with the opportunity I can offer them, to be happy. I will put an end to poverty, war, and ignorance by promoting the Venus project and making it a reality. I am here to promote LUV. To spread peace and positivity and impact the lives of individuals in a positive way. This is way beyond me now, this is for m family and the human race.
Remember young RIZEN, you are here for a reason. Even if that reason is irrelevant in the entirety of the universe it is a reason that is important for you. Your voice matters. So read this and remember why you are doing this. For the people who reach out to you with gratefulness of your message . For all those people who tell me I am helping them. To all those who need me like I need them. To my family who is struggling with finding themselves, to give them what they need. To be here for them in more ways than one. To prove to myself that I can achieve and never give up on my dreams. 


As you grow your philosophy and motivation will only enhance and grow stronger. When you read this get back to the hustle. When others read this it will be the start of many more to come. They will see your progress and understand why you are so persistent. 
Read this and remember your purpose, remember your why. Because when the time comes and death visits your door upon your quest to the afterlife, you will be able to go in peace for you lived the best life that you could have ever lived. Stay RIZEN. 

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