My Motivation

It has been a while since I have been active, I suppose you can say I have been trying to “find myself.” I spent these past couple of months trying to gain my motivation to strive, let go of doubt, and dominate fear. It seems this has been one of my biggest challenges yet, to defeat my own ego and rise above my own chains. I have understood that every great man has succeeded because he has purpose, he has a directive, he has compassion for his journey. I have been undergoing this constant search for myself, trying to understand who I am, finding my “identity” but it took me a few talks with friends and many with myself to realize all the answers we search for are found in questions we overlook. What motivates me? A question that seems like it carries a simple response: my family, my career, my mentors. When I thought I knew the answer I was actually far from the truth, I continued to ponder on this thought and found something I needed to see. The light from my “3rd eye” also known as the pineal gland omitted light that allowed me to envision my inner dreams, what really drives me, the real reason why I am driven and motivated, it’s my compassion for love.

It may seem a tad bit cliche but let me explain. My real motif in this world is to aspire to greatness in order to seek my inner peace and live a fulfilling life. Sound complicated by im basically saying I want to be happy with myself and live the life that allows me to achieve that. I asked myself what is a fulfilling life to me? I answered helping others and receiving that warm feeling of knowing you helped someone in need, giving good energies to people who need it, and helping those with a similar story. For it truly warms my heart when I am able to help. I related it to all my moments when I was able to provide guidance to someone I cared about and how that sent a cluster of feelings that rushed through my body to fill the area where my heart is with fulfillment and send a smile to my face. It made me understand my desire as a young child to always be seeking ways to aid people, provide assistant, and be there. It made me see why most humans seek to be accepted and liked, not for the fame or for the attention(even though that may be the motif) but true reality because everyone just wants to be loved. All we want in this world is to feel important and be accepted by our loved ones. So tying all this back to me, my heart speaks and I have been able to listen, my mind speaks and I am able to understand, my soul speaks and I am able to feel. My goal has always been the same, help my family. To finally give back what they gave me, love and acceptance, to be able to give them a better life. One they deserve and one that can help transport them out of this matrix of evil we call reality. I want to keep my promise I made to my grandma, to bring the family back together and bring peace to those around me. To make my parents proud of me for finding myself and seeing success in my own terms. To provide a way to help the good people of the world, those who struggle just as I do to find a better life. Help those who see the evil this world has embedded into our culture, those who see the truth behind the polluted skies, system filled with lies, and tainted spirits. We all deserve better, not just for us but for our families, those we care about. We deserve to live a better life, the least we can do is try and change the present and hope for a better future. Well let us not just hope, let us create. Let us make a reality out of our abilities and compassion, one our future generations can thank us for. One they will one day look back and see us as the generation that changed everything. The generation that brought peace, not war. Let us see a better light. That is my true motivation for my mission. My true vision for the future. I search to find my inner peace so I can teach those around me to seek it as well. I promise to help my family from this struggle of life, drag them out of the pits of anxiety and false freedom. To dream of building a better tomorrow for the kids of today. To give my son a the dreams I always wanted as a kid, to be free.

Now this is for all you young Rizen’s, those who are seeking to open there eyes and face the challenge of themselves. The challenge of fear, acceptance, and empowerment. Let me shine some wisdom on you, “when we are faced with scenarios we can’t change, we must challenge ourselves to change.” This means we must adapt to moments of hardship and overcome all fear and pain to be able to change ourselves in the way that is needed. Whatever your goal is right now it is going to be hard to obtain. Whatever hardships you are facing now they are only going to get harder in the future. As you overcome each obstacle and challenge the next one will only be much more difficult, but do not let this discourage you. For after every challenge you overcome you grow stronger, wiser, and much more aware. After each obstacle, you learn how to maneuver around them more calmly, more accurate, and more logically. You grow and adapt with life, you move with the momentum and you learn to succeed. Must you not give up for if you lose hope and faith then all else is lost with it. You are capable of so much and have so much potential, I am sure this is not the first time you hear this nor the last, so take it in and accept it. When things seem difficult, and at times, impossible keep in mind there is no such thing as impossible, there are only moments of truth. I look at every person who overcame the odds and persevered, those people chose to succeed. This is what you must do: Take a breath.

Now clear your mind. Let yourself come to peace and focus.

Think of your loved ones: your mother, father, sister, uncle, grandpa, grandma, and friends that truly care about you. Think about all the good people of Earth, all those with blessed hearts, some that you have encountered and met. The people that give you hope for a better future.

Remember that you are the key to peace. Without you there is no future. You are everyone and everyone is you.

Now that you are filled with the power of good and inspiration you are ready. Think about where you want to be, where you want to go.


Think about how glorified the outcome will be once you reach your destination.

Understand you must take that first step to get there. You must move. You must work. You have to HUSTLE kid!



You must take action young RIZEN! Take on the moment! Face each challenge! Conquer your fears! Believe in your abilities!

Believe in yourself.

Never give up on your dreams or they’ll give up on you.


Goodluck kid,


Find yourself.
Believe in your abilities. Find your motivation. Find your passion. Execute.

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