While walking to the library and swimming through my sea of thoughts I came across an interesting idea. As I have found you cannot prevent the inevitable, but you can prepare for it. What do I mean by this? It’s actually quite a simple concept, for example say you are currently attending school and you had a test today. There was no way to prevent yourself from taking that test unless you want to endure the punishment of a poor grade, so you made a choice to attend and take the test. Now you can’t prevent yourself from taking the test (surely you can conjugate a master plan to sabatoge the teacher) but let’s for simplicity sakes say that this was a final and if you did not attend you were going to fail the class. In this example you cannot prevent the inevitable that you are going to sit down and take that test, but what you can do is prepare for it. You understand that you will be taking this test and with the power of choice you are left with two options: study and prepare for the test or just wing it and deal with it when it comes. This is the power of choice and the power you have to prepare for the inevitable.

Now me being a young philosopher my mind tends to think deeper into ideas like these, so let’s get to it. Taking a test can seem like a big deal if you are a full time student striving for success but let’s use an example that all of us can relate to at some point in our lives; death. I ponder on this idea of death almost every day asking myself questions like: am I ready to die? What will it be like? What even is death? And I hope I don’t die in a ridiculous way. Although the last one is not really question I’m sure it’s something we all can agree on (unless your purpose is to make it on 1000 ways to die). We cannot prevent death from occurring, it is an inevitable ordeal. We all experienced birth and we all will experience death. This is a fact for all mortal humans, now relating this to the power of choice we are left with two options: we can prepare for death or we can deal with it when it comes.

 Personally as I ponder on this idea I ask myself how can I prepare for death? Is such an action even possible? It’s not like I want to plan out my funeral and pick out my coffin and start a RSVP list to see who will attend, now I like to do some pretty radical things but I’m not too favorable on those actions. More importantly I asked myself, “well I can prepare for death by simply accepting it.” And what this means is I used to be very frightened by the concept of death, I believed it was because I feared the unknown. I have come to realize that this was actually false, that it was not so much a fear of the unknown but more so I feared not being able to experience all I wanted to. I feared not being able live life to the fullest, not fulfilling all my dreams and being forgotten like most people are. This was what I truly feared, having a life not fully lived. I wanted to face fear and this was one of my biggest challenges. 

I made a choice like we all do everyday, I decided I don’t want to run away from fear, I want to run towards it. Rather than ignoring the concept of death and just saying, “I’ll deal with it when it comes.” I want to prepare for it. How? I choose to live everyday as if it were my last, I look at each day being twenty-four hours long and I decide how can I make the most out of this time? I know that my parents will pass away at some point and in order for me to prepare for this pain I choose to tell them how I feel every day, to let them know I love them and give them a meaningful hug. I do the same with my sister, my girlfriend and my friends. For my grandparents who live across the country I make sure to give them a call every day to see how they are doing and let them know they are loved.  This has been so impactful for me that it has truly changed my life and my relationships with people. Every day I do what brings me meaning, I read books I enjoy and gain wisdom, I create music for myself and the people of the world, I blog my feelings and thoughts, and I live. Every night before I get ready for my slumber I write down in my journal a summary of my entire day and at the very end I write, “If today was my last day alive, can I honestly, truthfully, and soulfully say it was a good day?” My goal in life is not to be able to just say, “yes it was” but I want to be able to say, “fuck yeah it was!” To be able to truly say that every day was a great experience and if I had to live this day for the rest of my life, I would be beyond thankful. 

I apply this to my own outlook on death, I am not afraid to die. Why? Because I live every day like it is my last, I do what I say I am going to do, I tell people how I feel, and I leave no words unspoken. I tell myself every day that I shan’t run from the fear I had with death, better yet I will run towards it. My only request is to be able to die a noble death, like a shogun samurai I want my death to be meaningful. How can I make this possible? By making my life meaningful, just as past heroes who stand up for a cause, those who dedicate their lives for the betterment of others, and those who strive to create peace, their death is meaningful because of what they left behind. This is my true goal and this is how I face my fear with death. To have no regrets and create the life that I want. To not only have happiness and peace but to have purpose and meaning every day. 

The power of choice is truly an empowering concept. If you take the time to reflect and understand the concept of death and how you can face it, I guarantee your outlook and perspective on life will change. These words and thoughts I have shared with you are from the mind of a millennial, the thoughts of a nineteen year old striving to promote love, acceptance, and vision to the world. My goal is to change the image that is stereotypically labeled upon us(millenials) and it is to show you (people of the world) that if I can achieve these thoughts and realizations that ultimately lead me to inner peace and a fulfilling life, then fuck it so can you. It is your choose how you want to live life. It is your choice how you want to look at things, how you want to feel every day, what you want your life to be like. This power is within you. Use it wisely. Stay RIZEN. 

Yours truly,



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  1. Socrates, in Plato’s Apology, says to fear death is to think we know what we do not know. Hence, knowledge of ignorance is the same as the conquest of the fear of death. But that philosophy is learning how to die is from Plato’s Phaedo. 19?!!

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