With ambition and intuition, it seems as if my generation seeks to be successful in finding a way to make a difference. As much as I yearn for this I have found within my own life that the difficulty is not wether or not we choose to be great, but more so the blinded vision for the journey towards becoming it. It seems as if the more and more I experience in life, the more and more I identified that I was only seeking the glory at the top of the mountain without seeing the sweat, blood, and commitment it takes to get there.

Not until recently was I able to understand that it’s not the destiny that’s important but the journey to get there that creates the man. I knew my environment and ability to attain anything and everything within minutes, hours, and or days, has made me neglect the necessary steps to greatness. With Amazon prime, Netflix, Uber Eats, and the Internet, we indefinitely don’t have the opportunity to truly exercise our ability of patience to its fullest extent. I was so accustomed to having things at the touch of a botton that I was at times ignorant to see the beauty in patience.

The best things take time. Patience is the key to greatness and within time I know I will find my destiny towards Rizen. As a young individual searching for a way to make a positive impact in the world I am constantly making small mistakes and learning from them. I am observing and asking questions, and I am researching and finding answers. My patience for people, projects, and myself, has been steadily increasing as I have been able to evolve my personal growth on a daily basis. My message to my younger generations is to be patience. Assess yourself and your passion, monetize your dreams, and find a way to impact the world in your own positive and unique way. You can achieve anything you believe you can do. The world is dying, and it needs its people.

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