How to live in the NOW

Stop. Breathe. Relax. The three words I use to ground myself back into the present moment. I find at times (currently) that life can seem overwhelming and it creates this type of anxiety that pushes me into this void of thoughts. When you are constantly trying to be productive I find that you are actually being unproductive. “What can I do next?” “What can I do right now?”, “How can I be productive?” Although this can be beneficial at first, when you make it a habit of always searching for the next thing, you tend to slip away from the present. 

This has been a challenge I have been facing for quite some time now as I continue of my path towards spiritual metamorphosis. I find that I yearn so much to become an independent individual that reaches enlightenment that I tend to focus all my energy on my next move. This habit I have makes me lose track of my current groove and lose some appreciation for life. When I start to feel unproductive, I fall into my thoughts of what I can do next. When things don’t work out the way I plan them to, I adapt to see what else I can do. Seems like a good philosophy, right? Striving to always stay focused and driven may seem tempting, but what this doesn’t teach you is how to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. 

I have found a solution towards this challenge and this is to all those who face this dilemma as well. It is possible to always be productive, this is true, but it will require a change of perspective. It will require you to see things in a different light and react in a way that is beneficial to you and those around you. For example, I currently was feeling a bit stressed out because I felt as if I was not being as productive as I could be. I was telling myself that I have to do something, I have to think of something to be productive or else I’m wasting my time! This was a fallacy for when I shifted my perspective I realized that being here in the moment and just enjoying the time with those around me is just as productive and beneficial. I realized that here in the city we tend to live life with speed and expectancy. We are always trying to fill up our time with things like being on social media, checking emails, or looking up the latest gossip. To be in the moment means to appreciate those around you. It means to appreciate the environment you are in and the actions you are doing. To be in be moment means to understand that nothing is guaranteed and all is temporary.  To be fully present, aware, and at peace with it all.

This will allow you to cherish every moment, whether it is just enjoying a soda pop with some friends or working on a website for your company, borh are equally as important. Memories are what you carry with you, experiences are what influence you, and moments are what you remember. So my philosphy is to be in the moment. To make every experience worthwhile by shifting your perspective in a way that makes it so. To enjoy life as it comes and stop trying to control things, instead just enjoy the flux of the universe. This is what I noticed today about me, it is what I had to remind myself of. To live in the now. 

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