A question that has pondered my mind throughout the years. Growing up through the Catholic faith I used to value an Omni-God; a God that is all knowing, all powerful, and all good. As I grew wiser with experience I saw that the amount of evil in the world was so overwhelming and that if there was a God why would he allow there to be so much evil in this world? From slow painful deaths, to genocyde, to massive destruction from earthquakes; are these evils necessary? 

The most common theist response would be yes, for there must be evil for us to understand good. This is true. We cannot know what being good and loving is without understanding what evil and pain is like. I choose to correlate it to the ying-yang theory of balance, that there has to be an equal amount of good to balance out the equal amount of evil. Yet I still had to ask the question does there have to be soo much evil in this present world? It seems to me as I turn on the news, read articles, and meet more people that this world that I live in has an unbalance of evil. With a majority of our population being strictly religious amongst the Christian and Muslim faith I tend to fear that perhaps this faith that we hold through religion has blinded us from seeing the harm we are created towards one another. 
Now I don’t want to come off as an aethiest preaching that we should have no religion and that God is not real. More so I have come to understand that my beliefs revolve around religious pluralism, which basically means I believe that life is so subjective that each individual has their own path that they create to work for them. With this being said if you choose to believe in God and join the Christain or Muslim community then by all means dedicate, explore, and practice it all you want. I am not here in this planet to judge, cause pain, or even criticize my fellow humans, I believe I am here to spread love, wisdom, and peace. With this ideology I like to share that your path is whatever you choose it to be as long as it works for you. It seems to appear that this is not the case for many, as I have met many dedicated religious people I have found that they have let themselves be narrow minded and ignorant in their faith that they have decided to push and criticize all those whom don’t believe in their ideals. This is common amongst my people and it has been the main cause of wars, chaos, and an unbalance of evil. We seem to be taught to not appreciate diversity and instead practice exclusivism. This is what I mean when I say that religion has become the source of evil upon our people.

I truly believe that the idea of religion is beautiful, people are just stupid. That the concept of religion is meant to give you hope and faith, give you strength and guide you through your way of life. The problem is people take this idea and want to enforce it upon people without being open minded and understanding that life is subjective, not objective. There are people that condemn others for not believing in the same thing and people that take it to the extent to even murder others. It is very sad to see how we humans have corrupted this idea of religion and instead of striving for love, acceptance, and peace (that we all internally yearn for) we instead ridicule, hate, and fight one another out of ignorance. 
I sit here today writing this with a promise to myself. That even though most of the world believe that evil is necessary (which it is) I will argue that there does not have to be this much evil. That we humans always have a choice to decide how we want to live and govern ourselves. I promise to dedicate my love towards believing that we can achieve this peace and unite as one. I stand for this idea of peace and love, I believe with all my heart and soul that we can make this world much more balanced. I am here to show you that we can obtain inner peace and if I can do it, so can you.


2 Replies to “WHY IS THERE EVIL?”

  1. Ja, WHY is murder wrong? (Genesis 9:6; 1:26!) In college, we had Carl Bajema, who taught Darwinian Revolution and studied “evolutionary epistemology,” with us, the idea that knowledge grows by conjecture and refutation as organisms form grows by evolution (Karl Popper). We told him if he returned home from the office this day to find his wife raped and family murdered, he would know that despite the truths of survival and reproduction, an INJUSTICE had been committed.

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  2. Not that this explains evil and how there can be a God, but first, all is a gift, and people blame God when there is less of the gift. Second, when things get better, where does that Good come from? So, there is God. But the human soul is free, cause God wants friends (John 15:12-15; 21-phileis moi?). The human soul has royal capacity, and hence, choosing evil, can become the opposite. Aristocrats can be oligarchs, and kings tyrants. Still, it gets pretty bad from the mortal point of view. But only 1/3, not even 1/2 the angels fell, (Rev. 12), and as Crissy Hein promises, “They’ll fall to ruin one day.” Lao Tzy, in the Guy Fu Feng translation, and Socrates, is a blessing. Peace to you!-mm


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