Being spontaneous can change your life.

Spontaneous moments lead to memorable memories. A saying that has held its truth with me over time. Today as I decided to spontaneously accept a friends offer to join him on a journey towards a hike, I experienced moments that have allowed me to go into what I like to call, “Philo thought,” or basically philosophical thought. This mind state of thought process is one that I find myself radically thinking about ideals and different aspects of life. It allows me to gain perspective and find wisdom within myself through self reflecting on experiences. As the day comes to an end and I continue my studying for a philosophy test tomorrow, I conclude my findings for today’s experience. I ask the question, what is your story? 

The second you try and control things is the moment you lose it. I allowed the flow of the water to guide the stream of my experiences throughout the day. A gem was hidden under my nose as I was taken to the mountains of my own home, I found a place of true peace. It was a place where I could appreciate the mountains, enjoy the suns rays, and daze into the beautiful view of nature. It was my first experience climbing rocks with the thought of falling to a possible death clinging on to me. Surprisingly I was very calm for my first time facing death in some minuscule way. I trusted myself to hold onto the rocks and reach the summit, it was a true rush of endorphins as I sat on top of each climb and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Being able to experience nature in a way I never had before was truly eye opening, the silence and the satisfying feeling of being away from my own world of expectations was a true gift. Yet this was not the highlight, it was the wisdom I was able to gain. 

As I met new friends and introduced myself, I engulfed in their thoughts and experienced a small side of their character. All I had on me was my phone and my clothes for the day, as time passed on it made me realize the uneccesary need for many of the things I have. I realize how having a few valuable items is actually having a lot. More is less. I had great discussion with a friend who showed me his knowledge and mentality developing over the years. He shares thoughts about death, our system of life, revolutions, war, corruption, politics, and books. I was able to come to a grand realization, one in which I had found but never understood until this moment. The idea of my ego and who I believe to be. I have developed this concept of Tristan Esquivez in which has manifested into the belief of who I am today. This is a logical fallacy for I am not my ego, that is simply a symbol to represent a bigger picture. I am the universe experiencing itself just as you are too, upon death I shall see through the eyes of all as I close the perspective of my egoistic self. For at least this is what I believe and as I come to this realization I see how interesting my life has come to be. 

Every experience is temporary and every moment passes me by no more than once. If I am to live this experience through the eyes of Tristan Esquivez it is highly essential for me to not only balance my ego with myself but to make this experience of life worth wild. I look at each day as an individual experience adding to the universe, a small aspect of a bigger picture. I make it a point to live everyday as it is my last and make every moment I have to be memorable, enjoyable, and interesting. It has created a more suitable lifestyle for myself as I live with no regrets and appreciate each day as it passes me by. I am able to more easily become a wave in an ocean of water we call life, to let myself ride with the currents and flow into the shores of reality. This is an essential realization for it has opened up my eyes to the irrelevance of insignificant benefactors of life that holds us back from our full potential. These factors are what we have labeled to be: fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and anger that have disabled us to live fulfilling and memorable lives. They are emotions I have felt and dealt with and understand their power over the body. I have now come to understand that they can be overcome with the right amount of wisdom and strength. To live a life filled with peace you must first master letting go of suffering. 

When I arrived back from this trip I realized what must be done. My philosophy revolves around a balance of the mind, body, and soul. Given the western culture and to be able to support and reach out to a higher audience I included a financial aspect to this ideology as well. I have labeled this philosophy, Quattour Statera, which is Latin for balance of four. It described a mutual balance between your emotional, mental, and physical self with the addition to your financial goals. I claim that with mastering the balance of these four aspects of yourself, you have officially enlightened and risen yourself towards inner peace. It is only when this balance is met that the true empowered and higher conciouss self has been reached and you are in the state of RIZEN. A concept I created to describe the balance of the higher conciouss and balanced ego. This is my destiny to reach this state, to teach it upon others, and start a revolution towards peace. 

This was my lesson for the day that I have experienced. It is my days knowledge and current wisdom. If today was my last day I can truthfully, honestly, and soulfully say it was a good day. I am one more step closer to becoming a sage. 

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