The power within 

Time keeps passing me by like my life as the minutes die. I keep feeding myself a vision of a future where I control my reality yet I am still a prisoner in this matrix of entrapment we call socio economics. I find myself constantly motivating myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I yearn for it. I yearn to feel the rays of light bless my skin. I yearn for the power to control my reality. I yearn to be free. 

I have come to understand that my life is under my control. That every action I take is under my control and with every cause there is an effect. I slowly, but surely, finding myself and understanding what I am and who I am. I am pressured with this concept of time and I am determined to give my family the life that they deserve. I am persistent on keeping my dream alive. A dream where I am in a position to give back, to have the power to say I can help you. I can help us. 

As I understand what reality is and ponder the big questions of life such as what is it’s meaning and what is the truth, I stumble upon emotions. These feelings that we are manifested with when we are faced with decisions, circumstances, and outcomes, are what drive us to make decisions. My feelings are revolved around love, a love for unity. When united we are stronger, we can achieve more, and we can dream bigger. When we are alone we are left with our own minds to develop and create, we are left with a struggle of truth and achieving greatness. There is a reason why only a selective few of our species are able to find success, those people have understood their purpose and have seen the power of unity. I have yearned for unity and acceptance all my life, constantly trying to work hard to bring my family back together and learn how to accept myself. 

There past few months I have been dealing with anxiety and frustration. I have been faced with writers block and a lack of confidence and motivation to strive forward. I have been on the quest for identity and despised what I saw in the mirror. I saw a boy with big dreams but no actions, a boy who made promises to himself but could not keep them. I saw my lack of creation and I started to believe I would never be able to achieve my dreams, I started to feel as if I should settle for less and appreciate what I have. I started to give up on myself and my dreams. As I have grown and matured through readings, research, and self assessment I have found that all of that is a bunch of bull crap. This whole idea of doubt, anxiety, and lack of confidence is all physiological. It was all in my head and the type of thoughts I was feedin myself. I found that the law of attraction is the key to my success, that by believing in the future that I want the universe will guide me towards it. 

I have now seen and understood the importance of my mission. I made a promise to bring my family back together but better yet I am going t save them. From what you may ask? From this matrix of death and deception. Most people chase currency because we live in a world that revolves around it, yet they dismay the importance of health and happiness. I am here to change that, to give them the information and resources they need to empower themselves and seek true inner peace and happiness. To live the life that they always dreamed of. Once I accomplish that I won’t stop there, I’ll spread my message and philosophy to the world and help those who seek it. We can change the world unless we change ourselves, this is my first step. Believe kid. 

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