What is most important to you?

My ultimate goal in life after the age of thirteen was always to bring my family back together. To save the time of boring you with my interesting childhood and past, in a nutshell I will explain to you the rationale behind this dream. Picture yourself surrounded with your loved ones, people you care about, and people that care about you, we can call this a family. Now imagine that most of your life you are gifted with the presence of these people, the laughs, the non-cherishable moments, and the trust amongst one another; now there is no such thing as a perfect family, but there is such thing as a strong and united one. Now imagine yourself growing up accustomed to this unity and love, all you know is being together, then one day it’s all gone. One day, everything changes, and one day you are left alone.

Sounds cliche, but picture this as well; you are given $5,000 every month to spend as you please, you choose to purchase goods, invest in different items, and live a lifestyle based upon your accustomed cash flow. For thirteen years you live this lifestyle that you were raised upon, then one day it’s all gone. One day you stop receiving these payments and you are stuck with bills, unpaid for items, and limited opportunity. Your whole life changes and has to adapt to the shift in circumstances.

Now both of these examples can seem radical and easy to follow, but the intensity behind those words is an understatement. For it wasn’t just a shift of lifestyle but a shift of persona, character, and ambition. I used to be accustomed to revolving my life around my cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, until they all left. From being a united bunch we transformed into a divided group, at thirteen I was left with a father working two jobs, a mother deprived of opportunity and struggling with her own life, and a sister still young and developing. My options were limited when it came to talking to people about my emotions, understanding adolescence, and having role-models. I was so used to having my uncle act as a big brother and my grandpa act as a second father that when I didn’t have them with me anymore life seemed colder. My dreams were left to be found and my emtions were left to be understood. 

Now they aren’t dead fortunately, but just spread out across the country. When I was thirteen I told myself that I will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in my power to be able to bring them back together and unite what is separated. I set off on a conquest to find a way to cope with my emotions and develop a masterful plan to be able to accomplish my goal: I needed to be successful. Not have a nice house in the hills with a fancy car successful, but deeper than that. Successful in helping people, successful in being able to purchase houses to have them move back with ease, successful to be able to influence and help them in any way I could, succesful to be able to do anything and everything I set my mind to and make them proud.

To this day we all want to be back together living with one another and enjoying memorable time together. Seven years later things haven’t changed, we are still separated and still struggling. As I questioned and pondered why this was and how it came to be I was faced with the same answer, currency. The only reason we can’t unite is because of money, houses are too expensive and the cost of living is ridiculous. I was young at the time and just wanted money so I can help out. I wanted to be filthy rich to be able to give to my family and support them, I was blinded by the currency game. Not until recently was I able to identify the root of the cause, money can’t solve everything. It can sure help but as I learned more I found the reason why my grandparents left in the first place was due to a family dispute. The reason why they can’t move in with us is due to tension between us. The ability to co-exist seems unrealistic when you disregard privacy and distance. I found that money will be able to get us all back together, but it won’t help us stay together.

So our long story concludes now with no happy ending yet, but hope for one. I have set off on a journey for knowledge to gain abilities of the mind. I have chosen to learn how to work with people, bring people to compromises, and help them cope with emotions and struggles they face daily.  I have chosen to monetize my dreams and follow my passion to help myself before I even think about helping others. I have put everything on the line for my family and loved ones, I have created ambition beyond my imaginable mind to hustle and work hard for them, I have dedicated my life towards finding enlightenment and seeing my family together before they perish.

My dreams aren’t portrayed in monetary incentives, perhaps they used to be, but now my focus has shifted. My dream is no longer to have that maserati yearned for, it is not longer to have that mansion in the hills for everyone to envy, it is no longer to be a multi-millionaire and have everything I desired. I have found that my true dreams lie within purchasing homes for my family to live in and supporting them so they stop stressing, it is to travel the world and explore my real home(Earth), and to live a fulfilling life, a life worth living not worth selling. I want to follow my dreams and live my life impacting my family, society, and myself.


My ultimate goal in life is to follow my dreams, give back to my family and support them, hustle and work hard for them, and do my part in humanity. 

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